Athrun and meyrin relationship tips

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athrun and meyrin relationship tips

Throughout the show, Uzumi's and Cagalli's relationship was touched on in passive ways, most notably through background songs in scenes in. Even if Athrun had to return to his businesses, she knew he would come back Still, Cagalli was unsure of whether to keep their relationship an open secret as .. "I know it's good advice to keep her alive- to prevent Orb from. Fukuda tried to break Athrun and Cagalli's relationship but the story just .. by the ways things look, I don't think Athrun really likes anybody. but.

Lenore affectionately took his hand. Mind giving me a hand? Do we have a deal? This is revenge to him for not being home for your birthday. Let's go to our watermelons now, shall we?

Being the quiet boy he always was, Athrun was balanced by Kira's loud and carefree nature. Kira was his first best friend, and they did everything together. They even got detention together for getting caught fighting. Lenore and Caridad were not too pleased, but they understood their sons.

After all, the two boys did not start the fighting; they were trying to help one of Kira's classmates from a group of bullies. After all, what girl won't fall for her hero?

athrun and meyrin relationship tips

She'll be confused if there are two knights, you know. And no, I don't like her—I didn't even know her name until the fight—so don't glare at me like that. I'm not going to take her from you.

Is AsuKaga relationship is over?

He took a small box out of his bag. Athrun had been right in thinking that Kira would fall for the robotic toy—and fall hard he did. Last week, Kira had mentioned his dream of building a robotic bird that could fly and chirp. It was spoken in casual chatter, but Athrun remembered. Take a good care of it. I'll take it back someday. He knew that Athrun was only teasing.

A while later he said, "Torii. Two weeks after he gave Torii to Kira, he found himself defending Kira from the same group of bullies. Falling to the ground on top of his bag, Kira accidentally smashed Torii, both of its wings breaking with a rather loud crack despite its size.

And with that Torii the First died. Athrun would be a horrible person if he did not try to cheer Kira up. It's just a toy, Kira.

It's not that important. If it had not been for Torii the Second, he might not have been so sure that it was Kira who he fought against once the war came. She was gentle, well-mannered and beautiful. Athrun did not mind getting to know her better, even though Patrick thought of it as a purely political engagement. Still, Athrun showed her respect and courtesy, for it was a part of being Patrick Zala's son. Lacus smiled at him and bowed a little.

Her voice was smooth and melodious; Athrun would never get bored of hearing it. Siegel left the two of them alone. Athrun did not know what to say; he did not know how to dissolve the awkwardness between them. She did not call him Zala-kun or Zala-san like others did. She seemed to realize his thoughts. I took the liberty to call you by your first name. I just thought it would be confusing if I called both you and your father 'Zala-san.

Please, Athrun is fine. Curled up in his bed, he did not want care about time in its days, hours, minutes or seconds. He did not want to care about anything. He wanted to believe that the Bloody Valentine never happened, that thousands lives were never lost. The television had never been turned off since Athrun found out about the extermination, and Athrun felt no interest in leaving his bed, his temporary haven.

Patrick had called yet, but it was alright. He must have had a lot to deal with at the moment; his mother had said that Patrick was working for the good of PLANT.

But so had those who had been on Junius Seven, cultivating crops for the Coordinators. So had been those who lost their lives to the nuclear-induced death without knowing why. She cried the tears that Athrun was too numb to shed. Siegel called, too, passing on his deepest condolences.

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Athrun did not want their sympathy. He did not need sympathy. And neither did those who had been on Junius Seven. What they needed was justice, declared the Supreme Council. Thus began the execution of a plan by means of the Coordinators' well-developed technology; a means of forced retreat for the Naturals.

It was decided that Earth would be showered with Neutron Jammer Canceller. But it would only be the first step to justice, the Supreme Council said. It was not a consequence powerful enough to pay back the Naturals for all the lives that had been lost. People shouted "Death to the Natural bastards!

