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This marks the ending of the Buffy and Angel relationship and Whedon .. href=" ddttrh.info" so intelligently discussed, that you would have to be a real curmudgeon to focus . Here are weirdest things that have happened in he Buffy comics so far. In , Joss Whedon finally released Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 #1. with Spike as they finally develop a mature and loving relationship. Comic highlights include Giles in the cellar with the sexy vampire .. Buffy's frustration with failed relationships combined with her horror And while I am being a love-curmudgeon, Gunn and Fred's relationship at this point.

It was during season 2 that Buffy slept with someone for the first time. She slept with her serious boyfriend and Angel turned into a literal monster.

Angelus and Buffy battled and it all ended with Buffy being forced to face Angelus in single combat. Yet the Buffyverse was better off keeping Angel in it.

Nothing can bring out the ire or praise from a fellow Buffy fan than sharing an opinion on which vampire was best for the slayer. Discussing the merits of Buffy and Angel is minefield for even the most level headed Buffyverse fans. However, the father of the entire franchise, Joss Whedon has his own very specific opinions. Whedon has gone on record several times explaining that he found Angel incredibly difficult to write.

Spike, however, was much easier for Whedon to craft. Whedon felt there was far more between the two character. Though Whedon does admit that Buffy and Angel was his most epic romance. Once Angel left the series, Spike did really start to dominate as a character. He turned from a recurring side player to series regular.

Whether Whedon was right to give Spike so much to do, is a matter of personal taste, but at least Whedon committed. Almost everything is the end of the world, whether in a personal or more literal and global sense.

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Buffy and Angel have no chill whatsoever. Which is ironic because without warm blood Angel is nothing but chilly. Though the love scenes between Buffy and Angel were intense and steamy at least by late '90s broadcast TV standardsneither actor could take them seriously. Due to the fact that the two were such good friends, the actors were constantly pranking each other when it came time for Buffy and Angel to play tonsil hockey. Sarah Michelle Gellar explained that she would eat tuna fish and pickles before kissing scenes.

The last of which made it into an Angel episode. The whole thing puts all Bangel's angst in another context. Yet his origins were much more ethereal.

The idea was even floated that Angel would be an actual Angel. Around the same time that audiences found out about Angel is when the Buffy cast and crew knew what to do about Angel. An alternate reality where Angel is a literal angel is almost too bizarre to imagine.

Love Hurts, or, Why Buffy Couldn't Find Love

Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared not once, but twice, during Angel season 1. David Boreanaz returned the favor with two brief Buffy season 4 appearances. Yet after season 1 of Angel, the crossovers only went one way. The Girl in Question Angel 5. DeKnight and Drew Goddard directed by David Greenwalt Egregiously tone-deaf, sorely misplaced comedy episode that derails the building momentum toward the series finale.

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As everyone reels from the death of Fred and the impending apocalypse, Angel and Spike go on a goofball mission to Italy and match wits with a never-seen, never-before-mentioned nemesis. DeKnight directed by Steven S.


DeKnight Season four accelerates its downhill slide with evil Cordy giving birth to Jasmine. Not only is this the absolute shittiest seasonal arc of the Buffyverse, we are now expected to accept that it has retroactively infected every plot point to date.

If they wanted to go the route of cursed objects, they should have been studying Friday the 13th: They had this shit down pat. A more powerful story might have been finding some solace in forgiveness, as his letter to Angel would suggest, but instead he sticks to his guns and enlists Justine to stab his neck. This is the same Justine who we last saw saving Angel and trapping Sahjhan now there was a good villain!

Their scenes are the one bright spot in this growing mess of a story. There are a whole mess of them at the make-out point in the climactic showdown. He does this on a smaller scale here, with everyone, human and demon alike, falling to their knees on first sight of Jasmine for no discernible reason. The couplings, or fucking, as is the case for three, are all preceded by tedious pillow talk. I supposed 15 years ago, the sex scene between Willow and Kennedy was groundbreaking, but now it seems unremarkable — both in the sense that same-sex sex has become more or less normalized and in the sense that it contains no real passion, a result of poor chemistry between the two performers and poor characterization for Kennedy, who never seems a suitable fit for Willow.

I think my very tepid reaction to this ante-penultimate episode speaks to my impression of the season as a whole.