Black star and tsubaki relationship definition

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black star and tsubaki relationship definition

Explore Robin Meeks's board "Black star X Tsubaki" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Black star, Black star soul eater and Otp. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa is the love interest of Black Star from Soul Eater. She is also her partner. She is the opposite of Black Star. She puts up with Black Star's. Why do sent maka kiss soul and black star kisses tsubaki .. Soul Eater gif: Defining Maka and Soul's relationship in a few short seconds Shinigami.

I can break your neck! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. They make me nervous. I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with a guy like that! I don't think I could deal with that really. I don't think I can handle astronomy right now. My blood is black, you know. I need to learn to deal with people better. It's inside your head.

But that's okay I can use my screams to blow them all away. I bet dead people are a lot easier to get along with. I don't know how to deal with being any skinnier than I already am! When you squat it looks like you're going to the bathroom!

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If something's bothering you, why not write a poem? I'm here to stop you Medusa! I'm sick of being some tool for you to use. I'm happy now for the first time. Ragnarok[ edit ] [The Demon Sword: Ragnarok is the first inhuman weapon introduced in Soul Eater. Ragnarok has taken to absorbing any soul, evil or not. By taking innocent souls, Ragnarok lost what little sanity he had and his soul wavelength had grown out of control and vastly overpowers Crona's own wavelength, which could potentially eventually lead to Ragnarok devouring Crona's soul.

Fortunately, his soul wavelength was evened out when Lord Death confiscated the souls Ragnarok had taken. You're so scary when you're stressed out like that. You won't live that long! If the grim reaper catches up to us you're not having any dinner tonight.

black star and tsubaki relationship definition

Quit thinking about the brat who ran off and focus on the one who's right in front of you! You're not gonna manage anything. Don't you remember how this went last time? You and your weapon didn't manage so well.

I don't even know why I bother with you anyway. A puny little soul like yours is hardly even worth eating. That Star brat from earlier looked a lot tastier than you.

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You're an unappetising useless little girl. I don't even need to fight you. I could probably bully you to death from here! No one will hear your screams when ya lose. Look what you did!

You got me locked up in here with you because you couldn't pull yourself together! And this and this! What the hell did you do!? Why am I so little now!? You gotta be kidding me! Who'd wanna be friends with a pathetic thing like him!? He isn't even any fun! You wanna keep him around as a punching bag! Bullying him is an excellent way to reduce stress! That's what you want him for I'm the only one who gets to beat up Crona! He's mine, you can't have him! I don't believe it!!

You have no idea how it feels to be hit by you! It's like when you haven't crapped in 3 days and 3 nights, and then you get a toilet water splash back bonus when you unload it all!! Don't try to fight back! I never agreed to be your friend!! Heh, just thought I'd mention that. Don't know why though. No way we're gonna help you Not even for 3 pieces of candy I don't actually want any candy. I'm not a baby, you idiot. Maka Albarn, you know how to strike a good bargain.

It pays to negociate, don't 'cha think? We're on fire now! I'll just harden the blood after you say thank you. Are you trying to study right now? You're a strange girl. You should try and find a partner who can cook, like that Tsubaki girl! Things are getting interesting. Which means it might be a good place to look for the vault. We were trying to find our room and we lost our way We couldn't have done it without you. Why didn't I get any? How about some pepper?

black star and tsubaki relationship definition

I like it spicy! Whilst she was out of the room, we just added a little drop to her tea. Crona's scary when she's all riled up. Hey, screwshit, where'd you go!? Son of a bitch! Hurry and pull yourself together! If we take another hit from his Soul's wavelength, we're done for! Just do what feels natural, in the moment! Just snap the hell out of it! Focus on the chick in front of us. How Crona chopped you up last time?!

Eating a small fry's soul like yours won't even leave a taste. That star kid from before looks ten times tastier! You're not even attractive! We're gonna beat the crap out of you! That's al that's left to do! We'll cut you down to size. Damn you, damn you! Why is my master like this?! Don't say stupid things! It has to be bullying! It's a great way to relieve stress, isn't it?

I am Crona's real friend! I won't let you have her! How dare you hit me! Do you know how I feel, being hit by you? That kind of feeling! This was all your fault you know!? Besides, I don't remember ever becoming one of your buddies! I just wanted to say it.

