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Farscape's John Crichton and Aeryn Sun should be on the cover of a . They let a coin toss decide the fate of their relationship, John goes on. John Robert Crichton, Jr. /ˈkraɪtən/, played by Ben Browder, In the first episode of season one, during a test flight where John meets his first aliens ( Zhaan, D'Argo, Aeryn Sun The Crichton aboard Talyn begins a romantic relationship with Aeryn while the Crichton on Moya continues. John Crichton wants to return to Earth, John Crichton wants to stop Scorpius, and John Crichton wants to be with Aeryn Sun. but that was an abject disaster, one that deeply damaged two of his most important relationships. . the true love that a uniquely incomprehensible tragedy has so severely tested.

Alpha John is, however, thrown into a world where he is more than just a fish out of water — he is initially unable to communicate, physically weaker, and seen to be of little to no value by those who eventually become his friends and lover.

In this situation, he is forced to fall back on his intelligence as his chief survival mechanism. John is immediately attracted to Aeryn Sun, but she has very little use for him until he begins to prove his worth as a crew member aboard Moya.

Aeryn is Sebacean, an alien race hinted in the show to be a genetically modified human offshoot. At the beginning of the show, she is a member of the Peacekeepers, a military that hires itself out for protection and not only discourages, but actively forbids emotional attachment.

It is revealed later in the show that suspected emotional bonding is punishable by imprisonment and even death. Aeryn is physically superior to John, having increased senses and a lifetime of intense military training.

The trope of the strong, unemotional man and weaker, but emotionally more mature woman is turned inside-out with John and Aeryn — she can dominate him physically, and he is the one trying to help her get in touch with her emotional side.

As the show progresses, John and Aeryn grow closer and begin to even each other out somewhat. These changes are not sudden, but gradual over multiple seasons with various setbacks, allowing the viewer to appreciate that such things are not immediate or easy.

Like River from Firefly, John is pursued relentlessly for the information inside of his brain. Grayza had herself implanted with a gland that excretes Heppel Oil, a substance she uses as a date-rape drug.

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In so many formats, the tale of a hard, military man learning to care for others, getting in touch with his emotions, and embracing his inner nurturer is very common. A current example of the latter can be seen in the new SyFy show Defiance. Joshua Nolan, a former military man haunted by his violent past, raises and protects his alien foster daughter on an Earth transformed by alien technologies. His relationship and shifted priorities are a direct result of parenthood.

A parody of him was in the Stargate SG-1 episode " " as an Asgard with a Fu-Manchu beard and mustache; his only line was the Hynerian curse "Yotz", similar in use and meaning as the earth curse "Hell". Scorpius[ edit ] Scorpius, played by Wayne Pygramis the half- Sebaceanhalf- Scarran Peacekeeper, and the primary antagonist of the series, relentlessly pursuing John Crichton for the secrets of wormhole technology locked in John Crichton 's unconscious mind to create a wormhole weapon.

He is the product of an experiment by the Scarrans — his Sebacean mother was raped by a Scarran to see if there would be any benefit in a hybrid. Raised by Scarrans, he has come to hate them, to reject his Scarran side, and to live for revenge against them.

His physical attributes and his character traits are influenced by his race. Scorpius first appeared in " Nerve " and made his last appearance in " The Peacekeeper Wars Part 2 ". Being half Scarran, Scorpius's body produces an extreme amount of body heat, particularly when angry.

However, being also half-Sebacean means that too much heat will kill him. To prevent this he wears a full-body cooling suit notable mostly for the interchangeable cooling rods inside his cranium that absorb his excess body heat. He can see temperature gradients, especially of the face, allowing him to tell when people are lying, as described in the episode " Incubator ". As a result, John Crichton was forced to enlist the use of herbal drugs to mask his love for Aeryn Sun for fear that he may use that knowledge against them to further his agenda.

Scorpius prides himself on his patience and his intellect. Scorpius is willing to do absolutely anything to achieve his goals, which he is very honest about when it suits him.

