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A Television Quiz: This quiz is just a few easy questions about Australia's four season long, SCI-FI show The main character, John Crichton, was originally from what planet? Aeryn Sun Which couple was not in a romantic relationship?. Farscape's John Crichton and Aeryn Sun should be on the cover of a book called and continued to do so by way of the show's central couple. I wanted to start this article, “John Crichton and River Tam walk into a bar, John is immediately attracted to Aeryn Sun, but she has very little use for to have meaningful relationships with others, and learns to value John for.

Aeryn is Sebacean, an alien race hinted in the show to be a genetically modified human offshoot. At the beginning of the show, she is a member of the Peacekeepers, a military that hires itself out for protection and not only discourages, but actively forbids emotional attachment. It is revealed later in the show that suspected emotional bonding is punishable by imprisonment and even death.

Aeryn is physically superior to John, having increased senses and a lifetime of intense military training. The trope of the strong, unemotional man and weaker, but emotionally more mature woman is turned inside-out with John and Aeryn — she can dominate him physically, and he is the one trying to help her get in touch with her emotional side. As the show progresses, John and Aeryn grow closer and begin to even each other out somewhat.

These changes are not sudden, but gradual over multiple seasons with various setbacks, allowing the viewer to appreciate that such things are not immediate or easy. Like River from Firefly, John is pursued relentlessly for the information inside of his brain. Grayza had herself implanted with a gland that excretes Heppel Oil, a substance she uses as a date-rape drug.

If that GIF existed. If I knew how to GIF, it would …. In so many formats, the tale of a hard, military man learning to care for others, getting in touch with his emotions, and embracing his inner nurturer is very common. The fans got what they wanted. Scully and Mulder ended the show in bed, wondering and thinking about their future together, and the new seasons explored that even more. However, if you recall, she had feelings for the 10th Doctor in the Doctor Who series and was engaged to Tom Milligan.

They remained extremely amicable from the very first episode, but fans wanted them to be more. They were likable characters with amazing chemistry played by two fan-favorite actors. They finally did get married in Nemesis. Even now inyears after The Next Generation aired including moviesRiker and Troi are better suited as a couple than Troi and Worf. On the other hand, Oliver had no qualms about carrying out the mission. It took some time, but they both eventually got over that difference in season nine to begin their relationship.

Oliver being okay with eliminating someone should have made Chloe cut him from her life. A better use of their relationship may have been just to stay as friends, with Chloe as the point person for group of heroes and Oliver the billionaire Green Arrow.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane. In Smallville, this is even more apparent. At first, Clark and Lana Lang were in a relationship, but Lana was surrounded by drama all the time. Then a welcomed change happened when Lois Lane arrived in season 4. He survives this because he is mostly made of energy, but his appearances thereafter show him as being more uneven in his personality.

After the crew robs the Shadow Depository and Zhaan confronts a lethal illness, he becomes genuinely disturbed and wrought with grief over her death. He joins up with the crew of Talyn but frequently is at odds with his desire to "save" others, which eventually alienates Aeryn and Crais.

Feeling that Zhaan is calling out to him, he eventually parts ways with the crew to search for her spirit. He is later found a prisoner on Katratzi which had been part of the reason Scorpius held him prisoner: He is rescued by Chiana and Noranti and rejoins Moya's crew. During The Peacekeeper Wars, he is forced to "cross over" the Eidolon leader and thus gains his knowledge of the Eidolon powers, something that makes Stark almost crazy.

He later transfers the knowledge and regains his usual personality. At the end of the series, Stark finds a measure of peace and leaves his mask with Crichton, revealing that the energy beneath it is now gone. As the series progresses, three different alternate 'versions' of Stark are seen: Hot to Katratzi ".