We're only supposed to observe, you see? We won't lend a hand. Even if you give me three pieces of candy. I don't really want any candy. I'm not a kid! I was just negotiating. I prefer the macho look. I need to cover up. I like the macho look! There is nothing unexpected or odd about it. Because this is reality. Not one shred of uncertainty exists here. Not even fear, of course…" Asura: You see, I've had an awful lot to think about ever since you locked me up. There was no escaping it. When you're sealed inside a bag of your own skin there's only so much you can do.

Your mind starts to wander. And after lengthy consideration, I realized something; when all is said and done, this world is an unknowable place. On the surface, all appears rational, orderly. But what lies beyond that thin veneer of reason? Or chaos and madness? What are we really made of in the end?

Is there truly any meaning to the lives we lead?

black star and tsubaki relationship definition

Or are we nothing more than hollow vessels? These are questions we can never answer, because we cannot hope to see beyond the world's fragile layer of skin. So we live our lives filled with uncertainty, never knowing who or what we truly are, or what the future will bring.

All we can do is imagine. Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns awaiting us.

And that's enough to fill any soul with terror. It's more than that. The answers that we imagine are what really frighten us. It's imagining future pain that hurts us the most.

Would you like to hear it? Very well then, it's quite simple. See Reaper, I have decided not to imagine any more. I think you should choose your words more carefully. Following the rules doesn't guarantee an escape from fear.

That's not how the truth is found. You make your followers feel safe by offering them white lies and comforting words Don't you know that it only harms them more? What's wrong with surrendering to madness?

That's where the true peace is. You'll find out soon enough that you're the weak one, Reaper. Perhaps you should say Goodbye to your son. What is it something I said? I hope we'd be able to come to an understanding. You should be careful about hiding behind authority and blinding yourself to the realities of the world. It might cost you your life someday. And you overcame the mental fear by trusting others and depending on it?! But such feeble support will break easily!!

It will be all over when it breaks and the madness will take over again. Stay fearful with me until that time. The appropriate one stands in the appropriate place after the inappropriate ones have collapsed to the ground, defeated. That is harsh reality. Nothing uncertain exists here. Ultimately, known as the father of Death the Kid, Death is revealed to be Asura's father with both the Kishin and Kid created from fragments of his own soul.

If you slip up, all of the ninety-nine Kishin souls the two of you have collected so far will be confiscated. It's good to see you! I've forgotten how cute those stripes on your hair are. In order to bury those failings, they seek strength and power. Fear and desire are two sides of the same coin. Thanks for comin', great to see you! Okay well that's about all I have to say. Have a great time tonight" Lord Death: Over the years, many witches have come up with a number of new spells. But for every new spell, miesters and weapons have developed new ways of countering them.

For instance, in order to detect and hunt down witches, miesters born would have the ability to sense souls.

If you shut the lid on something that stinks, all you're really doing is hiding the bad smell. To get rid of it, you'll have to open the lid back up and dive in. Hey everyone, could I have your attention for a moment? There's a kishin sleeping underneath the DWMA! I'll begin at the beginning, this is a story of a man and his name was Asura.

Asura kept himself covered, wrapping his face in long scares and wore five layers of shirts on top of each other. He wasn't good at trusting other people. He didn't rely on anybody.

He was basically a big ball of paranoia wrapped in a dozen scares. What happened with the eastern witches? Sir, by the time we arrived there, Asura had slaughtered them all. He was by far the best and strongest of all the eight guardians. However, he was also the most frightening one of them all, always terrified of something. Asura became obsessed with power, eventually he broke down the sacred rule and began collecting the souls of humans. Pause And thus because of him, it was born.

The Kishin, the source of all madness. Now that I think about it, I'm not really sure if he was ever human to begin with. It's possible he is nothing more than the embodiment of something that lies deep within his heart You can't leave this room without my permission which I do not intend to give you. After all this time, you actually think that you could defeat me? Pause Unfortunately for you, the moment that you were swallowed and trapped into my Death Room, the winner has already been decided.

