Baird and sam relationship

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baird and sam relationship

Baird didn't quite know what Sam felt for Dom, but it didn't take a genius gears that knew of their 'secret' relationship were envious of Marcus. 17 Bookmarks in Damon Baird/Samantha "Sam" Byrne . After a small patrol outside Port Farrall runs amok, Baird and Sam find themselves in an uncomfortably. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Second chapter wasn't planned and it's not very long and a bit rushed, but just something I wanted to get out of my head.

Samantha Byrne

He slept through anything, whether he was in the back of a Raven, or with the sound of heavy gunfire in the background, even through Cole's snoring. Tonight was very different. Today, the war had finally ended. After 17 years of fighting the locust war, it was over, and it was hard to believe. He'd been restless all night, and he'd been having nightmares as well. This was very strange for him, as he never had bad dreams. In fact, he barely dreamt at all.

Cole said he always slept like a baby, not a peep through the whole night. It wasn't just the bad dreams keeping him up tonight though, it was everything. The loss of his friend and fellow soldier Dominic Santiago, the revelation that Adam Fenix had known about the locust being underground before they emerged. What would the world be like now the war was over.

Would the stranded finally drop there grudge against the Cog? Would they have the same trouble with the stranded gangs like they had when they were on Vectes. That was a short lived period of peace, he thought. All these questions were driving him insane. He couldn't just lie there restless all night, so decided to take a walk. He got out of bed, quietly as not to wake Cole who he was sharing a room with. He put his armour on, and picked up his lancer, mainly out of a 17 year old habit.

Also it couldn't hurt to be armed this late on this island that he barely knew. Azura, the place they'd ended up, this hidden island that none of them even knew about.

Gears of War 3- Baird and Sam

The place where Adam Fenix was held prisoner by Prescott, to continue his research on the lambent organism that almost took over the planet. Adam had managed to produce a countermeasure to destroy the lambent and locust.

baird and sam relationship

To do this he'd been injecting himself with lambent cells, which resulted in his death. Baird could still see the sight of him dying right before their very eyes, right before his son's eyes.

But the bomb went of as planned, reaching across all of Sera, wiping out the locust and anything infected by the lambent as well. This island, was kept hidden for so long, by a maelstrom.

An artificial storm that permanently hid the island. Baird couldn't get his head around the fact that there were loads of scientists, engineers people with various other useful expertise here, living in this luxury, when the rest of the world was struggling to survive. Most of them were dead now. But if this place wasn't here, then the lambent and locust wouldn't have been wiped out. He wondered if he hadn't joined the Cog and had been an engineer like he wanted, would he have ended up here because of his expertise?

He wandered aimlessly around the island, trying to relax, something he hadn't really done since he joined the Cog. There weren't many people about this late.

baird and sam relationship

He did see a few drunken Gears stumbling back to there makeshift accommodation. He did wonder where they got the booze from. Dizzy, most likely, as he was known for often making his own moonshine. The fancy hotel like accommodation had taken a lot of damage.

But it was still the best accommodation he'd had in years. He made his way down to the shore, in the hopes that maybe the sound of the ocean and roaring waves may drown out some of his thoughts.

He was about to sit down when he saw another figure sitting on the beach not too far away. They hadn't noticed him yet. He walked a little closer and then realised it was Samantha Byrne. Him and Sam had never truly gotten along. She was always winding him up, pushing his buttons and always, had to have the last word.

But he did feel truly bad for her after he heard about Dom's death. Baird didn't quite know what Sam felt for Dom, but it didn't take a genius to figure out that she wanted more than a close friendship from the man. If he was perfectly honest it almost made him feel a little jealous. Not that he had feelings for Sam in that way, he just thought, why him and not me? Baird had never had the best luck with women. Being best friends with Cole, a former famous thrashball player, didn't help.

Everyone loved him, and if they did talk to any women, Baird always felt a bit ignored by them, as they always favoured Cole.

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Cole was always so oblivious to any women who flirted with him, much to Baird's amusement. Cole said Baird's bad luck with women was down to Baird's bad attitude. He was probably right. It wasn't just Sam's attraction to Dom, and Cole's general confidence around women that bothered him slightly.

She wasn't really Baird's type, but he recognized beauty when he saw it.

baird and sam relationship

Also he knew that a lot of other male gears that knew of their 'secret' relationship were envious of Marcus. He'd even heard that some of the other female members of the cog, were jealous of Anya. Baird was a bit envious of Marcus, not because of Anya, but because he had better luck with women.

Marcus always turned them down of course, but Baird never seemed to get that sort of attention from women. Well, not since he joined the military. When he was younger, and the son of very wealthy parents, he had women after him then. The realisation over the years that it was only his money they were after, made him resent women, and realise that without the money, why anyone would want to be with him.

Baird wasn't sure whether or not to go up to Sam or not, and if he did, what would he say to her. He'd never had a proper conversation with her before. In fact another thought on his mind was some of the things he'd said to Sam.

Some of the wise cracks he'd made about her and Dom. He stood there for a while, deciding whether to strike up a conversion with her of leave the poor girl in peace.

He decided in the end to go over and make sure she was ok. Sam Byrne walked down to the shore and sat down. She couldn't sleep tonight. Now that the war was over and there might be a chance of peace, she thought that she'd sleep easy. But that's just it.

No one was used to peace. It made people uneasy. Especially after the locust armies seemed to be wiped out after the sinking of Jacinto, then the lambent problem reared its ugly head. How did they know that another bigger, badder enemy wasn't around the corner. How would society function now. There were other things on Sam's mind as well. The main one being the loss of her good friend Dom. He had sacrificed himself to save herself, Anya, Dizzy and Marcus. Dom didn't have much left in this world.

