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The Rise and Rise of N. Chandrasekaran – Quintessential Tata Man

In he succeeded Ramadorai to become head of the Tata empire's of his family's historical relationship with the conglomerate and then later as Other corporate problems such as the AirAsia India controversy, the Tata. In , Chandra became Ramadorai's executive assistant. For some time after that, the joke within the company was that 'TCS' stood for 'Take. ddttrh.infoasekaran or ddttrh.infoa (as we call him) took over as CEO from Mr. Ramadorai who is also his father in law. But the question worth asking here is did .

On his desk were family photographs of his trekking getaways in the Himalayas and some mementos he has collected over the years—the few adornments he allows in his simple yet elegant office—besides his electronic gadgets and personal computer. Chandra, as he is fondly called by colleagues and friends, had ample reason to smile that day.

Chandrasekaran, TCS chief executive and managing director, also took over as Nasscom chairman for from 1 May. He was its vice-chairman in We also have developed a culture of building long-term relationships and have created many job opportunities over the years TCS will surpass the ,employee mark in the next few quarters.

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The IT industry throws up a lot of opportunities and we will leverage our scale to stay focused on these opportunities to grow further. The impression one gets on meeting Chandrasekaran is that IT services is what he was always meant to do.

He has been with TCS for almost 25 years. He never applied for any other job, starting at TCS as a software programme in My father was a lawyer but when my grandfather died, my father had to look after the family properties that included farmland. I went to a Tamil-medium school till class X.

After my 10th standard, I moved to Trichy in Tamil Nadu to study further and had to stay in a hotel it was not a hostel, he clarifies near the school. I used to go back home every six weeks. So far, I had led a protected life. By then, I had missed an academic year. In Octoberhe succeeded S.

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Chandrasekaran, is, of course, the man of the hour. While he may be the first non-Parsi head of the Tata empire, he is the quintessential company man. His early working years mirrored that of a classic TCS employee at the time.

After doing short stints in Stockholm, London and California, Chandrasekharan settled down in the US inwhere he built a new team from scratch.

N Chandrasekaran: The insider who has Tata’s trust - The Economic Times

Four years later, with experience in industries ranging from banking and telecom and markets as diverse as Australia and Eastern Europe, he returned home in Company executives, and even Ramadorai, would later say that he was marked at the time, along with a handful of his peers, as future CEO material.

From onwards, it was a quick series of milestones: Byhe was the head of global sales and operations and in he was named to the company board and made chief operations officer. Comparisons between Chandrasekaran and Mistry are inevitable; some valid and others less so. While he prefers to drive a black Mercedes, a yellow Nano also occupies a place in his parking garage.

N Chandrasekaran | A 10-billion-dollar smile

The more popular parables concerning him reflect his quiet, unassuming yet determined manner of functioning: He has a great memory, he likes jogging, he likes reading fiction and he struggled in the early s to start delegating more. And yet, company officials and industry experts, in conversations, also speak of him aggressively pushing forward his perspective when needed. For instance, inthe company, along with GE, opened up an all-women BPO centre in Saudi Arabia, which eventually gave the company a significant competitive advantage in bidding for projects across the Gulf region.