Altair and maria relationship test

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The meeting of Altair and Maria after a long separation. Language: English . Or in other words: the soulmates AU where I test some things out. Language. Test Your Throw, 7. This certain character chronicle features our Master, Altair Ibn La Ahad .. At first, their relationship was borderline homicidal in nature. Maria Thorpe, though a Templar by all means, Robert De Sable's. This list of characters from the Assassin's Creed franchise contains only characters that are .. Maria joins Altaïr and Darim to Mongolia in a bid to halt the advance of .. This caused a long-term relationship between them, with Ezio carrying out of Assassins and ancestor of Lin, an Abstergo Foundation test subject.

This chapter is what I'd like to a call. My apologies to anyone who were expecting story progress. See ya' at the end! To say that Altair Ibn La Ahad was good at what he did would obviously be an understatement of gargantuan proportions, as simply watching him do his job would prove you wrong. As the title suggested, he was a master at it. Son to two Assassins, his mother had died immediately after his birth. That had left him with his father, Umar Ibn La Ahad. Altair had never dwelled on the topic of his mother too much.

To him, life was at Masyaf, and walking about the streets, criticizing the teachers and their lessons, and how it was all completely useless anyway.

altair and maria relationship test

To him, life was playing with Abbas, and winning at the various increasingly asinine competitions they would hold. The corners of Altair Ibn La Ahad's mouth twitched when he recalled a certain instance where he and Abbas had gotten into quite a bit of trouble over one of their contests.

Altair closed his eyes, and slipped into his memory's clutches. Abbas would never let him hear the end of it. But this was a cheap shot, below the belt. To confess his 'love' to the commander's daughter was…well…a cheap shot, an unfair challenge, to the fourteen year old Altair. The air seemed to pick up a bit of cold, heralding the onset of dusk, and Abbas nudged him forward.

The problem was, not only the two of them, but the entire group of friends would be watching Altair's 'heartfelt confession' to Sana Seher, Iqbal Seher's daughter. Altair turned around accusingly, only to realize that most of the other boys were hidden, and waiting for him to make good on his end of the bargain. And so, praying to the Gods that nothing much would come out of this silly issue, Altair stepped forward boldly, stopping the young girl in her tracks by clearing his throat.

Sana Seher turned around, and jumped when she saw Altair standing behind her. And yet, Altair could clearly sense that the girl was blushing, and the tone of her voice made him uncomfortable. With a delighted shriek, Sana Seher threw herself with such force at Altair that he was knocked clear back, and they both landed on the ground with a bump. Altair blinked rapidly several times. He thought he heard a few derisive snorts of laughter from behind the buildings, but of course, that took second priority over the fact that he was lying in the middle of the Masyaf courtyard, locked in a tight embrace, administered by none other than the Commander's daughter, Sana.

There was silence after that though. They seemed to remain in that position for quite some time. Feeling the need to break free, Altair patter her back gently, her head still nestled firmly on his shoulder. I…uhm…" The words seemed to tumble out of her mouth. Altair couldn't really blame the girl. He was Altair Ibn La Ahad, only one of the most talented and gifted young men to be born into the order.

He was not tall, hulky or aggressive, yet he was just the right height, lean, muscular and gave off the 'hands-off' feeling to everyone watching him. Of course, he hadn't had much contact with this girl.

Sure, most of the boys talked about her dreamily, but Altair suspected that was because she was Iqbal's daughter. They were going to serve him one day anyway, so why not marry his daughter?

Altair was never one to think that way. In fact, to say the very least, he was disgusted by the boot-licking attitude that some of the boys displayed. It struck him now, the foolishness of his action. To confess one's love, here, to another, in their culture, in their society, was to marry, in effect.

And he wasn't oblivious. Ever-observant, he wasn't impervious to the glances that he received from the opposite gender after he'd reached the age of thirteen. Much to the envy of his friends, they would giggle whenever he would walk past, and point, and giggle some more. Altair had paid no heed to all of that, though.

The Codex – NEXUS TEST

His father was one thing. Put a damned toe out of line, and it would mean sore calf and pectoral muscles for the coming week. His father ensured that there was only one goal in his mind, to rise to the top. Altair didn't reply to the girl's confession.

With a sudden jolt, she disentangled herself from him. He too got up quickly, and observed the intricate textures on the walls behind Sana Seher. And Altair still stood there, replaying the scene over and over again in his mind. Vaguely, he realized that the boys must have left, sensing the awkward moment they had created.