Cities and towns everywhere were enraged. Earth itself was split into two contrast factions. It was impossible, Athrun thought.

athrun and meyrin relationship tips

There would be no peace without justice. There was no lesson without pain. The other faction was too mulish, too stubborn to hand in the exterminators, who were only called slaughterers. In fact, it even praised them for wiping out the Coordinators, the errors of the universe.

PLANT became a culture that glorified death, while Earth became horrified of a much more advanced existence than itself. It was the daybreak of what would soon become a full-scale war, a world war.

Youths were sent to battle—some returned, some did not. The conflict was seen as between Homo superiors and Homo inferiors, though the truth was that both sides were the same species of Homo sapiens. He did not hate the Naturals. Or so he believed.

athrun and meyrin relationship tips

He only wanted Justice, with a capital J, and his resulting decision was his first step. After all, he had promised his grandfather to be a great man, and his mother would be disappointed in him if he became a liar. Behind the silver-haired prefect, Nicol watched with concerned eyes. Beside Nicol, Dearka whistled light-heartedly as if nothing had happened.

Athrun stood next to the sink. There were eggshells, flour, cooking equipment and even bottles of spices on the floor. The kitchen was, to put it simply, a catastrophe. Or Dearka's—for using too much oil for omelettes," Nicol spoke up, though he was trying to hold his amusement in check. Really, there would not be a 'next time' for Athrun and Dearka in the kitchen. They just did not belong to the cooking world, period. You're not the one who's fucking going to be held responsible for this!

This fucking floor is my responsibility, and that means that this fucking kitchen in this fucking room is also my responsibility.

Got that, you goddamned idiots? He would not stay quiet while Yzak rampaged on and on. Yzak, grunting under his breath, stepped forward to explain, and it looked like the instructor had never been angrier. He looked at Athrun and Dearka. Meet me after this mess is cleaned up. And you, prefect, write a report about this. It was late when they finished the task, and dinner was long over. Dearka was annoyed at the thought of having to sleep hungry, and he was complaining all the way back to the dorm.

Athrun hoped his comrade would stop complaining, but he did not want to create another commotion. Maybe Nicol still has some instant porridge or noodles, he thought to distract himself from the desire to strangle Dearka. They walked in the dark, ominous corridor, and the dimness magnified the light of the dark red, rusty moon outside. It reminded him of Kira, whom he had not seen or heard from for three years. Noticing that his comrade had stopped walking, Dearka turned.

That walrus of an instructor's just given us detention; don't piss me off any more. You got a friend there? We haven't seen each other for the last three years. Scratching the back of his head, Dearka grunted. Zalas and Jules should get along, you know. Just like your parents. You both want to prove yourselves. That's why you're here, right? Athrun Manner Zala the Immaculate swears. You should just see Yzak at home.

Never going to be more than that. It's troublesome for you and Yzak, and to a lesser degree, for Nicol and me, too. People will see you through your parents. Damn that, but that's how it is. I know because I see them doing it, Athrun. Prove yourself, like Yzak's been doing—or more like overdoing. Nicol was still awake as he entered. If Athrun wanted to talk, he would listen. But he would not be the first to speak. Hunger set aside, Athrun changed out of his cadet uniform and slipped under the blanket.

Nicol was still waiting. For Justice, Athrun thought. Admit it; you're just one obsessed kid trying to be a Herculean champion—and you know it. It took a long time for Nicol to comprehend Athrun's question, and finally, answer.

The Aimans were too angry to accept Athrun's condolences, and they tried to compel him to swear on Miguel's name that he would avenge Miguel's death. Their hatred for the Naturals made Athrun feel sick, but it was understandable, though it did not make it acceptable. He understood the hatred well. The Mackenzies were grieving, but Rusty's mother had been kind to him.

Athrun had told her of Rusty's death and how he regretted not being able to go to Rusty's aid faster. She said that Athrun should not make his father sad.

