Al sure and quincy relationship

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al sure and quincy relationship

She was the mother of Quincy Brown from a relationship with R&B singer Al B. Sure and had an off and on relationship with record producer. The pair were romantically linked in the early '90s and produced a son, Star actor Quincy Brown. Through their relationship, Al B. Sure!, born. The pair were romantically linked in the early '90s and produced a son, Star actor Quincy Brown. Through their relationship, Al B. Sure!, born.

al sure and quincy relationship

He must really be trying to save global grind from going down the drain. Is it Bad Boy? Click on the link and go listen to the track.

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I thought it was great and I wondered where his father was. You guys know if you had the money you would shower your kids with things. He also referred to Diddy as his father,kids know when your being phone. Qunicy stay up and I commend diddy this time anyway. Will she come out with a little ditty about Diddy in 15 years?

al sure and quincy relationship

This boy is hurting. Don't act like y'all don't have kids who could write the same letter to their father. Happens all the time. I'm inclined to think that Al B was indeed part of Quincy's life.

Smdh phuckin loser, diddy is not anybody to be looked up too he has been shacking with yo momma and sticking everything in site My son's dad is in his life and they are close but his dad lives in another state so they don't see each other as much as they would like to, so it happens that my son is closer to my daughter's father because that's who is with him every day and interacts with his physically daily.

Younger kids don't always understand why a parent can't be there physically due to work or whatever. It just appears that they're not there and it is the parents' responsibility to explain as I have done with my son so he just knows he's blessed to have 2 dads. If Kim wouldn't have shuffled him from pilar to post behind Diddy, maybe him and his dad would be closer just my speculation.

I remember a few years back when Misa was going thru the child support drama. She said its was hard for her to "compete" with Puffy bc he had millions.

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I think a lot of this Puffy is the better father has to do with Puffy has the deeper pockets. Not to take anything away from Puff bc he did step into the shoes and held it down. But how many tears has this boy saw his mother shed over this man.

al sure and quincy relationship

I think if he had an issue with his dad he should've taken that up with his dad. But Puffy has an album coming out and this could be part of his promotion.

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Al may have not been great but i'm not buying the whole not in my life story. He talks to his dad all the time, almost everyday, but when he is playing football or hitting a homerun and looks to the sideline for cheers and support it's me and and my daughter's dad there. Those are times his dad won't be able to get back.

So for him to say he has 2 dads is a blessing because a child can never get too much love but I'm not shuffling my baby all over behind no damn man-especially not sperm donating diddy. He may have been a dad to him but he's fathering many more and I'm not sure if that's the example for a young man to want to be when he grows up unless he's donating sperm for money or to help those who can't reproduce naturally.

Shauny um yeah I saw Sweet 16 and Puff was in the forefront more than Kim.

Quincy Brown: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

I don't know if that would be a good example of being a good parent, not to say tha Puffy isn't but throwing a k or more party isn't a requirement to be a good parent. She was so busy chasing behind Puff trying to get that ring that she probably made it impossible for him to want to come around. Again Puff has an album coming out. Cheers to good dads because I am thankful my son and daughter have their own dads respectively and each other's dads.

I miss you so much. Actress and Diddy's ex-girlfriend dies aged 47 Diddy shared a video of himself and Kim Image: And I miss you so much.

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Super Black Love " Kim was found dead at her home on Thursday. Her death was confirmed to TMZ by Diddy's rep. Cindi Berger told the site: I ask that you give the families privacy at this time.

According to emergency dispatch audio, the call came in as she had suffered a cardiac arrest. Kim and Diddy were together for 13 years after they started dating in He said he's been trying to wake up from a nightmare Image: Twitter They were together for 13 years Image: Twitter They had several break ups and make ups before splitting for the final time in They had three children together, twin girls Jessie James and D'Lila, born inand son Christian Combs, born in Kim worked as both a model and an actress and made appearances on Diddy's show, I Want to Work for Diddy.