Ayano and kazuma relationship

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ayano and kazuma relationship

Some people still get that "ugh" feeling from first-cousin relationship (and even We are talking about Kazuma and Ayano at this point. Kaze no Stigma is a Japanese light novel series written by Takahiro Yamato and illustrated by The year-old Kazuma was soundly defeated by year-old Ayano Kannagi, his second cousin, and his father Further story arcs revolve around Kazuma, Ayano and Ren and the growing relationship between them. Kazuma Yagami, formerly known as Kazuma Kannagi, is a Contractor, having Both Ayano and Ren are respectfully strong in the standards of the anime and . rest of the series their relationship proceeds to develop with more open flirtation.

ayano and kazuma relationship

Similar to the bubble that Ayano was trap in when she went to the construction site. In this state, Kazuma is able to draw upon all wind spirits in the atmosphere, which amplifies his powers, and allows him to heal his wounds. When using that power, his eyes turn azure blue.

ayano and kazuma relationship

With his contract activated, Kazuma is invincible and omnipotent to the extent that no one was able to touch him and that his power increases ten folds when compared to his normal state which by itself is already enough for Kazuma to overpower his father's godsfire without requiring his abilities as contractor in contrast to Ren's belief that he couldn't defeat him without being the contractor.

However, it has one major drawback; Kazuma needs time for it to activate, forcing someone, usually Ayano, to act as a distraction while he powers up.

When Kazuma is under influence of great rage, it activates his black wind state.

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In this state, his eye are crimson red, his wind turns black, and he is seen using mind reading powers. He has no problem about hurting others with his abilities, as long as he gets what he wants, as he loses rationality. However when in this state, his overall powers seem to be weaker due to losing control over it.

In episode 23 when Ayano helps him snap out of his rage, he states that his black wind is pathetic. At one point Ayano states that she was never afraid of him in his normal state, and as he is so strong, her fear seems pointless. She takes the fear she feels of him in his enraged state as a sign that he is weaker.

Despite being substantially weaker, he has no trouble defeating other strong fire users like Ayano, but not his own father Genma.

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He was taken out of this black wind state when Ayano used her crimson fire against him. Other Abilities Edit Keen Intellect: In addition to being extremely powerful, Kazuma often proves himself to be very intelligent and perceptive; he is easily able to see through Juugo's deceptions to get him and Ayano together though he ends up falling for her anywaylargely because Ayano shouldn't need a bodyguard since she can easily take care of herself.

During missions, he acts as the strategist, often making battle plans for him and Ayano, who has the tendency to just charge in blindly with no strategy whatsoever.

He can also be rather manipulative, such as when he uses Ayano as bait to lure out a Yoma. Relationships Edit Ayano Kannagi: Kazuma annoys Ayano in the beginning of the story but later begins to flirt with her occasionally as they create a bond together through magic training. When he is in his darkest moments, she helps him through it. He loves her for having the most brilliant spirit he has ever seen and began to love her during their first battle together at the moment she first used the Crimson Flame.

He kissed Ayano on the neck at the end of episode 23, after realizing he was in love with her. He stayed in Japan to look after her and exist together. Kazuma loves his brother and shows that he will do anything to keep him safe, since his brother never harmed him emotionally during his youth.

Ren is the only Kanangi that Kazuma still considers his family, and Ren's safety being threatened is one of the few things that can bring Kazuma out of his apathy- it was the Fuga clan's kidnapping of him that convinced Kazuma to get involved in their rebellion against the Kanangi family. After a few moments of silence, Jugo entered the room. Kazuma and Ayano watched as he sat down. Jugo then, as he had always done before, took a sip of his tea, then right after he would start babbling on about their next mission.

Ayano, Kazuma, both of you will definitely be working together on this one. The word hung in the air. That's right the two were now decided partners. No more of that body-guard protecting the princess crap. Yeah, sure they were partners, but that was because they were just you know, together, no decided relationship between the two.

Now though, the two have both agreed on the idea, partners, that's who they are, what they are, but the thought of nothing more than that, what will become of that? The question had been lingering in Ayano's head for quite sometime. Sure, she loved Kazuma, but that doesn't stop her from seeing the important things in life.

ayano and kazuma relationship

Right now she has to focus on her studies and in a few months she'll be 18, then a year after that, she will be deemed the new head of the Kannagi household. Ayano was smart enough to know that, but there is something else that prevents her from pursuing a greater relationship with the man who stole her heart, Kazuma and his own close knit heart.

The thought of Kazuma having even the tiniest bit of feelings for Tsui ling pains her. Even if she was Kazuma's first true love, it just hurts her because Tsui ling had such an impact on Kazuma's life, it makes Ayano wonder if she can ever amount to what Tsui ling has done.

Kazuma ignoring some of Jugo's thoughts on the mission, glanced at Ayano. Her stare was down-cast at her lap, there was a slight frown on her face. He hated seeing her like that.

ayano and kazuma relationship

What was she even thinking at a time like this. Sure he wasn't paying attention to what the old geezer was saying, but Ayano, she should a least pay some minor attention to what her old man is saying, she might do something reckless.

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Heck Ayano was always reckless. Even when she was younger. Kazuma could still remember the time he caught Ayano practicing out in the back of the main house, her aim was even more off target than what it is now, but it was so cute that she tried. Cute, wouldn't be the first word to describe Ayano, but that's who she was, cute.

ayano and kazuma relationship

Especially when she tries her hardest, another word to describe Ayano, when the going gets tough, she perseveres. And that was what Kazuma liked about her, she never gives up, even if she's running on sheer will-power, she would never give up.

And that made Ayano shine. Hey, maybe he did have some feelings for the young teen, maybe she had grown-up to become so beautiful, maybe she could be what's best for him, or maybe she deserved better, but whatever the answer is, he just didn't want to see her with that sullen look on her face. And all he wanted to do at the moment, was make all her pain go away.

Ayano noticed Kazuma's gaze and turned away, a blush appeared on her face, she then smiled a small smile because he looked worried about her and that's all she could want for at the moment, to know that he at least cares. Ren will accompany you as well for back up if deemed necessary. He's usually not like this, Ayano thought. A slightly worried look plastered her face.