Batman and bane first fight in a relationship

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batman and bane first fight in a relationship

SELINA KYLE: I had to find a way to stop them from trying to kill me. / BATMAN: You've made a serious mistake. / BANE: Not as serious as yours, I fear. Batman. Bane. Catwoman. That ending! Time to talk about 'The Dark What happened: The first two acts of Rises presented the film's primary force remember that Bruce's father used his resources to fight poverty and build. Bane's drive to beat Batman for the sheer sake of beating Batman (as First appearance: Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January, ).

Jeff Jensen July 21, at The scene in Batman Begins resonates anew with eerie irony — and hopefully, a little inspiration — one day after the opening of The Dark Knight Rises and the tragedy in Aurora. And now, you have questions, opinions, quibbles, praises, and many other things to say about this heavy superhero spectacular — particularly the way it ended.

To save Gotham City from nuclear incineration, Batman Christian Bale jumped into his newest high-tech military grade vehicle — a flying machine dubbed The Bat — and towed an unstoppable ticking bomb into the sky and out to sea. Bruce was finally freed from the pain of the past, from the self-destructive enterprise of Batman, from the ghosts and ghouls of Gotham. Yes, he represented great values — perseverance; incorruptibility; justice.

But Batman was a vigilante. And Bruce Wayne was a damaged man who felt like a monster and so he acted like one.

batman and bane first fight in a relationship

Playing this perverse part kept him trapped in a pit of anger and despair that he needed to escape. Batman brought hope to corrupt Gotham — but Bruce degraded himself each time he put on the suit. Were you bugged by the fake-death chicanery? Very V for Vendettatoo. Nolan and his writers began setting up the idea that Batman is a transferable title in Batman Begins, when Bruce explained his theory that Batman should be a cultural symbol that transcended the man behind the mask.

Rises paid it off nicely. Bane alerts Batman to this possibility and, during the time that the DNA tests are being performed, stays at Wayne Manor and fights alongside Batman on the streets of Gotham. Ultimately, it is revealed that Dr. Wayne is not Bane's father, and Bane leaves Gotham peacefully - and with Batman's blessing and financial backing - to pursue leads in the snowy mountains of Kangchenjunga.

Bane, with Batman looking on, helps foil King Snake's plans to unleash a powerful weapon upon the world. Bane saves Batman from being shot by King Snake, but is mortally wounded in the process. Batman then saves Bane by bathing him in a Lazarus Pitand leaves him with a clean slate.

During the battle, he breaks the back of the hero Judomasterkilling him. No reason was given for his actions in 7, though in Infinite Crisis' collected edition, one of the many changes made to the original series was Bane saying "I finally know who I am.

To win their trust, he tells them how, prior to the Battle of Metropolis, he returned to his homeland to put an end to the drug lords' government and in the process discovered that a new, more addictive strain of Venom had been created.

batman and bane first fight in a relationship

In his furious carelessness to wipe out the drug trade, he was captured, and re implanted with the cranial tubes, hooked to the new Venom, and now unable to shake off his addiction without dying from the withdrawal. Bane was forced to work as an enforcer for the drug cartel, unable to escape. Believing that Bane sought Rex Tyler's expertise in chemistryRick lets him approach his father, only to discover that the story is a ruse.

Bane, who had never truly been addicted to Venom, had in fact wiped out the drug lords, and destroyed every research note on Venom. He discovered in the process both strains of Venom derived from Rex Tyler's early research on Miraclo. He discovers from the Tylers that no written notes exist of Rex' work, captures Rex, and steals Rick's equipment, planning to kill Rex and force Rick to take the last of the new Venom, living forever as an addict.

Rick manipulates Bane into using Miraclo and demolishing the building as he and his father escape, burying the mercenary in the rubble of the very same Santa Priscan penitentiary where his story began. Upon discovering that the elections were rigged by Computronhe uses his influence to enforce martial law, plunging the country into a civil war. Computron offers information to Checkmate who ordered him to rig the elections in exchange for their help to escape the country.

Fire and Judomaster's son, Thomas Jaggerare sent on the mission, with Jagger debating whether or not to seek revenge for his father's murder. He fights Bane in order to allow Fire to escape, defeating him easily, but chooses not to kill him. In Outsiders 50, he appears once more to be wearing the tubing system to apply Venom.

He attacks Thunder and Lightning when they were attempting to feed Martian Manhunter. One of his shipments includes a trip to Gotham. Batman, who was temporarily endowed with Superman 's powers, responded by attacking Bane at his home.

Not only was the Dark Knight able to easily defeat the villain, the hero nearly killed him with his far superior strength. Bane survived his injuries due to the enhanced stamina from his Venom supplies.

