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taichi and suou share a v unique relationship i think; saying that their to lower himself to get advice from suou. it's a v healthy relationship. Her relationship with Arata is actually not romantic but for some reason, it is lovely to me. I mostly felt that way for Chihaya and Taichi for this anime. they help each other by studying others' karuta playing style and giving each other advice. ANY PROGRESS IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP? And just like Kana said - since it was Chihaya for Taichi and Taichi for . and chihaya, chihaya seeking an advice to arata and the pathetic taichi will be in jealous mode again.

And Taichi observes that: It was like he was an exam-taker…for the exam to become the Meijin. But Tsuboguchi is impressed, for even though Taichi clearly senses how different Arata is from himself, he wants to do something about this difference in their ability. Realising the implications, Sumire panics and begs him to wait for another two weeks. Once again, Taichi is left a little bewildered as she runs off to keep helping with the preparations. And when the day dawns, Chihaya drags Taichi to the Bubaigawara Culture Center, where he finds a whole host of familiar faces ready to celebrate his birthday…with a karuta tournament!!

But since she first lost to him at the Fujisaki Camp, Chihaya has realised that Taichi, too, has his own goals in karuta, including the strong desire to defeat her. And why did he skip the school field trip on his own in order to play in the Meijin qualifies?

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And why did he go it alone again for the Takamatsunomiya Cup? So after that inadvertent failure, Chihaya pulled out all stops to give Taichi a birthday party that he will probably never forget, gathering karuta players from nearby schools as well as the Shiranami Society. Sumire, too, taking a step forward… To me, however, Sumire is the person who steals the spotlight in chapter Watching her take charge, Kana-chan is really impressed with how logical and precise she is: In fact, it can also be used to describe such a trait positively.

Similarly, you can see that Kana-chan is actually full of admiration. Second, most of the sweets that Sumire would have made over the years would have been given to her teachers, friends and classmates: So when she spots him downstairs during his PE class, she leans out from the corridor window and calls out to him. Throwing her gift—she ended up going for salted squid—down to him, she finally tells him: The strongest players were definitely Chihaya and Arata, but for different reasons, both were unable to draw their teams together fully.

Thus, the team championship went to the school that embodied the team spirit best this year. Chihaya and Arata, and Taichi The reunion was short-lived, interrupted by the presentation ceremony. But before leaving, Taichi finds Arata sitting alone, obviously feeling down. Taichi knows how he feels, and he takes a seat beside him and moves to pat his back.

But then he stops and just shifts slightly closer, without saying a word.

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And soon he is gone. But he leaves behind a message, echoing the one that Arata had left two years before: The chapter ends with Taichi rocking up to the Tokyo Uni karuta club again, and greeting the cards just as Shinobu does.

As Suetsugu noted, whilst this national tournament was in many ways an end full of regrets, it was also the start of something new. There are so many other things that can be said about these chapters. But the main thing I want to touch on is the match.

When I first flipped through these chapters, back when they first came out, I thought that there were some interesting parallels to the match between Chihaya and Taichi at the last Yoshino tournament. Back then, Chihaya was surprised at how different Taichi seemed to be, and now, we have Arata being surprised at the Chihaya sitting across from him. Perhaps this is an overly harsh reading of Chihaya, but I honestly feel that both matches have, on balance, presented her in a negative light.

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In terms of the implications for the story, then, this was most definitely not the rematch that we—or Arata and Chihaya—wanted. So will we get another? Though not for quite a while, I expect! They were just born in the same school year!! I really like the attitude of Hiro, the younger one. They had a rocky start because Taichi claimed that Chihaya was his girlfriend and asked Suo to stop his advances on her, much to Suo's dismay, who used to say he's not obliged to do anything that Taichi says because he hates him.

Taichi always came prepared with sweets to bribe him with, though, and confessed his lie about Chihaya and cleared the air between them. Suo showed, on more than one occasion, that he's interested in Taichi's Karuta, interestingly enough calling him a 'nasty player'. Later on when he found out Taichi quit Karuta, he told him that he admires him, for even though he doesn't like Karuta he still tried his absolute best in it, and admitted to not liking Karuta either.

Suo and Taichi are last seen practicing Karuta together.

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History Taichi used to go to the same grade school as Chihaya and was the smartest in their class. He used to tease Chihaya which led her to attack him. They were good friends, but when Arata arrived, he was annoyed that he wasn't the only one that had memorized all of the Hyakunin Isshu.

He tried to get Chihaya's attention and threatened to not be her friend anymore if she stands by Arata's side. Because of this, everyone ignored her - per Taichi's orders - the next day for associating with Arata. Taichi returning Arata's stolen glasses.

He later challenged Arata to the karuta competition they were having at their school.

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On the day of the competition, his mother was there holding a camera to film him during the match as she believed he would win as usual and tried to encourage him to win. Taichi won all his matches and made it to the final against Arata.

In order to win, and not get scolded, he cheats by giving Arata a shaken soda to spray him, in order to make him wash his face and take off his glasses. He steals Arata's glasses while he is washing his face and Arata only catches his small figure.

Chihaya and Arata start searching for them, but they don't find the glasses for Arata's match. During the match, Taichi is beating Arata as he switches the cards, but is then interrupted by Chihaya saying that she'll replace Arata in the match. He is eventually defeated by Chihaya and all three of them win an award.

Even so, he still gets yelled by his mother and his mother tells him never to participate in a competition that he cannot win at. After the competition, Chihaya goes out looking for Arata's glasses.