Balthier and fran relationship marketing

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balthier and fran relationship marketing

Roommate, Officially River, but Ashe and Fran in room 17 would certainly fetch a high price on the black market, was said to be there. Relationships Edit. It was making Balthier a little drowsy, but he knew it would be undignified to fall asleep Speaking of Fran, where had she got to? She'd told him she was going to the market to see if she could find some new magicks while. I believe they have a purely platonic relationship. % ( votes) Balthier likes Fran, Fran likes no humes in such a way. % (13 votes).

He fired another shot. A sudden gust of wind blew just as he did, apparently knocking the bullet off course. He let out a snarl. It would appear that the Gods did not want him to shoot this damned bird. He took aim once more. This time, I'll get you, he thought, hoping the bird was telepathic. Oh yes, you should fear me, little friend… He took his time, carefully following the bird with the nozzle of his altair, waiting for it to stop for a rest.

He smirked as it perched on the top of the cliff. He pressed his finger to the trigger… "Balthier. The bird flew off in panic, still alive and uninjured. He turned to glare at his viera partner. You made me miss! He looked from her to it and back again.

balthier and fran relationship marketing

He took it from her curiously, wondering what could possibly motivate her to buy him a gift. He opened it and pulled out four brightly-coloured rings: She really did know him too well; these were exactly the sort of thing he would keep for himself had he taken them during a raid.

Surely I am not quite this deserving? The petitioner for the Wraith mark mentions the ghost has begun haunting the Garamsythe Waterway and suspects it came into being to seek vengeance for the slain rats and other vermin living in the sewers.

Guess what Vaan spent his time doing to train prior to the game? If you talk to the petitioner several times, she actually subtly implies she knows Vaan is the culprit: At the end of the Gil Snapper hunt, Elder Brunoa gives a speech about how it's wrong to kill animals to sell parts of them at market, in a game where this is your primary source of income, at the end of a mission where you killed an animal just because someone was willing to pay you to do so.

In an area not too far away from packs of Worgen, which occasionally drop a loot item worth more than a thousand gil, no less. It wouldn't be Final Fantasy without them.

While there are plenty of opportunities to wander into areas with monsters stronger than you are meant to face yet, all the paths to places important to the plot are locked via gates, bridges, weather, Imperial guards, etc. You can get into the Mosphoran Highwaste long before you're meant to by spooking a guard with a chocobo, but even that option is a Broken Bridge at the beginning of the game.

Many areas around Dalmasca lie in jagd; areas where skystones, the magicite that powers airships, do not function. This prevents you from simply flying everywhere in the Strahl and forces you to walk, until the late game when you get a skystone that can function in jagd. Trial Mode in the Zodiac releases. A stage gauntlet of enemies that eventually becomes a Boss Rush that includes the strongest Hunts and Rare Game in the game, the Espers, Omega, Hell Wyrm, Yiazmat, and culminating with a battle against all five Judge Magisters.


Word of God is that this mode was specifically designed to push players to their limits, even if they had a Level 99 party with the best equipment in the game. The Zodiac version of the game lets you control Espers like a playable character. Unfortunately, the camera does not adjust for an Esper's massive size and is stuck on the default camera settings used for the normal sized human characters.

balthier and fran relationship marketing

Have fun trying to see what's around you with a giant god of destruction blocking most of the screen! Grey and Gray Morality — your heroes are not all that virtuous or noble at times, and their enemies are not cardboard cut-out evil.

balthier and fran relationship marketing

Associated with this is War Is Hell and what it can do to people. The examination of what is truly important when it comes to being loyal to a kingdom — loyalty to its ideals, its people, its rulers, or the physical kingdom itself, and if any of these should be sacrificed for the sake of the others.

What true power really is — is it military might, physical strength, emotional strength, or the value of your lineage? And what are the moral ways to use those types of power? Both losing it literally or being estranged from it. And what leads one to that; as well as how it affects you. Vaan is an orphan following the death of his brother; and his desire to avenge him as well as his status as an orphan street urchin defines and drives his motivations.

Ashe lost both her husband and her father in the war and yet her duty as Princess require her to push on. Basch and his brother are on opposite sides of the war following the loss of their mother and their conflict forms much of the story.

balthier and fran relationship marketing

Balthier and Fran both split from their family over ideological reasons and cut off all ties with them. Vayne wants to secure his family's control and legacy against those who would threaten it The Senate; rival houses of the Empire; the occuria. This drives him to actions that cost him his family members; both literally as he kills his father and through driving Larsa to oppose him. Weirdly, while the Archadian soldiers all wear full armor, a lot of the Dalmascan soldiers seen in the opening cutscenes fight with plate armor with no mail undershirt or other armor and noticeable gaps between the plates.

balthier and fran relationship marketing

Rasler himself is shot through the very wide opening around the throat of his armor during the Battle of Nalbina Fortress, something he might have survived if the hole had never been there in the first place.

Gerun sweet-talks Ashe for close to five minutes straight, barely letting her get a word in edgewise, and when she finally asks a legitimate question, it goes ballistic.

An early cutscene introduces Balthier's voice changer device. It's completely forgotten until the very end of the game, when Vaan uses it to impersonate Larsa, and Basch uses it impersonate Gabranth.