Please return home in one piece, Athrun-kun, she told him. Meeting Nicol's parents was the hardest. Nicol's mother cried as she talked to Athrun about her late son. The whole time, Athrun could not help looking at the grand piano in the corner of the living room. The piano stared back at him, accusing him for its loss.

For a moment, he thought he could hear Nicol's soft voice and his playing. Immediately after that thought, the piano became mute again. It would not forgive him, and even if it did, Athrun would not forgive himself. But he could not—would not—run from the guilt.

He would bear it all his life. Nicol's father, Yuri, eyed Athrun's hand, which was in a cast, before regarding Athrun again. Yuri had to have been the one who gave Nicol permission, Athrun realized.

He remembered Nicol saying that he was fighting to protect his parents. If Nicol had told his parents that, it would have only made their wound more painful. No child should have to be in war at all, but that was only an ideal. The reality was the situation today.

Adults might have been the one to trigger wars, but their children would inevitably be involved and suffer the consequences. This was the endless circle of war, the mistake of humanity's voracity. Athrun wondered whether Patrick would be sad and mourn for him if it had been him who died instead of Nicol.

They blurred and mixed, forming myriads of colours and faces. One moment it was his mother's smile, the next it was his father's gun, pointed at him. One moment it was Heine's exploding GOUF, the next it was his first pair of running shoes in the last five years. Yet this very memory left Athrun feeling acerbic. He knew this apartment room, this situation, this memory.

This was one of the memories he would rather not see merely because it was too good of a memory—and good things died faster.

athrun and meyrin relationship tips

Because you find reality bit hard, Zala, he said to himself. Can't this memory remain here, trapped in my Rapunzel tower with no Rapunzel hair to help me reach it? Is that how you treat the birthday boy? Putting the blanket at the foot of his bed, she moved to sit beside him again. It took a lot of effort to run to your apartment this early, you know.

He was only seventeen, and seventeen he was going to be today. Today was good, and he felt good. All was well, and he did not want to let go. Spend today with me or something.

Forget Berlin or Moscow. Holding him there with a palm on his chest, she shook her head but failed miserably to look disappointed. She realized that he knew it, because the smile, genuine and content, reached his eyes. She, the Rapunzel of his life, would escape the prison by herself instead of waiting dormant in her tower. In the presence of her bravery, her so-called prince would become too withered to look at her in the eyes. The Talk—capitalized for, he believed, the sake of self-appointed importance—happened in Cagalli's office, the room where no familial photograph but for a small one of the late Uzumi resided.

Cagalli's private life did not belong here, yet it was here they were having The Talk about their private life. In a moment, they would become Her Excellency and her loyal subordinate, a head of state and her subject. She was half sitting on her desk, seeing but not registering him, in her Head Representative's dark uniform. He stood before her, distant, in his black suit. What a set of clothes for mourning, Athrun thought glumly.

Yet their silence had already been doing the mourning. He did, but it did not mean that he was as calm and composed as he thought he would be. What are we going to be now was what he had really meant, but it was too late to change his question now. We can't turn back time. What's happened has happened.

From now on, we're not going to talk about my screwed-up almost marriage. At least please call her that. Back then, on that ship, it was he who had pulled her into a hug, but it was only until now that he understood her feeling at that time. Despite his selfishness, this was not how he wanted their separation to be. After all, he dealt better with disappointment than understanding. Her understanding meant she could to see something that he did not see—yet, hopefully. Being understood surely brought its own pain.

She chuckled against his shoulder, the laughter shaking her body against his. I hope one day we'll be able to talk to each other with less pain. Both of them knew that all too well. I hope one day we'll—we'll be able to say, 'This a wonderful world. There was time for honesty, and there was time for courtesy. What he did not let Cagalli know—though she might have realized it already—would not hurt her. A little wish would not hurt anyone either, he reasoned. She pulled back from his embrace but maintained the closeness.