He lost his brother Carlos in the pendulum wars, the 80 year long conflict over fuel. Imulsion, Sera's main fuel source which turned out to be the living organism that nearly took over the planet. Dom also lost his parents and his two children on emergence day. Then the disappearance of his beloved wife, Maria whom he searched for for 10 years.

Unfortunately he found her too late, after she'd been a prisoner of the locust for goodness knows how long. Whatever the locust had done to her had left her pretty much brain-dead, so he had no choice but to put her out of her misery. After that, the only thing he really had left was Marcus, his best friend and brother, not by blood but a brother none the less.

She knew that Dom gave his life to save them all, but mainly to save Marcus. So he could live on, finish he started and live the rest of his life. Luckily, Marcus managed to get them to disperse when he told them that Stranded had not sunk the ship, and made them understand that there was another unknown threat out there. The crowd dispersed, and Sam complimented Marcus on doing a good job dealing with them. However, there was already more trouble starting near the Stranded ghetto.

Sam and the others found Pvt. Dizzy Wallin trying to keep the peace between some Stranded and Gorasni, while some of Jacinto's citizens watched. However, a brawl erupted, and the New Jacinto citizens attacked Dizzy. Marcus cannoned into the brawl to separate everyone, and Sam was punched in the face by a Stranded woman while trying to help him by pushing the Stranded back.

The fight ended when Sam, Marcus, and Dom had each pinned a separate fight from each group down. Dizzy yelled at the Jacinto citizens, appalled that they did not consider him one of them despite fighting for them.

As the ashamed citizens walked away, Sam went up to Dizzy and asked him follow her to the bar so they could get drunk and forget about the civilians. I've lived in worse. They and the crew were forced to evacuate the boat, and the ship was destroyed when the Lambent exploded. As they walked through the Stranded's living area, Sam noted that it wasn't as bad as some of the places she had lived in, and asked Baird what was in the center of the island.

He told her it was a dead volcano, with a lot of forest and caves on it. Soon after this, a truck of Gorasni soldiers arrived, and Sam readied her Lancer commented that if they started throwing candy to the crowd, she was going to swear off drinking. They were shocked when the Gorasni dumped off the bodies of Insurgents they had killed in a recent battle.

Sam and Cole quickly blocked the Stranded crowd off from the Gorasni, as Baird tried to convince the Gorasni commander, Yanik Laasto leave. A crowd of Jacinto citizens also appeared to watch what was happening, and Sam tried to get them to go back inside to prevent anything else from happening.

The squad stayed there until the Stranded had taken the bodies away, in order to make sure no more violence erupted. This whole place smells of imulsion. Sam was one of twenty Gears sent on three King Ravens to backup the platform's defenders.

After arriving, she swapped ammo with Cpl. They planned to ambush them, but Sam was worried what would happen if they set off something explosive.

Baird told her it didn't matter, that if they didn't shoot the Polyps, they would kill them and set something explosive off themselves. They opened the hatch and fired into the mass of Polyps. When they couldn't see anymore, Sam peeked around the corner and shot a couple more, and told the other two they were clear. They began clearing corridor after corridor of an endless number of Polyps. As they fought, the platform suffered more and more damage, with the Polyps explosions destroying bulkhead and bridges, and also setting off fires and igniting Imulsion.

After assisting Aurelie Dersau in fighting a group of Polyps, Sam was contacted by Marcus and told to ask Baird how many Polyps the Stalks carried, but Baird was unable to figure it out. KR managed to destroy the first Stalk, but another emerged and began pouring more Polyps onto the platform, and the Sam, Baird, and Cole continued to clear corridors. Calm Before the Storm "No, you don't. That's for making my day. She was interested in the challenge and agreed to do it.

Sam gathered her tattooing supplies and met Dom in a storeroom at the barracks in order to prevent anyone from stumbling upon them.

Dom told her that he wasn't sure on what he wanted done, but just wanted something to mark that Maria was gone. Sam understood, and after staring at the tattoo for a moment, asked him if he trusted her. Dom said he did, so she began working on transforming the tattoo.

When she finished, it had become an angel cradling Maria's name, and Dom was overcome with how perfect it was. As Sam began walking away, Dom told her he owed her, but she told him he didn't, and that doing that for him had made her day.

baird and sam relationship

With the rest of you girls. She rode her Rat-bike to the town, following Bernie, who was in a Packhorse with her dog Mac. They stopped outside of the barracks and reported to Anya, who had been placed in charge of the garrison in the town. Sam walked with Bernie through the town, taking notice of all of the wooden houses. She remarked how that the city would burn if it came under attack, and told Bernie about how her mom had told her about how the wooden houses of Anvegad burned during the Siege of Anvil Gate.

They walked past a Pendulum Wars memorial, where she and Bernie stopped to pay their respects. Sam noticed a card on a wreath lay near the memorial, and saw that it was from survivors of the Duke of Tollen's Regimentmany of whom lived in Pelruan and had fought the Gorasni.

Sam remarked that the Pelruan citizens would never get along with the Gorasni, and Bernie agreed. As they continued walking, Sam asked Bernie if there was anyone specifically that she had lost to the war, and Bernie remarked that she was lucky, and that no ones face kept her up at night.

Drew Rossi there, and he sent them to an observation post on the western cliffs of the town. While up there, Sam monitored the local comm network, and was disturbed by the view, noting that if she looked out at the sea a certain way, it made it seem like there was nothing else left on Sera.

Sam kept an eye out with binoculars, and then spotted a large creature surface briefly. She handed the binoculars to Bernie, and pointed out where she had seen the movement.

They both then saw it, and realized it was the Leviathan. Sam quickly contacted Anya and informed her about it.