But that was only at the back of his mind. The only thought going through Altair's head was how stupid he'd been, not noticing Sana Seher's extremely pretty face, and the way it magically became even prettier when she smiled. With a great heave, he spewed out the contents of his breakfast. Without his knowledge, the tears came streaming down.

They hit the hot, groveling sand, before being swallowed by the dust. He felt weak, nauseated by the sight in front of him. Those dark, beetle-black eyes that would always be so alert, so observant, and sometimes, so fear-inducing were no longer what they were. Instead, they were rolled upwards, and unseeing. Those arms, with which Umar Ibn La Ahad had taught his son how exactly to poise his body before leaping were no longer their strong, powerful selves. Instead, they lay, limp, lifeless, worn out, bloody and broken.

altair and maria relationship test

Umar Ibn La Ahad's body hung, battered and lifeless, his neck suspended from the noose, and only his son was weeping, in front of him, down on his knees, and beating the ground in despair, in the hope that it would somehow bring his father back to life, that somehow, his father would appear beside him, reprimand him for wasting his time, and have him run throughout the evening. But it wasn't to be. A long time later, Altair didn't know how long he'd been there, beating the ground. His knuckles were bloody, and he suspected that his right wrist had broken, he felt a soft pair of hands embrace him, and hold him close.

And he wept into her chest as she held back her sobs too. He's left me too. Sure, there had been an ambush, but at Masyaf, 'ambushes' like these by the Templars were merely a training ritual for the greenhorns.

There was absolutely no way it could have collected this much momentum.

Desmond Miles

But then again, there was always that niggling possibility that somehow, somewhere, a traitor had sold them out, had taken money for honor. He'd stood up, terrifying his companion. Motherfucker Altair didn't know when he stopped screaming. It was probably when he felt a warm pair of lips press urgently against his own, silencing him. And he stood there, devoid of all thoughts, just holding on to that one feeling, the feeling that mattered most to him. That night, Altair never slept.

He didn't cry, he didn't despair. He just lay there, arms over his head, simply existing. With a loud sound, his door crashed open. Altair sat up hurriedly only to see Abbas's father walk in with a very far off expression. Do not open your mouth, Altair! Simply listen to this broken man's confession. And Altair never moved a single muscle, when Abbas's father came close and hugged him, wept, for a second.

Altair didn't respond when he dazedly walked over to the window. Masyaf is the most wonderful place to call home, my son. From Altair's window you could see the entire town, and the serene beauty it exhibited was indeed exhilarating to witness.

And yet, Altair sat, unmoved. Altair didn't even turn. Not even when he heard the glass shatter, not even when he realized that his father's lieutenant had thrown himself to his death. It was only some time after the commotion became evident, did Altair lean out of his window and saw the man's body. Altair Ibn La Ahad smiled. After that, time seemed to fly. For the first time, he asked to fight with real swords against Abbas.

For the first time, he wounded his best friend. And when he was sitting alone, when Abbas came up angrily to ask him what the reason was, and that he was drained enough with his father's death, Altair told him. He relished in Abbas's changing emotions. First disbelief, then surprise, shock, then anger.

Not expecting it, Abbas fell back, and let out a scream, as Altair stamped the very place he'd wounded earlier, and walked off. The next day, Altair was made an Assassin, and Abbas was withheld due to a shattered right arm. His ring finger was removed, and the Hidden Blade was attached to his wrist. When he walked out, his friends surrounded him, jostling one another to have a look at their star student's legendary weapon.

Nobody noticed Abbas spitting at Altair. Nobody noticed Altair sneering back at him either. In the coming months, Altair became what only he himself could describe as a monster. He'd underwent a huge transformation. Gone were the smiles, gone were the teasing, gone was his…. He'd even fought with Sana at one point.

altair and maria relationship test

She'd slapped him, called him a monster. And yet, he'd replied with that same sneer Abbas had received that day. He watched on disgustedly as Sana Seher got married.

She didn't even turn to look at him, not once during the entire ceremony. He'd walked out long before the end. He would strive hard to become perfect, and he would protect Al Mualim at all costs.

It hit Altair like a thunderbolt. He stood, stock still, not moving a muscle as the thought finally struck home.

Al Mualim was a traitor all along, a Templar. Al Mualim, the very man he'd idolized, served, protected, guarded for so, so many years, and, in fact, his reason for living, was a lie.

He roared, before striking, before coaxing the life out of his mentor. He looked into his eyes, and saw nothing. And then, it happened. For the second time in his life, Altair Ibn La Ahad's personality underwent a massive change. Known as " the Farm ", the hideout was an off-the-grid compound with a population of around thirty people, all leading a nomadic lifestyle.

