Akane and ranma relationship quotes

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akane and ranma relationship quotes

Akane Tendo (天道 あかね Tendō Akane) is the female protagonist of Ranma 1/2. and chaotic semi-relationship, and in the latter due to intense harassment. . In the English dubbed version of the anime, Kasumi's "violent maniac" quote in. I ship it. I'm sorry for all the Ranma x Shampoo, Ranma x Ukyo, Ranma x Ryoga, ect. I've been and always will love them. I do have Ranma and. So, I very admire the love story of Ranma and Akane. his paramours and even he saves her sister from accident that she caused. Quote It almost feels like a " love-hate" relationship; they can´t stand each other, but they.

And who remembers episode 8? When they hug, they both look as timid and candid as the teenagers they are aw, that's sweet. They can get all red on the face, but they will be dead first than to admit head straight to their families or their friends that they like each other.

So, everyone ends up acknowledging our couples feelings, and even a few of their love rivals give up. But will they admit it? We are talking about the great fighters that are at their level or even surpass them. On one occasion, the gymnast Kodachi a.

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So, Ranma went to her house to recover them, but Akane was suspicious of his interest toward her rival and a lot of mess followed involving a certain crocodile with the name of Mr. And what about Shampoo, who brainwashed Akane with a martial capillary treatment attack to make her forget Ranma? Akane has also been the target on several occasions.

The only one that could do something in the end was Akane herself, who is shown to fight even when she is asleep. And of course, who can forget the lovely black pig P-chan? So, as her little pet, Ryoga was always pushing Ranma to fall down over Akane, so that she thought he was a pervert and kicked him, etc. That is why she tends to add something funny.

For example, in episode 49, Ranma receives a strong hit and he thinks he is a girl. Akane also has flirted with him or made serious conversations before pushing him or making him fall into cold water.

In episode 39, there was an unforgettable kiss between our characters.

akane and ranma relationship quotes

I mean, who can imagine something more associated to romance than the Shakespearean play of Romeo and Juliet? But you're always butting in Why did you have to get involved? Why didn't you let me go?

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What I'm trying to say is I'm so sorry, Akane. I'm so awkward with words.

akane and ranma relationship quotes

There were so many things I always wanted to tell you but I could never get the words out. Over and over again, I kept trying to tell you how I really felt, but it always came out wrong. I just ended up bothering you and making you angry. But that was never what I meant to do. There's something I need to tell you. I've waited too long to say it, but it can't wait another moment. Can't you hear me?

I need you to hear me now I wanted to tell you tear drops on Akane's face I wanted to tell you I love you!! But really, who can remember this and not feel even the slightest tug on their heart? After being placed in the middle of Akane's jealousy and Nabiki's greed, Ranma attempts to take Nabiki on a terrible date. Nabiki tries to use this to make the couple make up with each other, but it almost disastrously backfires.

EventuallyRanma accidentally ends up powerfully hugging and declaring "his love" to Akane. Soon Ranma and Akane are left alone. An awkward and exhausted Ranma wants to go back home but Akane wants to continue the date.

akane and ranma relationship quotes

After a pause, Ranma gives her the flowers intended for Nabiki. Akane with a smile, as Ranma is completely disarmed Thanks. Another noteworthy thing in this episode, you actually see Nabiki feeling guilty. She actually felt bad for almost tearing her sister apart from Ranma. She ended up being satisfied with the end even though she didn't get any money out of it.

On the one hand, he oh so desperately wants to help her implying that it's really for her sake rather than to get in her good graces. On the other, if she loses then the Dojo, and by extension her betrothal to Ranmagoes to someone else. On the eve of the fated match, he watches her sleep as he tries to sort out his priorities.

In one of the best cases of Superlative DubbingRyoga realizes that by staying with her, he will ultimately sabotage her chances, and he'd rather see her win even if he loses his chance to court her. He then departs to clear his mindcontent in knowing that he helped her in her time of need: At least, this once, I get to be the hero.

akane and ranma relationship quotes

Another anime-exclusive moment; in the original manga, the Harumaki story ends with the old man's astral projection sadly admitting that he shouldn't have expected things not to change and returning to his body upon discovering a construction site has gone up where his beloved sakura grove once was. What makes this more impressive is that Ranma has been suffering Catapult Nightmares for a week or so because of Harumaki's constantly invading his dreams, due to her resemblence to his wife in her younger daysshe was forced to go on a date with the creepy old man in order to make him stop, and he's been bugging and harrassing her all day.

Volume 26 has several: Ranma goes off to bait the gigantic eight-headed monsterwilling to sacrifice himself to ensure Akane's safety. Then, Akane jumps toward the serpent's maw with hot water, risking herself to save him instead which is also pretty awesomebut once they put the monster to bed with a convenient Chekhov's Gunthe heartwarming goes Up to Eleven: Ranma can't quite bring himself to express his gratitude or the anxiety he's felt over the whole arcso he puts out his hand, hoping, and Akane takes it.

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I'm glad we're going home together, Ranma. Sorry for making you worry. Cue Luminescent Blush from Ranma, with his heartfelt, unspoken thoughts in the background of the panel. He still Cannot Spit It Outbut this is one of the most unambiguously tender moments in the entire manga.

And the corresponding OVAs are very well done, too. Season 6 episode 15, "Akane Goes to the Hospital", ends with one of these. After having screwed up yet again when Akane's hurt in the hospital, at the end of the episode, Ranma shows up to bring her home from the hospital with a giant banner with a written apology to her that he made. Afterwards, they're blushing with Akane happy that he was thinking of her all this time, and everybody shows up, as usual.

However, this time, instead of denying everything and insulting her like he usually does, he actually grabs her and runs off with her. Shampoo proving that she loves Ranma so much that she will give the Kiss of Death to her own little sisters-in-all-but-blood during the "Two, Too Violent Girls! Towards the climax of "Here Comes Ranma's Mom! While what comes next ruins Genma's apparently acting like a true father and actually sincerely offering Ranma a choice for once, it still doesn't foil what happens.

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In a delightfully understated moment, Ranma agrees, and softly declares he is Genma's son, after all — for the first time in the series, Ranma actually expresses a genuine familial love for his father.