He will and does over the course of the series lie, kill in cold blood, order the deaths of multitudes, torture innocents, and sacrifice those close to him to get what he wants. He is also willing to aid his enemies or humiliate himself if it will further his goals.

He has returned from supposedly fatal situations more than once, which he credits to his "foresight and preparation". He manipulates others to do his work but does much on his own; his obsession with Crichton and his wormhole secrets is proof of that.

He is highly educated and extremely intelligent, and exercises remarkable ingenuity. Only he knows how deep his schemes run and, while he claims his main desire is to eliminate the Scarran threat, protagonist John Crichton is loath to ever trust him.

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His rank is never mentioned, and it is assumed that he does not officially hold one. Wayne Pygram seemed to confirm this during an interview on the Farscape DVD set[ citation needed ]; while Dominar Rygel XVI once claimed that Scorpius was "higher even than a captain" "I-Yensch, You-Yensch"the claim was made more as a boast in an attempt to inflate Scorpius' value to kidnappers. His authority is not absolute, however, as Commandant Mele-On Grayza informed him when she superseded it. During the series, he is shown to have the authority to command a research base, a command carrier, a fleet of command carriers, and an even larger fleet in Farscape: However, the exact Peacekeeper ranks at this level have never been established in the show.

Despite being an antagonist for the first three seasons, Scorpius joins the crew of Moya for the final season to protect Crichton after his Command Carrier is destroyed and he is hunted by the Peacekeepers. He becomes a more or less trustworthy crewmember though he looks for any chance to get Crichton's knowledge and forms a relationship with Sikozu. At the end of the series, he returns to the Peacekeepers and in The Peacekeeper Wars, instigates a war between them and the Scarrens.

At the end of The Peacekeeper Wars he finally gets what he wants when Crichton uses a wormhole weapon on the Scarrens and Peacekeepers and is horrified, calling it "madness", finally understanding the danger of what he sought. He is last seen on Moya smiling as the Scarrens and Peacekeepers sign a peace treaty. Harvey[ edit ] Harvey is a neural clone of Scorpius and exists solely in the head of John Crichton. He was also played by Wayne Pygram. Harvey is the result of a neural chip that was placed into Crichton's brain by Scorpius after the Aurora Chair failed to reveal the wormhole information he was after.

His name, given to him by Crichton, is taken from either the Mary Chase play Harveyin which Harvey is an invisible six-foot, one-and-a-half-inch tall rabbit that only Elwood P. Dowd can see, or the popular film versions, both starring Jimmy Stewart ; Harvey's purpose is threefold: Harvey also has the ability to stop Crichton's brain functions for a short time, making him appear dead.

He can control Crichton's memory and nervous system when the chip is in place, which he uses to hide his presence from Crichton. Eventually, the chip becomes strong enough to completely dominate Crichton's mind and body. Even after the chip is removed, Harvey is able to exert limited control over Crichton. After Scorpius reprograms him, Harvey has some type of mental link to Scorpius that allows Scorpius to track Crichton down after John is revived from his crystallization by the Eidelons.

Harvey contains much of Scorpius' knowledge and intellect. In Season 2, Harvey is discovered. He is basically a menacing hallucination of Scorpius that influences Crichton to become more erratic, unpredictable and similar to Scorpius. He is capable of killing Crichton and does his best to make sure that Crichton would not go against Scorpius's ideas. In the end of Season 2, Harvey dominates Crichton resulting in a mixed personality with dark humormurders his love Aeryn Sun whom the mixed personality also is attracted to and transmits a message to Scorpius.

After that, Crichton regains control, the chip is removed and stolen by Scorpius. In Season 3, Harvey discovers that even though the chip was removed, he has blended with Crichton's subconscious and is trapped there forever without any of his previous powers.

He attempts to manipulate John to commit suicide, but fails. Crichton is rescued and the only thing Harvey can do is give advice. Everything goes "fine" until John is twinned by a madman, twinning Harvey as well. He also points out that Scorpius did not copy his module, but that it was Furlow who also had the sketchy wormhole data Crichton had in early Season 1.

