Cambodia and south korea relationship

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cambodia and south korea relationship

North Koreans Defy Sanctions With Restaurants in Cambodia . had what government officials in the past have termed a “special relationship. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Wednesday that he was satisfied relations and cooperation between Cambodia and South Korea. When a guest asked to pay in Cambodian currency, the waitress said relations between the countries of this region and North Korea will only.

Inside the square room, adorned with dramatic landscape murals, music starts to blast. Waitresses in bright traditional Korean garb drop their trays and pick up their instruments. With great skill they twirl in formation and belt out odes to the homeland. Advertisement It is patriotic, unapologetic North Korea thousands of miles from the secretive state.

Restaurants dotted throughout the world with profits used to raise foreign exchange.

cambodia and south korea relationship

The shadowy proceeds of the evening seem to matter little to the bustling tables of mostly South Korean, Chinese and local customers. This is a curious glance into a nation that dominates world headlines but remains nothing but an odd cliche to most people.

In Cambodia, it is just one small aspect of an unusual relationship with North Korea that has morphed over decades. Advertisement Advertisement Now, as Pyongyang finds itself again in the crosshairs of international ire, scrutiny has extended to Phnom Penh to see how it contends with an old ally.

The roots run deep, back to the Cold War era. Ina winter palace was built outside Pyongyang for the monarch and he sought refuge there for many years, bringing back to Cambodia a personal troupe of North Korean bodyguards, whom he trusted more implicitly than their local counterparts. Those royalist ties still hold, though somewhat tenuously. Yet, still Pyongyang keeps popping its head up in the country.

cambodia and south korea relationship

Opened in December last year, it is a celebration of the ancient Angkor empire with one especially striking and epic m mosaic. This is no site for explicit propaganda. This type of small commercial enterprise is one many countries do not allow North Korea to set up. Like Cambodia, Korea went through a civil war and a period of poverty in the s. Therefore, Korea better understands what Cambodia needs for its development, more so than any other country and tries to share its experience and knowledge from its own development process.

As Korean ambassador to Cambodia, what are some of the goals you wish to accomplish? My major mission as an ambassador is to enhance bilateral relations between Korea and Cambodia in all areas-politics, economy, development cooperation and culture, etc. In particular, I would like to take the current economic cooperation to a higher level, establishing institutional frameworks for bilateral economic cooperation and expanding business opportunities for both Korean and Cambodian entrepreneurs.

Cambodia a canvas for North Korea's grand masters

In this vein, we are now studying to launch the Joint Economic Committee, designed to accelerate the journey towards the co-prosperity of the two countries by working out more efficient and effective systems to boost trade and investment.

When it comes to business, what is the current level of bilateral trade? And how much has it increased over the years? The major export items from Cambodia to Korea are garment related products, rubber, agricultural products. Major import items from Korea are garment materials, used cars, cellphones and medical products. I think this can help the Cambodian economy in many aspects. First, those Cambodian workers can earn money in Korea that is more than enough to support their families and help their livelihood.

Cambodia, South Korea To Expand Bilateral Cooperation | អង្គភាព​ព័ត៌មាន​ និងប្រតិកម្មរហ័ស

Also, for the Korean economy, Cambodian workers are very important, as they provide a very much needed labour force, especially for those industries suffering from a shortage of labour. What are some of the things that attract Korean investors to Cambodia?

cambodia and south korea relationship

I think there are several factors to be considered. First, the Cambodian economy continues to show a high rate of growth and the economic outlook is very positive.

Cambodian PM says satisfied with Cambodia-South Korea ties

Second, there is little discrimination against foreign investors, except real estate businesses. Third, its strategically beneficial location as the centre of the Indochina peninsula can also be attractive to investors. How many South Korean businesses are operating in the Kingdom? Most of investments go to the areas such as garments, construction, real-estate, restaurants and tourism. Currently, investments in banking and agriculture sectors are also increasing. Are there any specific issues that are hindering South Korean investment into Cambodia?