And in case you thought killer save points were limited to I Wanna Be the Guythey're here too. A Child Shall Lead Them: By the end of the game, the year-old Larsa becomes Emperor of Archadia. Class and Level System: In the International Zodiac Job version, you have to pick your job before you can start getting licenses for that character, but thankfully earned LP up to that point is still retained.

You can't change classes once chosen like in other FF games, however. Some characters are naturally better at some jobs than others due to their base stat growth. The jobs available are: Fights with a bow and wears light armor, standard bowman archetype. Casts offensive black magic and a few green magic spells, wears cloth armor.

Generally the best class for Penelo. Uses axes and hammers with shields and heavy armor. Best used for Balthier and especially Fran. Uses swords and broadswords with heavy armor, and learns defensive magic.

Good for Balthier or Basch. Uses guns with light armor. Good for characters with high speed stat. Fights barefisted or with poles, wears light armor. Requires high strength characters. Samurai class, fights with katana and cloth armor.


Generally regarded as Ashe's best class. Fights using all forms of magic along with staves and cloth armorbut misses out on the last 2 tiers of each. Good for high magic characters.

Combination of hunter and ninja classes, fights with daggers and ninja swords and wears light armor. Ties with Monofunu as Vaan's best class. Fights with buffing and debuffing spells, uses crossbows and heavy armor. One of the better choices for Fran.

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Dragoon class, fights with spears and heavy armor. One of Basch's best classes. The healer, fights with rods and cloth armor. Penelo and Ashe both perform excellently at it. The majority of the voice actors are classically trained theatre actors, some of whom had no prior voice acting credits and were simply chosen because of their theatrical experience. Thanks to a combination of good choices and Woolseyismsit worked very well.

Vaan is the Master of All being able to comfortably slide into any role, Balthier is a Lightning Bruiser while not as strong and durable as Vaan and Basch has higher speed but low magickal talent, Fran is the Master of None with no strengths in particular but no glaring flaws other then general mediocrity, Basch is a Mighty Glacier being the strongest but suffering from low speed and poor magicAshe is a Glass Cannon Magic Knight with fair strength and powerful magick but low speed and health, and Penelo is a textbook Squishy Wizard with high magical stats but low physical stats.

In terms of equipment, every weapon type has different speed at which it attacks, different combo rates to chain consecutive attacks, and use different stats to calculate damage, as well as variably being one-handed, two-handled, or long-range.

Additionally, the three armor types raise different stats; heavy armor boosts Strength and has the best physical defense boosts, mage armor boosts Magic and has the best magical defense boosts, and light armor boosts HP and is balanced between physical and magical defense.

They disable parts of the battle menu. They get a massive boost in attack, defense, attack speed, and even a damage cap at critical health. They have status spells, up to and including instant-kill attacks, that land at much higher rates than your own. They put up a paling to make themselves immune to physical damage, a barrier to become immune to Magick attacks, or both at once. Some use a certain ability to double their level, making them one-hit kill your party members with regular attacks.

This ability lets the enemy attack at any time without having to wait for the charge time, meaning they can attack as fast as their attack animations can allow it. If you have your battle speed set to low, this will work heavily against you as the enemy wails on you while you wait for your turn to come up. Lord help you if this enemy is Hasted. Some bosses also have "null evasion" as a passive ability, which means their attacks never miss.

A lot of bosses and some regular enemies have "null vitality", which lets their status abilities hit every single time unless you are immune to the effect in question.

Also, most enemy abilities are programmed in as Technicks, meaning that they have no MP cost and bypass Silence. The Judge Magisters' and the Garif's helmets. The latter is lampshaded by the cockatrice Shurry when she escapes Giza into Jahara. Creating Life Is Bad: The extra bestiary entries for the Urutan-Yensa are project notes of the man who created the mimics as living weapons.

The Viera, who are bunny-girls. You just never see the males in-game. Dark and Troubled Past: Everyone in the main party with the exception of Fran who left her village voluntarily have their own brand. Both Vaan and Penelo are war orphans. While Vaan lost his parents to a plague unrelated to the invasion, his brother was killed while enlisting against the invasion.

Balthier, an ex-Archadian Judge, turned rogue after seeing his father, Dr. Cid, apparently lose his mind due to the nethicites. This never happens again, but whenever the party enters an area thick in Mist they ensure Fran is okay.

The Jungle denies Fran's entry with magickal barriers. To get to Mt Bur-Omisace the group must pass the Golmore Jungle, but magickal barriers prevent their entry. Fran knows the barriers have been set up by the viera and reveals a path to Eruyt Village despite knowing she is not welcome there, having abandoned the viera way of life as protectors of the forest.

Once in the village they discover Fran's sister, Mjrn, has gone missing. They find her from the depths of Henne Minesbeing possessed by Venat and thus being driven insane. Fran's other sister, Jote, gives the party an item to let them through the magick barriers.

Before departing Fran asks Jote to listen to the woods' voice for her as she no longer can, having spent too long a time away from the woods. Jote tells Fran the wood longs for her, envious of the hume that has stolen one of its own.

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Fran smiles and says, "A pleasant lie, that". The group eventually make their way to the Pharos where Ashe attempts to destroy the Sun-Crystthe origin of nethicite.