Talyn was quickly taken to Furlow's desert planet, but it was no longer inhabited. Charrids, the collaborators of Scarrans, had overrun Furlow's mechanic lab though. Furlow indeed had made progress and the Scarrans soon got the data. To destroy the Dreadnought, Jack began building a wormhole weapon. To make sure Harvey would not get the unlocked data, Jack decided to destroy him.

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Harvey angrily opposed, but was "mortally wounded" nonetheless. In his last minutes, he took control over the unconscious Crichton and attempted to manipulate Aeryn to shoot him, claiming Crichton was dead. He failed and his last words were: John's reasons to live Earth, dad, pizza, sex, cold beer, fast cars, sex, Aeryn, love were not adequate so Harvey proposed revenge. To discover a reason to live, Crichton created a cartoon reality to oppose an illusory D'Argo. To combat him, Pilot proposed to run from him, Jool proposed to try to talk to him, Chiana proposed to fight him.

Crichton went with Harvey's idea after being clinically dead for a time and it worked. But Crichton's idea, love, worked best. After that, Harvey unlocked Noranti's subliminal message: Crichton got the message after Aeryn left and at once decided to retrieve her. Unfortunately, after that, Moya was sucked down by a wormhole, leaving Crichton stranded. After Crichton returned to the ship, Scorpius asked for asylum. Harvey suggested killing him. Scorpius proposed to erase Harvey.

Since this Harvey had been in Crichton far longer than his twin, Crichton hesitated, but eventually agreed. After Crichton and Scorpius had allied and Crichton broke the agreement and left the hybrid to die, Harvey was "resurrected" and improved to Harvey 2. He was loyal to Scorpius and had a connection with him so Scorpius would know he was alive.

After Scorpius was rescued thanks to Harvey's lies, a war between Scarrans and Peacekeepers broke out and Crichton finally created the wormhole weapon. Harvey was deleted after his success, since his purpose was finally fulfilled.

His last words were: A neural clone of John Crichton existed within it. And since there were encryptions to the wormhole data, only he could unlock them. Scorpius showed him his violent past with the Scarrans and did everything to convince him, but the Crichton clone claimed he had already lost everything. After Crichton refused to give him the data he needed, his anger's Scarran heat destroyed the chip and killed him.

Well, wherever I wind up, when I see your mama, I'll be sure to give her your regards! After seeing a hallucinated Scorpius interact with Crichton in the second season's fourth episode, " Crackers Don't Matter ", they came up with the idea of putting Scorpius inside of John's head.

The clone's presence was hinted at in the second and third episodes of the " Look at the Princess " trilogy as well as in " Beware of Dog " before his presence was revealed outright to Crichton in the season's 15th episode, " Won't Get Fooled Again ".

However, this then became an example of dramatic ironyas Crichton's memory of Harvey was erased, until he was revealed again. He is introduced to the series late in the first season and became a main character during the third season, before disappearing at the end of it and only returning at the end of the fourth season; he played a major part in The Peacekeeper Wars mini-series. Stark wears a half-mask - strapped to his head by two separate buckles - of an unidentified metal, covering an incorporeal area that glows dark orange when uncovered, on the right side of his face roughly his eye and cheek-bone that he only reveals when he is taking away someone's pain or "crossing over" a soul—aiding or comforting a person in the moments prior to their death.

However, in doing so, Stark absorbs a small fragment of the soul - and thus the knowledge and lingering emotions - of the person he "crosses over" into his own psyche, something which might explain his somewhat unbalanced mental behaviour although his undergoing months of torture may have even more to do with it. In addition, by virtue of being a Stykera, Stark can ease the pain and suffering of others, one of the traits that made him sought after for Scorpius ' Aurora Chair research.

Stark initially came into contact with John Crichton while both were being held prisoner in Scorpius' first Gammak Base devoted primarily to wormhole research. Having been a prisoner for many years, Stark informs Crichton that his Stark's survival is due both to his resistance to the effects of the Aurora chair and his pretense of acting mentally unbalanced in front of the guards, which causes them to leave him alone more often.

Stark assists Crichton in his escape to Moya and quickly forms a bond with Zhaan.