Well, what do you say? Shall we end this quickly? Sounds like a cowardly move. This is how you've been as long as I have known you, hiding cowardice behind cunning! Deep voiced You were always riddled with insecurities and plagued by fears, unable to relax until you have hidden them all. In an effort to escape from your petty fears, you partnered with Vajra. You should have fought alongside me, but you were too weak for that!

In the end you betrayed not only innocent humans, but your own weapon partner as well! Even if you bury your fears in madness, only new fears will only surface! Are you truly lost already that you can't understand that simple fact? If you continue along the path you've chosen, the world will sink into despair. Even a child could see the heartless evil in that. Lord Death to Asura: There's no hope for you!

You are beyond saving!! So you keep saying! Well that's because you're not strong enough for sanity! I am the guardian of this world, it is my job to make sure you do no further damage to it! Stein's first Weapon partner. Death Scythe Death Scythe: If you lay a hand on her, as a Death Scythe Are you trying to tell me that my Maka's not attractive?!

Why haven't you made a move on her, you're a man, aren't you! Please don't hate me, Maka! I love you and mama! My dear white coated angel. My heart is in need of your sweet, sweet medical lovin only you can cure! We're so close, all we need to do now is take the offensive somehow and strike at her!

He was Spirit's partner before, due to suffering the effects of Asura's madness, is given a new partner. He is named after the title character of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, with elements of Frankenstein's monster. Experimentation and observation that's all a true scientist cares about. And I am a scientist. Everything in the world is an experimental test subject, of course that includes myself as well.

Or is it because you're a Witch? Promise me something if you're gunna sue go after Spirit first okay? That's good then, I had forgotten what it felt like. Will you cross beyond that door? Let your souls make the decision for you. It's madness is like a plague. We're just a step away, but the moment the sutures come undone, the fight will start all over again. He then imagines the tail snake killing him. And as Medusa said, I'm more likely to be the loser. Her tail snake is pointed directly towards my throat just a hair's breathe away from beheading me.

But right now, I can't seem to picture myself being defeated. All I can imagine is dismembering that witch, dissection is what I do best My only chance is to roll the dice and hope I win. What path should I take?

Move ahead, join the new world that's awaiting to be born, or turn back to the old world? Am I still stable or am I being consumed by the madness? Is this the truth that I see, or the fabricated delusions of insanity? Water ever-flows from higher elevations down to lower ground.

More and more water collects in one place forming a river. So it is too with the lives of men. Set in their ways, they hate the loss of the old order. They fear change, but what if it's better to fall from higher grounds to join the new river? Old or new where everything is controlled by the order, but that's okay. The only thing I need right now is Franken Stein to Marie: It took me a long to realize that, but I finally get it now.

black star and tsubaki relationship definition

How have you been? I always try to remember my manners, that's the kind of man I was. That's the kind of man I was! That's not the kind of man I was. So that sneaky little brat dumped his punishment on her and took off did he?

Back when I was still alive I hated it when dirty tricks like this were pulled! He is named after the University of Oxford. I really am quite intelligent. Hiro, you're a dead man! He's a perpetual failure, he'll get tired of the provisions and give up before to much longer. Say it isn't so! How could this happen to Hiro of all people, it can't be true!

You can't get expelled from the academy. She is the object of fellow student Ox Ford's affections, though she is often annoyed by his romantic advances. Make sure I'm covered. However, possessing a madness wavelength that intensifies rage, his habit of alienating others makes his use Welcome to my cave young ones. Please forgive the belated salutations. I am the holy sword Excalibur! Do you want to hear the legend of me? Do you want to hear a heroic tale?

My afternoon begins with hot tea with two lumps of sugar. In the evening I change into my pajamas. Who said I was a chef?! Be sure to look through all of them, they're important. I greatly look forward to your participation in number The five hour story telling party. On a refreshing morning, start out with a refreshing greeting". This is an important provision do you understand? Celebrate Excalibur's birthday in grand-style. Never even think about putting them in my food, you get it?

This is number of the 1, provisions you must observe. Meisters should eat everything regardless of personal likes and dislikes. Never say anything as selfish as "I don't like carrots. Attendance at the five hour story-telling party is absolutely mandatory.

black star and tsubaki relationship definition

Always walk 3 steps behind me. The hero must never tell a lie. Food must be prepared with the freshest ingredients. You must praise Excalibur at all times. Always place a dehumidifier in your room. Hold on, come back!