They both knew that no matter what, they could not have total closure. They were so interlaced, intertwined, interconnected with each other that it would be impossible to free themselves from the tangled web of their lives.

But it went too far to say that there was no Athrun without Cagalli or no Cagalli without Athrun; that was too philosophical, too romantic. There was no perfect love.

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Humans did not love like that. The Talk ended, and so did 'them. Deep down, he knew that Cagalli knew this, too—knew but could not change it. This way, you two won't be going anywhere.

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But he knew that, didn't he? Or maybe he was just too much of a coward to admit that to himself. Your squirt, as you have dubbed him, has been involved in two fights a day. Spare me the details, but am I right?

How come I didn't know he was fighting in school? But," Meyrin cast him her serious counsellor look, "if this continues, he'll probably be dropped from the school's track team. That he'd been selected into the track team? Should I dig into your old documents and show you that it's you who initiated the idea of being Dietmar's foster father? Athrun-san, nothing's going to happen if you don't start doing something! I'll speak as a counsellor now; have some time together, sit together and talk.

You both need that. Oh, can you tell Dietmar's homeroom teacher not to call me tonight? I'm on duty tonight and Dietmar's with Kira, so there won't be anyone to answer the phone tonight. The black, blank screen looked like it was laughing at him, at his tactless inability to deal with a five-year old boy. But it was not entirely his fault, was it? How could he, for example, know the way to tie Dietmar's tie double-knobbed?

Age[ edit ] Okay. Seriously, how old is this dude and why is there even a debate? Ace Class Shadow As far as I can tell, that would make him fifteen despite official sources liking to round ages up in the series. Someone edited the page to request that the date of birth wasn't edited. I've removed the request from the article - notes like that need to be here on the talk page.

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Look at the size of quotes, notable dialogue and trivia. I say a cut down is in order. Specifically, who is it who's deciding this is 'notable dialogue' for this and other entries? Hence why I removed the examples I cited. Over on the Miriallia entry, someone kept adding what was basically a generic bit of dialogue where Miriallia wishes Dearka good luck. Specifically for Athrun, I don't think every dramatic scene needs to be quoted. Something like the scene where he admits he 'killed' Kira should, since that's important.

It's where he spells out his motives and where Cagalli gives him the words that start changing his mind. Again, this is a general problem with the CE entries- voice actor trivia. The fact is, there are several big name anime VAs in Japan who will often work togethor. I've kept the current mentions since they seemed relevant but I think this is starting to venture into trivia better mentioned in the entries for the actual actors themselves, not the pages of characters they've voiced.

Do we need this much detail on some of the battles and do we need the trivia at all? Deleting most if not all of the trivia wouldn't bother me. Axed the bit on love interests pointing pistols at each other - there's too many examples of major cast members pointing pistols at each other for this to mean anything.

Also axed references to voice actors appearing together in other shows. If it needs to be listed, it should be under the appropriate VA's, not here. Axed the reference to the Libyan city, Al Athrun; there's no evidence that the city, if it exists, has anything to do with the character's name.

The trivia related to the Infinite Justice mobile suit belongs on that page, not this. Most of the rest should probably be melded into the rest of the atricle or axed.

He's the only illustrator credited in the novel; there is no mention of Hirai Hisashi.

athrun and meyrin relationship tips

Basically, the character art at the start of the book is from model sheets Hirai did. The actual full page art seen in the rest of the book is by Tomofumi -- HellCat86 So I guessed Hirai-san did not get credited then. I see no reason why people keep editing her out as that. If you have solid evidence that she is not a possible love interest, please show it.

Otherwise I think it should stay as it is. Still, other people even had more chance. As far as I know, it's only one-sided from Meyrin. Some people think it should be Athrun and Cagalli others think it should be Athrun and Meyrin. We don't know who Athrun will end up with,maybe the recently annonced movie will tell us. Which relationship is more reasonable?