Addams family morticia and gomez relationship test

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addams family morticia and gomez relationship test

The extended members of the Addams Family are Uncle Fester (Gomez's Morticia and Gomez embodied relationship satisfaction, ongoing consent, and .. content/uploads//08/ Burbank, M. (). love – one that has withstood the test of time and has only been made stronger. without angsting and trying to live up to the relationships around them. My husband and I are huge fans of the Addams family, which came from. The dinner party hosted by Gomez & Morticia to meet the boy's parents goes secrets are disclosed, relationships are tested, and the Addams family must face .

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Further, she is consciously mindful of her parenting style that also embraces this indifference to conform Jung, Morticia enthusiastically encourages her children to be their true selves despite the judgements and opinions of others. Morticia is highly motivated and defined by her collective unconscious as her identity and role within the family system was passed down from her mother and previous generations Jung, ; Jung, Mama possessed the role of matriarch and High Priestess within the family until Morticia assumed the matriarchal role Jung, ; Jung, Also, since Morticia reads tarot cards and communes with the deceased, she comprehends and respects the significance of symbolism and talismans in the practice of witchcraft; and, she is a very spiritual person who is inspired greatly by her respect for the dead Crowley, ; Nichols, The Witch is the opposite of the Great Mother archetype; and, this dichotomy resembles the Great vs.

Terrible mother contradiction Jung, ; Nichols, Morticia embraces her dark and unusual, and struggles with the inevitability of communication and interaction with conservative persons. Morticia endeavours to coexist amicably with others, but just cannot perceive the world through the same lens. Morticia revealed that she was educated privately through home-schooling and private tutoring; and thus, has never been required to work outside of the home The Addams Family, Since Morticia was home-schooled and became a stay-at-home mother, Morticia was never required to engage in the extraverted socialization typically required within the schooling stages of adolescence and young adulthood Jung, Moreover, Morticia is deeply contemplative; and, she can ascertain meaning and beauty in things and situations that others cannot.

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She is wise and provides helpful guidance; and, she sensibly and aggressively advocates for her family. Morticia has not ascended to the stage of old age yet, as she remains in the stage of mid-life Jung, Morticia embraces the artistic and dark gothic lifestyle; and decorates her home immaculately attuned to gothic fashion Addams Family Values, ; The Addams Family, Morticia has an eye for beauty and demonstrates how beauty is in the eye of the beholder and can encompass the odd and unusual Addams Family Values, ; The Addams Family, Morticia has an appreciation for music and culture; she can often be found listening to classical or baroque chamber music in her home Addams Family Values, ; The Addams Family, Such familial security has provided Morticia a space where she is free from the judgmental gaze of others and any the potentially unresolved Elektra Complex specifically the father-related elements of the resolution of this complex; Freud, The Addams family collectively enables and allows Morticia to be her quirky and powerful self and she reciprocates and extends that courtesy to her children and others Jung, As a result, Morticia has successfully commenced her path to individuation or wholeness as she proceeds toward old age Jung, I would kill for her.

I would die for her. A passion and a love like that of Morticia and Gomez is what many people hope to achieve in their romantic lives. A personality that can embody such a deep and passionate love for another, no matter the cultural sub-text, demonstrates a profound capacity for emotion.

Morticia does not succumb to conformity, does not live inauthentically, loves her family fiercely, and does not compromise herself for anyone. But which theoretical analyses of Morticia is most accurate or appropriate? There is much more below the surface to be considered when understanding a whole personality. Morticia Addams depicts a healthy rebelliousness to traditional norms; and, her trendsetting and pioneering characteristics and leadership style should be embraced and not scrutinized.

How the media frame feminism. The Silver Petticoat Review.

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The only introduction you'll ever need. Theories of Personality 7th ed. The ego and the mechanisms of defence. Beyond the pleasure principle Vol. The origins of psychoanalysis Vol. The basic writings of Sigmund Freud [eBook version]. Original work published in Friedman, H. Classic theories and Modern Research 6th ed.

Manuscript submitted for publication. Using psychodynamic approaches with voluntarily childless couples: The portable Jung No.

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The archetypes and the collective unconscious No. Original work published Jung, C. The problem of the individual in modern society. The development of personality. Selected and introduced by Anthony Storr.

addams family morticia and gomez relationship test

An acausal connecting principle. The life and career of Carolyn Jones. Psychology of inspirational women: What set the s series apart from all other sitcoms was that this was a married couple who were crazy about each other, instead of fighting. In the film, this tradition of their great love affair continues.

There are no mother-in-law jokes, both take responsibility in raising the children, and have a very healthy sex life. So many stories have the love story end at marriage, or have the couple grow to loathe each other over time.

addams family morticia and gomez relationship test

Just think of it — a loving marriage was groundbreaking. The siblings absolutely refuse to compromise themselves and pretend to be happy or to enjoy sickeningly sappy things like Annie the musical.

Despite the Addamses having both a boy and a girl child at least in the first filmit is the girl that gets the good parts. Morticia…enjoys…being tied up and tortured. Their kinkiness is just another aspect of their already healthy sex life. Sure, she needed to be untied, but Morticia was definitely not in any danger.

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On the female side, we have Morticia, Wednesday, Grandmama, Dr. Pinder-Schloos and Margaret Alford. And, of course, the film passes the Bechdel Test pretty easily. She supposedly killed her parents as a little girl because they got her Malibu Barbie instead of Ballerina Barbie. The tropes of the femme fatale are stretched to their absolute limit of believability, which helps to highlight just how silly a character archetype it is.

They just take issue with her attempting to murder them too. And decorating with pastels. One must never decorate with pastels.