Zhaan Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan, played by Virginia Heyis a Delviana blue, spiritual, humanoid plant species, and a Pa'u priestess in their religious order. Zhaan was imprisoned aboard Moya for the assassination of the leader of the Delvian government and her lover, Bitaal. Bitaal refused to step down as leader of the Delvian people when his tenure was over. He, along with other conservative Pa'us, hired the Peacekeepers for "external security.

Zhaan, while in Unity an erotic, if not entirely sexual, activity unique to Delvians with Bitaal, killed him and drove herself insane in the process. It is unclear whether Zhaan was a member of a terrorist group or whether she acted alone. She has also been an anarchistand like other trained Delvians, Zhaan has several empathic and telepathic abilities which she cultivated to Pa'u level during her time in prison on Moya, although she was forced to channel these abilities to cause harm during the crew's first confrontation with the powerful Maldis in order to stop him and save the currently-imprisoned Crichton.

She is also skilled in medicine and other related sciences. During her time aboard Moya, she is often seen making drugs and explosives in her workshop to assist her shipmates. As a Pa'u, Zhaan's spiritual abilities significantly improve upon achieving a new level.

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When first introduced, Zhaan is a level nine Pa'u, with the ability to lessen the pain of others by taking some portion of it into herself. Later in the series with Crichton's help, she gains a level, becoming a level ten Pa'u and gaining the ability to protect others from psychic attack with her own mind.

In the episode "Bone to Be Wild" she shows that for short periods of time she can make herself invisible, although it is not stated whether or not this is only possible when surrounded by foliage. Towards the beginning of the third season, Zhaan saved the seemingly dead Aeryn Sunand in the process became critically ill herself. While the crew are searching for a planet with the right conditions for Zhaan to heal, John Crichton diverts Moya to investigate a wormhole instead, where the Leviathan collides with another spacecraft.

In order to save Moya and her crew, Zhaan sacrifices herself by piloting the other craft away before it is destroyed. In real life, Virginia Hey left the show because of health problems related to the extensive makeup and demanding work schedule.

Hey's voice was used in the Aeryn-focused episode "The Choice", the seventeenth episode of the third season. While on vacation with her two male cousins—they were traveling around the galaxy to celebrate her birthday—they ran into some trouble. Her two cousins contracted a fatal disease, and they and she were frozen into stasis to be used for organ donation by a Diagnosan. This Diagnosan was later able to remove John Chrichton's neural chip, though the procedure required removing some of his brain and replacing it with a closely related donor species.

Interons, like Jool, had the closest physiological match to a human brain, and Crichton reluctantly was saved through a donation by one of her cousins. He later took her and her other cousin's stasis capsules with him onto Moya. Her cousin died almost immediately upon being released from stasis, but Jool, who had not been sick, was fine. She awoke to find herself aboard the Leviathan Moya and discovered that she had been frozen for 22 cycles.

Prior to Jool's first appearance one of her cousins, who was revived shortly before his death, referred to her as Jool rather than her full name. John Crichton originated the shortened nickname "Jool" on-board Moya, and though she resented it at first, it soon grew on her, as did he. While an intelligent young woman, Jool has led a sheltered life, and though she possesses a lot of knowledge, it was rarely practiced before joining the crew who soon became her friends.

Jool comes from a peaceful star system far away, and before meeting Rygelshe had not known Hynerians existed, though Sebaceans are familiar to her. When frightened or nervous, her orange hair which sheds turns red and her high-frequency screams can melt metal, an ability which proves useful on several occasions.

Her arrival aboard Moya came with the loss of Pa'u Zotoh Zhaanand the crew and fans alike were a little slow in accepting the new character. The crew parted ways and Jool and D'Argo found themselves on Arnessk, where Jool became acquainted with other Interions and helped in their excavation of the site.

She helped John, D'Argo and Chiana to free the priests from 12,cycle-long sleep in suspended animation. A scholar of Arnesskian history, Jool left Moya after over a cycle with the crew to follow her new destiny and help the priests adjust to the new life that lay ahead of them.

