Cersei and tyrion relationship goals

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cersei and tyrion relationship goals

Tywin sends Tyrion to prevent her from doing even worse. . view Cersei as nothing more than a marriage piece to be used at his and the . Well the others already said it: she was Tywin´s Cyvasse piece to achieve his goals. It's the relationships: the familial loyalty, love, secrets, betrayal, revenge, friendship, . Most of these errors were made accomplishing a short term goal ( often . It was Tyrion who could control and discipline Joffrey, not Cersei. The sibling relationship is one of the closest and intimate relationship a person has Cersei and Tyrion were born into a monogamous family.

He was totally unaware that his twin kids frequently have carnal knowledge of each other. He emotionally abandoned his dwarf son, Tyrion.

cersei and tyrion relationship goals

He allowed outsiders to mock his son. For a man that has been consumed with the notion of legacy, allowed a boy, that is widely known as his son to be made caricature of. Although, given Tyrion's descriptions in the books, he is quite ugly; and this can make it really hard to love him; but perhaps compassion, then should have found it's way into Tywin's heart, for this infant that had no hand in his creation, ought to inspire sympathy, rather than disgust.

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The Constitution of Sibling Relationship. The relationship between siblings can be marked with conflict and rivalry, but it is often the longest, lasting relationship in an individual's life. Close kin ties play an important role in the development of social competence that can be analyzed through the behavior formula.

Behavior Formula This formula is according to the author, Tim Lahaye. There are factors that shape a person's behavior. The following paragraphs explains to some degree, how these influences shaped who Tyrion and Cersei are. They certainly live up to the Lannister name.

cersei and tyrion relationship goals

Their status as the richest family in Westeros, affords them their bragging rights. They are both intrigued by status elevation.

Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage discuss Cersei and Tyrion’s season 7 journeys

Without the heedful training from their father, they've both imbibed a similar liking for coyness. Between them, they share characteristics of: Their father was rarely around to raise them. They grew up with servants, relatives and maybe friends, hardly appropriate emotional replacements, for they were many. Which family member did they each get close to, while growing up? For sure, none of Tywin's children would have turned out the way they did, without morals or remorse.

Cersei was married off to a man that never loved her, even when she tried to love him. Robert hadn't the decency to keep his extra marital affairs private to, spare his wife the pain. She then turned to her brother for emotional and sexual comfort and had children by him.

She lost her first born with Robert and all her subsequent children. She watched as her son, Joffery choked to death. Shortly after, her father was murdered by her brother. She was paraded naked before thousands of people. She was spat at, pelted with foods and rotten fruits and abused all the way through. As for Tyrion, he has been laughed at all his life, he has been called spiteful names by his family and outsiders. He watched as several of his father's guards raped his wife, Tysha.

cersei and tyrion relationship goals

He has been in near death experiences, countless times. Combining these two, Cersei has been through the most traumatic experiences.

Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage discuss Cersei and Tyrion in season 7

So Jaime is really the one member of the Lannister family that Tyrion is able to feel more than obligation towards. Forget about being able to be a threat to someone like the Mountain, Tyrion is scarcely a threat to any able-bodied adult in the Seven Kingdoms. The most noteworthy death he has brought about has been shooting his father with a crossbow while he was sitting on the toilet. Tyrion knows the only arena he can match his peers in is in the world of intellect.

He plainly states that to him, books are like a whetstone for his mind to keep it sharp as a sword.

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Though his agility does lend a bit more credence to him being able to defend himself in a fight like he does at the battle of the Blackwater. Not only does he have to live with the knowledge that his birth is what caused the death of his mother, but his family never lets him live that fact down. Rumors in Westeros tell that Tywin Lannister actually used to be a loving man when he still had his wife to care for, but that he changed for the worse the day she died and never recovered.

To be fair, Cersei probably would have hated Tyrion no matter what, but Tywin is a different matter. It's a major sacrifice for Jaimeeven though the plan eventually fails after Tyrion is incensed by the testimony of his lover, Shae.

He's one of the few people that gives him love back. And he'll do anything for his brother. There's no question about it. I think it's beautiful.

But Jaime continues to aid his brother, scorning his sister for her attempts to kill Tyrion before arranging for his escape at the last minute. Their touching final embrace speaks volumes of their fraternity: The pair don't know if they'll ever see each other again. Little do they know that when they do, some years later, they will both be at war. There's better explanation behind Tyrion's anger in Martin's books, which many fans, who had read the books, felt was a mistake to leave out of the television adaptation.

Before Tyrion became a marital pawn in Westerosi diplomacy, he fell in love with the daughter of a crofter, whom he met while travelling with Jaime as a young man.