I'll tell you what! I can lower those 1, provisions down tojust as long as you take part in the five hour story telling party.

My legend is quite old. The 12th Century was a long time ago. And a wonderful family they were. It happened long ago when I was still in the flower of my youth. The cities began to grow wild, people lost hope for the future. They became lazy, idol time wasters. And to my everlasting shame I was no exception. Thus, I began to watch the 7 O'Clock news religiously every night!

It is already written in the fate of the composer. A symphony is the inevitable result of a bad childhood, deafness, and too many beans eaten after a certain time of day. Rushing forward without considering things beforehand is the hight of foolishness. Ahh yes, that reminds of of another time when I had to consider things, that case was long ago but I remember it still. It was back when I still hung my hat on Bakers St.

True it may not seem so simple from an ordinary persons point of view, some people may even consider it a baffling, utterly perplexing problem. Things will often appear complicated on the outside while in truth they are simplicity itself. Of course how one sees these things depends on the person, many people find there is a fine line separating the complex to the very simple. Yes, nothing could satisfy me anymore. I was but a shell of a man. An unspeakable emptiness grew deep within my heart.

I became frustrated, sad, hollow. The gaping hole inside of me was growing larger everyday. Slowly consuming me from the inside out. At least until that day came. To sum up this leads us to number of the 1, provisions you must observe. Never mail a letter without the return address or the proper postage. And don't call collect. As someone who is unaware of the vital role that singing has played in the cultural history of mankind you are in no position to question me. Remember that the next time you stop to consider your place in this world.

You do not possess the power to deny a singer his song. Do you understand what I'm telling you? I'm looking for heaven! I'm going to California! Now I would like for you to participate in the most important provision. Number the 5 hour story telling party. I have a great opportunity to announce. You want to be a warrior don't you? So why not test yourself by mastering me?

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Only one person can have this honour, so act quickly! Observe my exquisite form. Notice my unparalleled sharpness. Act now and you'll receive four free hours at my five hour story telling party! Enter yourself for my special drawing. I will be teaming up with the winning Meister. Don't let this chance pass you by. Send entries to the address below. May victory and glory be yours! My legend is far more impressive than anything that has ever happened at this school.

All students and Meisters must hear it. My legend dates back to the twelfth century you see. It began on a midsummers day with the sun blazing overhead. It was a blustery Autumn day. I was the unsavoury fellow back when it all started. Which was in the winter as I recall. I remember the tough crowd, all the hot babes fought over me that summer. Yes that's right, it was summer.

A scorching midsummer day. I was a dangerous man at the time. And yet, refined somehow. They still think so to this day. She is also generous and kindhearted, up until the point that some people even take advantage of her Liz does this twice, once in the anime when she asks her to do an essay for her and another time when Liz pretends she cooked Tsubaki's food in order to impress a boy she likes.

Her tendency to trust people at all times also hinders her once on a written test at the DWMA, when she fails to see a trick question. One of the most mature and flexible characters, Tsubaki is very amicable and gets along well with her peers and can be very understanding of their feelings. However, some people, like Masamune, accuse her generosity and capacity by calling her a pushover, saying that she does not have the ability to show her true feelings or deny something that she thinks is not true.

As a child, Tsubaki had a habit of pretending that she liked certain things in order to please others, such as when she told Masamune that she wanted to play ball when she really wanted to play house. She does suffer from low self-esteem at the start of the series, comparing herself to the camellia flower, a 'flower without a fragrance, blooming silently and looking tragic when its petals scatter.

However, her confrontation with Masamune allows her to mature and be more confident with herself, and she denies that she is a flower without a fragrance, and proves it to her brother by defeating him. She learns to be more honest with herself as the series goes on. She refuses to use the Uncanny Sword when she thinks Black Star is too injured to keep on fighting, and also shouts at Maka and Soul to stop them from fighting with each other during the battle against Freeshowing that she has grown more assertive.

Due to her overall serious nature, she still shows some dismay and shock alongside Maka when the other characters do something ridiculous. She seems to have a talent for cooking, having been complimented on a few occasions by her friends.

She is also very domestic, saying that she likes cleaning as well. During the Salvage mission, her personality does not change that much, even though she is male.