The Peacekeeper WarsMoya returned to Arnessk, where the crew were briefly reunited with Jool who, for reasons never explained, had adopted a more Sheena, Queen of the Jungle -like persona. Moya, however, had been followed by the Scarrans who deployed a weapon which destroyed the temple. Jool was inside and is presumed dead. An alternate reality version of Jool, encountered in "Unrealized Reality" and "Prayer", was portrayed by Anthony Simcoe. This version is reluctantly shot dead by Crichton in "Prayer".

Noranti Utu Noranti Pralatong called simply Norantiplayed by Melissa Jafferjoined the crew in the Season 3 finale, " Dog with Two Bones ", when she suddenly appears among them as a mysterious and eccentric refugee that escaped to Moya along with an unidentified group of others as a Peacekeeper Command Carrier was being destroyed. The "Old Woman", as she is called, is a Traskan, and little is known of her past before she joined the crew.

Initially appearing to Crichton and Chiana as a grateful cook, she later describes herself as a "doctor, instructor, and among many other disciplines. She is basically portrayed as an accomplished herbalist. Although her skills are sometimes not quite as successful as she would like, she does manage to come to the crew's rescue with odd potions and powders on many occasions. At times, she seems to have her own agenda, although what that agenda may be is never quite made clear.

Being years old, she sometimes appears to the others as being slightly senileand is often referred to as "Grandma". She was featured throughout Season 4 of Farscape, as well as being in The Peacekeeper Warswhere she realizes the existence of more Eidelons and convinces Crichton to seek to reawaken their powers to help end the war.

An alternate reality version of Noranti appeared in the Season 4 episode, "Unrealized Reality", and was portrayed by Gigi Edgley. She becomes an expert albeit a book expert on Leviathansand eventually goes to work for a pirate group who harvest toubray nerve fibers from Leviathans.

She meets up with Crichton while he is aboard the Leviathan Elack in the Leviathan's sacred burial space; she led the pirates there and they subsequently try to kill her to prevent her telling anyone where the burial area is. Crichton nicknames her " Sputnik " due to the shape of her hairstyle when they met.

There is initial confusion at their meeting because she cannot tolerate translator microbes and so must learn all languages by hearing them. This may not be a species trait, given that she is later exposed as a Bioloid agent, and could be a consequence of that process instead. She is extremely intelligent and picks up information very quickly.

She can "change her centre of gravity" so that she can walk on walls and ceilings, and she can easily reattach limbs that have been severed.

She has to eat only a few times a cycle year. She is extremely arrogant, a self-styled polymath who constantly belittles those around her. While her knowledge about technology, species, history, and the galaxy in general is vast, it is mostly academic.

She is extremely naive and unknowledgeable about how things function outside a controlled environment such as learning Leviathan physiology strictly via studying and not understanding that the floorplans of the biomechanoids vary as a result of passenger preference. Sikozu's sense of self-preservation is foremost in her mind, and so she is prone to switching sides in any conflict with no notice and seemingly no premeditation other than ad hoc judgments on who currently holds the greatest advantage.

This makes her true loyalties if any uncertain. Sikozu accompanies Crichton as he reunites with his crewmates from Moyaand she gradually allies herself with Scorpiuswhom she initially seems intrigued by both because he saves her life and because he is arguably the most powerful and intelligent person on Moya.

He is the first mind Sikozu has known who she acknowledges as her equal or superior. They eventually become lovers and she takes a place at his side when he is kicked off Moya. Just prior to the Scarran - Peacekeeper war, it is revealed that she is a bioloid an android and a double-agent. She is working with the Kalish resistance to free the Kalish from Scarran servitude, and as such was specially bioengineered to be able to hover in the air and release intense radiation heat rays from her body that destroy Scarran heat producing glands, rendering them weak and vulnerable.