In the first issue, Bane is depicted as a stoic devil's advocate for the group, offering alternative points of view for both Deadshot and Catman on the subject of love. When the Six are attacked by an army of supervillains, a wounded and seemingly dying Bane's concern for Scandal results in temporarily breaking his vow to never take Venom again in order to save her.

During the team's several escapades, Bane reveals both a deep respect for his onetime adversary and a painful yearning to assume the mantle of Batman, telling a trio of rescued citizens to tell people that it was the Batman who saved them. Bane ultimately gives his blessing to Dick Graysonpraying that "God help him. His first act as leader is to remove Scandal from active duty, not wishing for her to be endangered. Bane and Scandal engage in a one on one fight where he refuses to fight back until Scandal uses her Lamentation Blades to slash his throat.

The team kidnaps the Penguinwho Bane pumps for information about Batman's partners. Before the Six can make their move, Penguin betrays their location, resulting in a massive army of superheroes ranging from Green LanternBatman and the Superman family to the Justice LeagueBirds of Preyand Booster Gold converging on Gotham.

The Secret Six stage a desperate last stand, but are quickly defeated. With the fates of the other Secret Six members left ambiguous, Bane is last shown being driven away in a Gotham police van.

The ending of the issue implies that he plans to escape. The Dark Knight Volume 2. There he finds criminals being fed a modified fear toxin that is mixed in with Venom which makes the criminals extremely strong and immune to fear. He finds it being given to criminals by a new foe named the White Rabbit, when Batman approaches her she quickly defeats him and injects him with the fear toxin which she then gives to the Flash.

Bruce then finds Bane to be behind the new fear toxin and combats him, Bruce manages to burn the fear toxin out of his and the Flash's bodies by getting pushed to the limit. Bruce manages to defeat Bane and knock him off an edge, but is left confused by the White Rabbit.

Bane is then washed away by the tide. In the story, it's revealed in flashback that prior to his appearance in Batman: The Dark Knight, Bane had intended to steal a nuclear device to threaten Gotham City, only to have a run-in with the Court of Owlswho prevented him from stealing the device and didn't want him to interfere with their plans.

Later, after Batman defeats Bane, a mysterious figure confronts the villain and informs him that the Court of Owls had undermined his plans. Bane returns to Santa Prisca to lead his army against them. During the Forever Evil storyline, Scarecrow learns that Bane may be the cause of the Blackgate uprising and will be their leader in the impending war, and that Talons were stored at Blackgate on ice. As he is traveling to Gotham, he orchestrates the release of Blackgate's prisoners during the Crime Syndicate's broadcast to the world.

Later, on board his ship, he prepares his men for the impending war with Scarecrow, and with Gotham in the distant, claims it will be his. While there, he comes across where the Talons are stored hoping to make them in to his weapons. Freeze and is able to keep one from leaving.

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When Bane brings Emperor Blackgate to the Penguin, the Penguin tells him that the Arkham fighters are not scared of Bane, as he does not instill fear as Batman did. Bane fights Killer Croc and is able to defeat him, setting his sights on retrieving the Talons. Bane begins recruiting Gotham citizens to his side, offering his base at Wayne Tower as a haven to the people to escape the rule of the Arkham inmates.

batman and bane first fight in a relationship

He tells Cobb his plan to turn the city over to the Court, in exchange for use of Talons at his disposal to be powered by his Venom. With Cobb's help, Bane is able to injure the Talons enough to activate their regenerative powers to remove the mind-control technology. Eternalafter Alfred is attacked by Hush and infected with a fear toxin, [53] he is briefly transferred to Arkham before it is attacked as part of the conspiracy.

However, Alfred manages to survive the explosion of the asylum and trick Bane into helping him reach an emergency cave Batman had installed under Arkham, the cave's defences knocking Bane out and allowing Alfred to call for help. In Batman 6, it is revealed that he had been trading Venom to Professor Hugo Strange in exchange for the services of the Psycho Pirate, who was helping him overcome his addiction to the substance. Strange then used the Venom to revive the corpses of several of his patients, as seen in the Night of the Monster Men crossover.

Batman needs Psycho-Pirate to undo the damage he caused to Gotham Girl, and each member of the team will receive some sort of reward for their efforts. Bane captures Batman shortly after he arrives, and then breaks his back and throws him into the cell where he spent his childhood. Batman escapes, however, and fixes his back on his own. This act of humiliation and the loss of the Pirate causes Bane to snap and scream for Venom from the prison guards.

Bane beats Batman savagely in an alley and believes him dead, but finds out that Catwoman has escaped, freed the rest of the hostages, and tied up Bane's henchmen, giving Batman a chance to flee. Batman decides to release many of the inmates to fight Bane and thus buy Alfred and Psycho-Pirate more time, but Bane easily beats the likes of Two-Face, Solomon Grundy, Amygdala, Scarecrow, Firefly, and the Mad Hatter, among others, before making the Riddler open a door to Batman for him.

