C murder and monster relationship

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c murder and monster relationship

He's been dubbed a "heartless monster" – and the latest Sunday °C Googled 'when to say I love you when starting a new relationship' before as Nichol Kessinger, 30, at the time of the murders, People reports. Is C-Murder innocent? New breaks in his case make it look like Master P's brother really isn't the shooter after claims that the Jefferson Parish. C-Murder, Soundtrack: Street Kings. C-Murder was born on March 9, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA as Corey Miller. He was previously married to.

The jurors returned to court the next day with the same vote and a guilty verdict.

Master P's brother C-Murder: Everything you need to know about his hunger strike and conviction

The judge accepted it as a legal verdict and sent Corey Miller to prison for a mandatory life sentence. After years of working to prove his innocence, Miller began on a hunger strike. The hunger strike lasted for three weeks and during that time, Miller said he was doing it to protest the inhumane conditions at Angola State Prison.

During much of that time, he was in solitary confinement but was returned to the general population after ending the hunger strike which he called a success. Soon after, Master P went to visit his brother in Angola and reported back to fans about what he learned. A post shared by Master P masterp on Feb 19, at 8: Additionally, not one but two of the witnesses to the shooting have now recanted their testimony.

c murder and monster relationship

Instead, he claims that he was tricked into identifying Miller as the shooter after specifically saying that he did not do it. He wants another trial in order to prove that Miller was blamed for a murder that he did not commit.

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He threw away his freedom off dumb shyt Why would he wasted that type of opportunity, Its niCcahs on the street right now doing shyt cuz they have to, but would kill to be in the position C-murder was in and leave that thug shyt behind. You just broke it down. Thugging is not a wise career choice. To all the thugs, read Proverbs 1 in its entirety. Daisy Bird Mia clarified the marriage issue and I don't tear Monica down for who she dates that's her choice I was waiting to see what you were going to say lol dallas Allot of yall are quick to say Monica is not relevant, atl hoodrat, e.

Youve made your point TBOZ was right, who sits at a computer and be negative all day? Get a life http: As for Monica's choice of men it's such a tasty topic one can't help but speak on it.

Ain't that what we do over here?

c murder and monster relationship

If it is any consulation my own man is a mostly reformed thug whose past would make your head spin. While he couldn't get none of this back then I'm lovin his working class thug thizzle right now.

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I'm hoping Monica has a similar situation with Rodney. I pitty you, and ya whole crew Krysi J Allot of yall are quick to say Monica is not relevant, atl hoodrat, e. I Tell IT! Monica may not have made the best choices in romance but she has made awsome decisions for her lifeshe's not a damn crackhead, or a prostitute shyt.

She undoubtedly set her goals high and accomplished many of them and Im sure she has plenty more to do. I've always been a fan of real people She sings raw material in her songs, her own experiences, thats why she relates to so many people.

Another thing you can say about Monica is that she has grown Blidge, like Keyshia Cole Though it may be in her roots to act a fool in the eyes of millions like some folk.