She is also able to direct this energy in smaller bursts via her hands when necessary. This radiation seems to still be harmful, although to a lesser degree, to Scarran hybrids such as Scorpius. When using her power in his presence, she instructs him to take cover and not to look at her. Late in the war, it is revealed that Sikozu is a spy for the Scarran Empire in exchange for a promise from them to free her people from servitude.

Scorpius assaults her after revealing his knowledge about her betrayal and leaves her to die on the water-planetQujaga. This development is foreshadowed in several earlier episodes: At their first meeting, Chiana thinks that Sikozu is a spy because she has Scarran currency and speaks Scarran. Sikozu explains this by saying that her people are from Scarran-controlled space.

In a visit to an unrealized reality, Crichton — in that reality, a ranking Peacekeeper officer — is forced to execute Sikozu after she is revealed to be a Scarran spy.

At the end of fourth season, it is revealed that Braca's first name is Meeklo. He made his last appearance in " The Peacekeeper Wars Part 2 ". Braca's initial appearances focused on a nondescript, professional relationship to Bialar Crais, his commanding officer. As Crais continued his downward spiral into dereliction of duty in his ruthless pursuit of John Crichton, Braca slowly emerged as the voice of quiet dissent among Crais' officers and crew. While harboring serious misgivings about the pursuit, there was no way to act upon these doubts until the Command Carrier arrived at the Gammak Base where John Chrichton had been captured.

Braca quickly established himself as Scorpius 's assistant once Crais was removed from command, which John Crichton compared to a Mr. Burns and Waylon Smithers interaction. However, their relationship is generally more complex in that Scorpius clearly trusts Braca implicitly, which is unusual for Scorpius' methodical and suspicious nature.

Throughout season two, Scorpius mentored Braca, instructing him on strategy, planning, and politics both internal to Peacekeeper command and the galaxy at large. Braca emerged from this grooming with several promotions and quickly established himself as an increasingly efficient and dangerous extension of Scorpius' loyal following. Initially, it appeared that he had betrayed Scorpius to Grayza, but by the end of the season it was revealed that Braca was really Scorpius's spy.

When Grayza had a mental breakdown in the end of season four due to incompetent handling of a confrontation with the ScarransCaptain Braca relieved her of command. By invoking an article of Peacekeeper doctrine he maintained his unwavering loyalty to the organization as a whole, removing Grayza from her duties in order to save the lives of the command carrier crew from certain death. Braca later welcomed Scorpius on board, though this was seen as a welcome change compared to Gayza's command structure.

When he inquired where Grayza was, Braca said he threw her in the brig, under heavy sedation. Later, in the "Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars" miniseries Scorpius had been made commander of an armada and used Braca's command carrier as his flagship, and Braca is once again at his side. Although he is wounded during the climactic ground fighting on the planet Qujaga, he is rescued by Scorpius and is able to return with the rest of the group to safety.

Braca is last seen fully recovered at the signing of the peace treaty. Due to Scorpius' often isolated lifestyle and history, as well as the generally impersonal nature of Peacekeeper culture, his relationship with Braca is often a mixture of mentoring, paternally guiding, and intellectually stimulating at the same time. It is clear that Braca idolizes Scorpius and hopes to emulate his meteoric rise through the Peacekeeper ranks.

He is also, like Scorpius, a "true believer" in the Peacekeeper cause and willing to go to any lengths to ensure their victory over the Scarrans. Braca's complete devotion to Scorpius is clearly evident when he braves the wrath of Mele-on Grayza in order to remain Scorpius' spy amongst the Peacekeepers, at great risk to his own life and position. Mele-on Grayza Commandant Mele-on Grayza, played by Rebecca Riggsis a Sebacean female who has risen through the Peacekeeper ranks to achieve the status of Commandant.

Politically astute and ruthlessly ambitious, she will use anyone or anything at her disposal to achieve her goals. To this end, she has had a gland implanted in her chest that secretes a substance known as Heppel oil, which she uses to bend her male victims to her will. A drawback to the gland is that it severely lowers her lifespan.

