Bella swan and edward cullen relationship questions

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bella swan and edward cullen relationship questions

Twilight Questions and Answers - Discover the community of The main conflict in the book Twilight is that seventeen year-old Bella Swan falls in love . It deals with the theme of relationships when two beings inhabit the same . Official: Twilight's Bella & Edward Are In An Abusive Relationship to even one of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship. Do you really know Twilight, and especially Edward and Bella, the actively trying to prevent their relationship, or just from Bella growing so.

Edward enjoys classical music, novels, chess, and generally more intellectual, quiet activities. Jacob likes cars, action movies, jumping off cliffs, and all the more rugged, exciting things a person could think of.

Though their activities are different, and their personalities seem polar opposites, when it comes to Bella, the men are eerily similar. Both love her in an overprotective, domineering manner that leads them to act like they know what's best for her.

bella swan and edward cullen relationship questions

Despite his normally cool demeanor, Edward can turn aggressively guarded for her. And Jacob, normally easy-going and friendly, becomes far more rigid and stand-offish. Perhaps Bella just has that effect on men. This led to her daughter, Renesmee, whose mere existence nearly started a bloody war between vampires and wolves. But her pregnancy wasn't the only factor. Her love for both Edward and Jacob almost caused a war.

Her begging to be turned almost started a war. Their reckless hunting with Renesmee nearly caused a war. Funnily enough, Renesmee was the one who stopped the wars.

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Jacob imprinting on her stopped the threat of wolves and sharing the carnage of a war stopped the Volturi. Bella was lucky that this dangerous pregnancy ultimately saved the people she loved. In retaliation, he gives Charlie her motorcycle to get her grounded.

Grounding means she'll see less of Edward. Lucky for him, she was already getting grounded for running off to Italy. However, he was still willing to be tray her trust to get what he wanted.

bella swan and edward cullen relationship questions

Similarly, when the Cullens, including Bella and Renesmee, are planning to leave Forks, he uses Charlie to get them to stay. After all, if he already knows about the supernatural, they might as well stay. On both accounts, he goes against Bella's wishes and uses her father as a device to control her.

Jacob has some rage issues that he struggles to deal with. He also doesn't process them in constructive ways, but instead punches, forces, and yells at others. At some times, even, he's rash enough to start wars. Edward, however attractive, is very guarded, defensive, and controlling.

When he fears for Bella's safety he locks her away, abandons her, or buys her a bullet-proof truck. All precautionary, of course. Also, of course, at the thought of losing her both men are prone to try to end their own lives. More interestingly is their parallels with characters from Wuthering Heights.

In canon, Stephenie Meyer even names it as Bella's favorite book.

bella swan and edward cullen relationship questions

Iconic aspects such as Bella's dangerous labor, Edward's professed evil and darkness, and Jacob's tender understanding heavily mirror those of the Wuthering Heights trio. When he feared that the Cullens had turned her, he was ready to start a war. However, when he learned she was alive, he also swiftly fought to stop one.

Even though Sam and the others thought a hybrid was too dangerous, Jacob created his own pack to protect Bella's life. When the Volturi came to destroy Renesmee and the rest of the Cullens, Jacob readily stood by their sides and convinced the rest of the pack to protect them, too. His love for Bella, and later Renesmee, was strong enough for him to shake the world.

However, if the Cullens weren't in Forks at the time, things would have been very different. Instead, she would have grown close to humans. She would have grown close to Jacob. They were attracted to each other and had close families. They would have spent a lot of time together.

bella swan and edward cullen relationship questions

Not having Renesmee, Jacob's soulmate wouldn't have been born. Instead, it would just be him and Bella. The novels make it very clear that in a normal world, they could have been in love.

bella swan and edward cullen relationship questions

However, Edward, the rest of the vampires, and shape-shifting warped their worlds. The Cullens were vampires. On paper, the tribe seems like the safer choice, guardians by nature. However, the Cullens frequented Forks regardless of Bella. If Edward hadn't fallen in love with her, vampires would still be around. The wolves still would have shape-shifted. James still would have been a danger. She would have been in just as much danger. Without the Cullens, vampires still could have been a threat.

With the Cullens, Volturi and people like James were threats. With the Quileute Tribe, all vampires were dangerous. With Jacob, she could have been in just as much, if not more, life-threatening situations. For Renesmee, they've put arguments aside. While relationships are certainly important, most teenagers have a group of friends they hang out with as well. In the first movie, Mike and Eric both stumble over themselves to try to ask her out, while Edward is fascinated by her immediately.

Jacob also seems to be in love with Bella the second he sees her. Not only is Edward dangerous to Bellabut he actively explains it to her in great detail, essentially threatening her. There's nothing like having your life threatened on the first date. As backwards as it seems, apparently it did the trick and Bella decided to stick around.

She is actively terrified of him. Bella is obviously terrified by this. It's an entirely abusive situation. It does not make sense to keep showing or mentioning eyes that fans have already had referenced multiple times.

The description of her love interest only needs to be written so many times. While it makes sense to name your child after your mother, it makes more sense to use one name as a first name and one as a middle name. However, neither are ideal choices. All in all, it was a horrible name to give a child. However, in the first movie, another vampire actively hunts her down and leaves her in the hospital.

If he was going to leave her, it would have made much more sense to do it back then. The infamous paper cut scene has never been logical. There has always been danger, and Edward chooses to leave over something very minor.