He also took hostages in order to ensure that the police did not try to attack them.

batman and bane first fight in a relationship

Bane on a motorcycle very briefly crossed paths with Batman on the Batpod who was in pursuit. After Selina attempted to find the clean slate drive at Daggett's penthouse only to find the safe empty, Bane and the mercenaries arrived to secure the area.

The then expendable Daggett was then killed by him, and his body was put into a dumpster. Breaking the Batman "When it is done and Gotham is ashes After Bruce met with Selina Kyle at her apartment about finding Bane, Selina offered to Bane to lead Batman into Bane's sewer lair in exchange for survival insurance.

Bane (DC Comics)

Bane and Batman began to fight each other. Batman fought valiantly to stop the terrorist, but the many years of isolation and lack of training had left the dark knight in a weakened state and unable to keep up with Bane's superior strength and speed. Bane was attacked relentlessly, but the blows seemed to do no damage at all and only staggered him.

Bane managed to easily and quite brutally overpower, outmaneuver, and outthink Batman. Bane then revealed that they were under Wayne Enterprises's secret armory and his plan to use the equipment to "bring justice".

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Bane then countered Batman's last attack and slipped one of his vertebrae. He delivered a crippled Bruce Wayne to the Pit prison he himself was formerly imprisoned in, and stated that he wouldn't kill a man that did not fear death, as he intended to psychologically torture him with the slow demise of Gotham City with Bruce being unable to do a thing.

Bane said that when Gotham becomes ashes, then Bruce would have his permission to die. Bane about to break Batman's back. Taking Control of Gotham Afterwards, Bane went to the Wayne Enterprises board room where he brought Miranda, Lucius Foxand Douglas Fredericks from there to the Wayne Enterprises fusion reactor bunker and had Pavel modify the reactor into a nuclear bomb and he had the core removed so that it also became a time bomb.

In addition, he also had the police lured to the hideout to be trapped, and eventually detonated the explosives laced around the city, killing hundreds of people, including Mayor Anthony Garcia. Anticipating that Gordon was still recovering at the hospital, he also sent two of his men to kill Gordon, although Gordon managed to kill them before either of them could lay a finger on him.

He then brought the bomb out to the entire public, and after having Pavel explain its properties, he killed him in front of everyone. Bane said that he had given the detonator to a citizen who would push the button if they didn't comply to his rules. In addition, in order to further ensure that no one outside of Gotham attempted to interfere, he also had Barsad inform the national guard that if they were to enter the city, or anyone escapes, the bomb would be detonated.

Ruling Over Gotham "We come here not as conquerors, but as liberators, to return this city to the people. After Bane returned to Gotham, he traveled with his men to Blackgate Prison. There he read Gordon's planned confession, and undermined the validity of the Dent act as well as of Dent's heroic persona in front of the citizens of Gotham.

Bane then ordered his men to storm the prison and "liberate" the prisoners, who were incarcerated under the "corrupt" laws of Gotham's elite.

batman and bane first fight in a relationship

Bane declared martial law and proclaimed that the city now belonged to the people, handing them the power of "justice" over the "corrupt" Gotham elite that had "enslaved" them. Bane's speech subsequently caused a series of riots led by Gotham's criminals and revolutionary working class members, who raided the homes of the wealthy and set-up a court presided by "Judge" Jonathan Cranewhere the rich were sentenced to choose between either death or exile through the crossing of a deadly frozen river.

Bane himself continued to await the bomb's detonation while he observed Gotham's self-destruction. A few months into the occupation, Special Forces lead by Captain Jones infiltrated the city to gather intel on fighting back against Bane, even learning of the bombs true nature.

Bane then ordered their bodies hanged over the bridge for the world to see. Batman's Return "I broke you How have you come back? After Batman's return to Gotham City became apparent, he had some mercenaries stay close to Miranda at Gotham City Hallanticipating that Batman would eventually come to rescue her.

  • In his first fight with Bane, 1) Batman subconsciously wants to die, and 2) Bane is more motivated.
  • Bane (Tom Hardy)

Soon after, his mercenaries entered a massive battle with the recently freed Gotham City Police and Bane himself fought Batman once more. However, this time Batman fought more patiently and based on his knowledge of Bane's weakness he struck Bane's mask repeatedly and damaged it and caused Bane agonizing pain.

A stunned Bane attempted to futilely repair the mask, but was unable to do so while Batman continued his attacks. An enraged and frustrated Bane was then put into a mindless fury as he attempted to quickly finish off Batman with a brutal barrage of punches.

His attacks became stronger and faster, but also desperate and less coordinated. Batman remained focused as ever and managed to defeat him in combat. During Batman's interrogation of Bane regarding the location of the trigger to the bomb, Bane went unspeaking as Miranda stabbed Batman and revealed herself in the lobby of city hall as Talia.