To what degree it is lowered is not explored. Lambs to the Slaughter " towards the end of season three of the series, when she arrives aboard Scorpius ' Command Carrier to put a stop to his wormhole research, considering it to be a threat to her efforts to negotiate a truce between the Sebaceans and the Scarran race.

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However, she becomes intrigued by John Crichton and his wormhole knowledge, believing it to be a potential bargaining chip in her dealings with the Scarrans, and sets out to capture Moya.

She is successful in tracking the crew down, and early in season 4, drugs and rapes Crichton: Humiliated, Grayza directs Braca to keep searching for Moya - word spreads quickly to bounty-hunters of the price she puts on Crichton's head - but this also fails. Finally, when her bid for peace is lost, Grayza orders her Command Carrier to engage the Scarrans in conflict, only to be stopped by her subordinate Captain Meeklo Bracawho has secretly been allied with Scorpius while pretending to be loyal to Grayza.

He assumes command of the Command Carrier. Although reported by Braca to be under sedation in the brig at the end of the series, by the time of Farscape: The child's father is not identified, leaving open the question of whether it is the Grand Chancellor's, John Crichton's, or someone else's baby.

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If Crichton's, Grayza's pregnancy could have been planned by her to get the wormhole knowledge from the child. The Scarran race had developed the science to remove knowledge from DNA, attempting to do just that from Crichton's unborn child with Aeryn Sun ; it can be safely assumed that the Peacekeepers could do the same. Grayza eventually kills the Grand Chancellor when he tells her of his intention to surrender to the Scarrans, and she takes command of the Peacekeeper forces herself.

When Crichton finally demonstrates the destructive powers of the wormhole weapon, she agrees to a truce with the Scarrans "for the sake of our children". She is last seen aboard Moya, signing the peace treaty alongside Emperor Staleekoverseen by the Eidelon. Talyn is named after Aeryn Sun 's father.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing ". The Leviathan Moya was subjected to a hybridization experiment by the Peacekeepers while in captivity. It was accidentally released by Ka D'Argo six months after their escape from peacekeeper captivity, leading to the conception of a fetus. Roughly six months later, Moya gave birth to a baby Leviathan, though the baby was far from normal: Shortly after his birth, he had a few disagreements with his mother and refused to talk to her.

Moya felt that a Peacekeeper should talk to him.

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Aeryn boarded Talyn and succeeded in convincing the young Leviathan to listen to his mother. At times, Talyn could be emotionally unstable, even going so far as to deliberately attack Moya. He also panicked easily. It is unclear whether this resulted from his violent childhood, or from errors in his genomeperhaps the result of trying to create a warship from an essentially nonaggressive species.

Talyn was a very powerful ship when young, and had he achieved maturity he would likely have been one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy. He was young and quite childlike for much of Farscapeand was dwarfed by his mother Moya, although he did grow gradually over the series.

It was theorized by Pilot that he might even have grown larger than a normal Leviathan. At the end of season 3 Talyn sacrificed his life to save the crew of Moya.

Captured and disabled while docked inside the Peacekeeper Command Carrier that had been following the crew for three years, Talyn starburst within the carrier, causing a massive energy wave that progressively destroyed the Carrier while leaving enough time for most of the crew to evacuate the ship. Talyn's remains were carried by Moya to the Leviathan Sacred Space region, something of an elephant graveyard of Leviathans; space they regard as holy and where they go to die.

He was mourned by Moya and her crew. Unlike other Leviathans, Talyn does not have a Pilot bonded to him, but still has a vestigial Pilot's den: He can operate purely on voice command; still, a humanoid can be implanted with a device that allows direct interface with Talyn, although not to the same extent as a Pilot Talyn can resist orders from time to time: This device, unless properly modified, can also be a two-way street through which Talyn can force feedback through to injure the implanted humanoid.

It also leaves the humanoid open to feeling Talyn's pain as Pilot feels Moya's pain.