22 and feeling lonely in a relationship

22 and feeling lonely in a relationship

Feeling lonely in a relationship is hard. It leads to unhappiness, resentment, divorce and cheating. What is the root cause? You'll find out in this article. Feeling lonely can leave you wondering if there's something wrong with your relationship but finding a way to talk about how you feel can help to bring you both. Being lonely in a relationship is a major sign that you and your partner need to have a October 22, RELATED: Feeling Lonely In Your Relationship?.

I am also going through difficult family stuff and live far away from close relatives and friends. This makes me feel alone; I feel like I am watching my mum fade away slowly due to illness.

Loneliness has left me feeling anxious, and suffering from panic attacks and depression. It has disabled me to the point that I am unable to hold down a job. My ability to plan and make decisions has also been affected. I feel I have lost the real me somewhere along the way. Physically, I feel dizzy and suffer from headaches as well as shortness of breath.

25 Creative And Surprising Things To Do When You Feel Lonely

I also have extreme exhaustion despite the days I have wasted in bed sleeping. My ability to plan and make decisions has been affected. All my family live in Holland apart from my son, who lives miles away. Although I have friends, I have nobody to share my daily life with.

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I am mobile and drive but I end up spending a lot of time at home alone. Feeling lonely affects my mental health become it results in obsessive behaviour.

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Without other people around me, I live in my head too much. Physically, I have become less active and pine for interaction. It is either a care home or nothing. I have never had a girlfriend and I am at the age now where all my friends are either getting married or having kids.

The rest of my family are several hundred miles away. I have been fine until recently. But in the past 18 months I really have never felt so alone. If something goes wrong, I now find myself spending hours at home alone thinking about it. My resilience seems to have disappeared. I have always been fit, running countless half marathons and even a full marathon, as well as play football regularly.

Attend Meetups Go to meetup.

'I have no idea how to make friends' – how loneliness can affect your health

People who join meetup. Watch a chick-flick, or a super hero movie—anything but a tear jerker, really —and grab lots of candy and popcorn.

22 and feeling lonely in a relationship

Volunteer Focusing on the needs of others steers your mind away from sad thoughts. Helping the less fortunate will also fill you with immense gratitude. Adopt A Cute Pet A furry cat or dog will cheer you up. Even a goldfish or pretty parrot can do wonders for your mood.

Would you ask a doctor for a prescription before they check your symptoms? Do your friends make you feel lonely? Is it your work or surroundings, perhaps? The cause of your loneliness will clue you in on the appropriate solution. Read a good novel instead.

Losing yourself in a good story or identifying with a powerful character will boost your confidence and fill you with a sense of adventure. Take A Bath Where do good ideas come from? In the shower, right?

Taking a nice, long, and relaxing bath is a great way to be bask in your alone time, instead of drowning in self-pity. Ladies, prepare a glass of red, chocolates and magazines.

22 and feeling lonely in a relationship

Gents, take a bubble bath ala Chandler by taking a manly boat with you! Take A Random Bus, Train or Flight Off to Anywhere Taking public transportation to a random location forces you to do two things—be in the company of strangers, and change your environment. Doing this will ward off loneliness and cure your wanderlust as well. Doing crazy stuff alone will give you a good laugh. Get Coffee Go to a coffee shop far from your apartment or office.

25 Things To Do When You Feel Lonely - How To Stop Feeling Lonely

Then order coffee and sit on the bar, or that big table on the center where you can talk to people. Compliment someone on their tie, shoes or bag.

Make Your Bed Making your bed in the morning, and doing a quick two-minute wipe down in your kitchen at night, will make you feel better and in control of your life.