Boss employee relationship stories and advice

boss employee relationship stories and advice

It may be acceptable to have a romantic relationship with a co-worker, as long as those Do you have stories or suggestions about managing office romances?. Rainn Wilson from The Office helped judge your worst boss stories. note, here are the nicest things CEOs have done for their employees.). These stories will inspire you -- either to pursue your own workplace love affair One day, Barry had to bring our boss's car to his house, and I had to follow him. My advice is that you might meet that person who really makes the old heart All Salary & Benefits · Employee Benefits · Salary Negotiation · Salary Information.

boss employee relationship stories and advice

Foul-mouthed but pushed me to achieve "I had a boss who was an angry little man and had the most foul mouth. The first time I upset him, he almost reduced me to tears. He was so mean. He used cuss words that I had to research what they meant. Yet he was the best boss ever. I always knew where I stood with him.

No trying to decipher the message. If I screwed up, I knew it loud and clear. If you messed with me or one of his other reports, you got an even meaner version of him. Nobody was allowed to be mean to us except him.

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We all wanted to genuinely make him proud. We were always so happy when we did something that exceeded his extremely high expectations. He once gave me kudos in a town hall for a project that I had led. It still ranks as one of my proudest professional achievements.

And not because I got recognized in front of peers, but because I had left such a positive impression on him. Come bonus time, he fought tooth and nail and got his team some of the highest percentages in the firm. My boss did a lot of work to teach me a more realistic perspective over this sort of thing, particularly as it related to cost of labor — that is to say, my time and his time.

My Best Boss - Stories of the Greatest Bosses of All Time

Even over little things, like learning to drive stick on the company trucks. This was something that I was already on-board with as a matter of personal preference, but as far as being in an environment that unquestionably supported me in the process of pushing those boundaries to go from 'a person who does not do X' to 'a person who does X'… not necessarily so. That experience actually gave me some really important tools for my professional and personal life.

A great take on mistakes My best boss was an attorney at a non-profit legal services firm. My second day on the job, I made some random mistake, like printed the wrong agreement or something minor like that, and when I gave it to him I realized that it was not what he was looking for so I apologized profusely.

I wish I could remember his response verbatim, but it was something like how he believes mistakes are made because of poor instructions, not poor employees, thereby taking the guilt I had for messing up and instead turning it onto himself, that his instructions were not clear enough.

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I really respected him, not just for that, there are a million other little things that made him a great manager, and a great person. I have worked for many other attorneys since then, and none have earned my respect the way he did.

boss employee relationship stories and advice

He was there for guidance, but he let you run with your strengths regardless of whether or not something was in your job description. Was it worth keeping a secret? I don't think so. But I learned a lot about myself; my insecurities and my ego. Image In a business where reputation is everything, a workplace relationship can put pressure on both parties.

Unsplash "If I were to give someone in my situation advice, I'd say be careful, but the reality is we spend a load of time working.

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Don't use it as your 'hunting ground' because that's creepy, but don't be closed to the reality that your dream partner might be sitting at the desk next to you.

I had to move away which ended the relationship. I'd probably been at the firm for three months and had never said a word to him. And then we worked on a case together. My role was below that doing admin and research. I was at work until midnight a lot, and then I was getting in at six o'clock in the morning and he'd be there. I remember talking to him, and him being really funny and we got along well.

Image Working long hours in a small team has often set the stage for an unlikely relationship. Unsplash "Apparently that night we pashed.