He was also instructed to always be wary of their enemies, though as he grew older, Desmond became bored by the war stories of the Assassins and Templars, and underestimated Abstergo's influence over the world as a result. Finally concluding his parents to be little more than conspiracy freaks, he decided to leave the compound.

His training proved to be useful, as he was able to outrun and avoid the Assassins who had pursued after him. Following this, Desmond traveled through "the badlands" and hitch-hiked for some time, until he eventually came across a person who advised him to go to New York City, prompting him to leave for the metropolis and blend into the crowds.

While he worked there, his specialty drink was the "Shirley Templar", a Shirley Temple cocktail with gin. Subsequently, he was kidnapped by the Templars, who brought him to an Abstergo laboratory in Italy. The company then went about erasing all evidence of his abduction. When Desmond came to, he angrily claimed to be nothing more than a bartender, but Warren revealed that Abstergo knew of his history as an Assassin, forcing Desmond to finally admit his past life.

Warren warned Desmond that if he refused to co-operate with their efforts, they would induce him into a coma, continue their work, and leave him to die when they had finished. Without much of a choice, Desmond agreed to help them and they became temporarily partners.

For several days, Desmond did so under the Templar's watchful eye, but during the nights, he was anonymously given a code that allowed him to open the door to the bedroom provided for him, which granted him the ability to explore the laboratory that he was being held in.

As he was presented with the opportunity, Desmond used it to access the Animus' computer, and, after he had stolen Warren's access pen, gain access to Warren's personal computer as well.

Eventually, on Lucy's prompting, the Assassins attempted to liberate him, with the gunfire of their assault being heard through an intercom device. When Warren left, however, Lucy reassured Desmond that that compound had been found deserted and that his parents had "probably escaped".

During this discussion, Lucy revealed herself to be an undercover member of the Assassins. Following this, three executives of Abstergo Industries ordered for Desmond's execution, but his life was saved by Lucy's intervention, as she asked them to keep Desmond alive in order to re-access his memories if necessary.

Using it for the first time, he perceived a strong interpretation of Warren and Lucy's true allegiances, as well as countless scrawled messages and puzzles on the walls and floor of the main laboratory and his own quarters. Desmond, rather confused, agreed to her request and managed to synchronize himself with the closest genetic match between him and Subject 16, which was recorded on the Animus' memory core. Inside the Animus, Desmond experienced the birth of another of his ancestors, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, before he was pulled out abruptly, so that the two could both make their escape.

Unfortunately, they were forced into an engagement with two more security personnel, who Lucy promptly dealt with, astonishing Desmond and allowing them to continue undetected. The two soon entered an elevator, which led down to a large open room filled with office blocks, that housed a large number of Animi. Lucy attempted to enter a code into the locked door of another elevator, but it was rejected, prompting Desmond to instinctively call upon his recently acquired Eagle Vision.

Seeing the buttons necessary for the code, Desmond successfully unlocked the door on his third try. However, once they had both reached the car park underneath the building, the two were halted by more of Abstergo's guards, but were able to defeat them and escape.

Lucy told Desmond that they wanted him to be trained as an Assassin, which could be achieved in a matter of days, thanks to the Bleeding Effect. Doing so required him to learn through the ancestor that he had matched up with through Subject 16, being Ezio Auditore, and Desmond agreed to help almost immediately, which surprised Lucy. After this, he was quickly plugged into the Animus 2. Just as he began, however, he started suffering vivid hallucinations of the Third Crusade era.

At first, the visions were short, and were nothing to worry about, but after completing the task, Desmond was incapacitated as the visions became more real. From there, he continued to watch the genetic memories of Ezio Auditore, despite at one time being thrown out by " corrupted memory sequences ". As Ezio entered this Vault, he was confronted by the hologram of a "goddess", who called herself Minerva.


The Assassins were shocked when Minerva addressed Desmond by name, confusing even Ezio, and revealed that she was in fact talking to Desmond through Ezio. Mere moments after, Desmond was quickly pulled out of the Animus, and upon seeing the three rushing to collect their belongings, he realized that the Templars had found their location. Making their way into the warehouse, they were confronted by Vidic and several Abstergo security guards, all of whom were intent on reclaiming Desmond.

With his entourage defeated, Warren was left to confront Desmond on his own, though he opted instead to retreat, before promising that their victory was only temporary. Meanwhile, the other Assassins began to discuss the nature of Minerva and her speech. How long before I start painting symbols on the walls? As the Templars were actively searching for them, and were analyzing the surrounding environment via the use of cell phone towers, the Assassin group were forced to set up their equipment underground, in the Sanctuary located underneath the Villa Auditore.