DD should have considered Garcina instead of Coke

While everybody were looking for ways to slim down or got crazy with pure garcinia cambogia at gnc, Duran duran was caught by the media at the height of their carrier with coke.

DD and coke instead of Garcinia Cambogia

Not that they needed to slim down because they really did not need it.  But neither was coke.  According to dailymail.co.uk, it was this very thing that destroyed them.  At first, it was a simple self medication and they all claimed that it did worked and boosted their confidence.  But when they had too much, it turned to a freaking nightmare and was there was absolutely to turning back.

Although I wish they hadn’t done it but you know how it is in showbiz.  They have so much but they forget and throw all things away.

It’s not just health reason but greatly involves carries because that is what it is all about and if it’s thrown and forgotten, there is no turning back.


My Duran Duran Songs in a Cloud

Duran Duran is probably one of the most successful rock bands in the 80s and I have been a fan.  That why I kept all their songs in a safe cloud music storage along with my other favorite songs.

duran duran songs in cloud music storageThe campaign to include the band to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was initiated when they were not included in the nominees.  This included several campaigns both online and offline however to the end of 2012 still not much was obtained.  The effort of having their music recognized some what failed as the group themselves is no longer supportive to the idea.

I personally find their songs to be a keeper and I have safely stored it online so I can access it anytime.  You see, old songs are hard to find this days and the moment I get it, I store it via cloud along with my thousand other songs collected.

And yup, its not just songs but also videos of the band in their gigs and concerts.  There is a number of it that you can find in youtube but I perfer to save it as my personal record so that I won’t freak out when I find that the youtube channel has been deleted or removed and that would be a total lost.  Besides, my cloud storage has so much space that this videos won’t and the number of songs collected wont’ even matter.  So yeah, for videos and online photo storage, cloud is the best place for it.  Even your game collections can be stored.  I just added most of my cheat tools like my favorite the simpsons tapped out hack tool so I can access it anywhere or from any phone I get a hold on especially that I travel alot.

Cloudroots.org has a good review for it in case you need one.

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