Chillingworth and hesters relationship quiz

chillingworth and hesters relationship quiz

Q. Where does Hester plan to meet Dimmesdale? answer choices. Forest 30 seconds. Q. What is Chillingworth's relationship to Hester? answer choices. Study 24 Scarlet Letter Ch. Quiz flashcards from Colleen O. on StudyBlue. First time seeing Hester and shes holding Pearl and she looks like the . Hester is the man in this relationship; Dimmesdale even admits that she is stronger than him. an in depth look at the relationship between Dimmesdale and Chillingworth. Upon returning to the colony, Chillingworth renamed himself as such in an attempt to Chillingworth makes a remark about the fact Hester does not attempt to hide her . Quiz. Where did Chillingworth find the strange-looking weeds? What does.

Under whose footsteps was the rosebush outside the prison supposed to have sprung up? What is the significance of the scarlet letter "A" which is embroidered on Hester's gown? A Angel B Adulteress C Apathetic D Abolitionist The stranger who appears at the outskirts of the crowd while Hester stands on the scaffold is slightly deformed in what way?

A His eyes seem too big for his head B He has six fingers on his left hand C His nose is growing out of his cheek D HIs shoulders are uneven What explanation does the stranger make to the townsman he speaks with that accounts for his combination of "civilized and savage" costume?

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A He is an actor B He was kidnapped by Native Americans C He likes to look unusual D He is a diplomat for the Native Americans Page 1 of 3 The townsman tells the stranger that the judge has been lenient with Hester because of her youth and because she is probably a widow.

What was the severest possible punishment for adultery in the Massachusetts colony?

chillingworth and hesters relationship quiz

How long does Hester have to stand on the scaffold? How long must Hester wear the scarlet letter? A The rest of her life B Until she reveals the name of her lover C Until she moves away D All of the above What seems to particularly disturb the stranger after he has learned of the sentence imposed on Hester?

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A That she get to stand on the scaffold fully clothed B That her baby was not executed at birth C That she is standing on the scaffold without her lover D That he was too late to save her Where is Roger Chillingworth, the "Stranger" of chapter 3, to lodge while the authorities work out his ransom?

Many of the townspeople also believe that, rather than being in the care of a Christian physician, Arthur Dimmesdale is in the hands of Satan or one of his agents who has been given God's permission to struggle with the minister's soul for a time.

chillingworth and hesters relationship quiz

Despite the look of gloom and terror in Dimmesdale's eyes, all of them have faith that Dimmesdale's strength is certain to bring him victory over his tormentor. Analysis The theme of good and evil battling is carried through in Chapter 9, "The Leech," a ponderous and philosophical chapter with little action and much positioning of characters. We see the double meaning of the word "leech," the decline of Dimmesdale under his weight of guilt, the development of his relationship with Chillingworth, and the point of view of the townspeople, which have strikingly opposing opinions about the influence of Chillingworth on the minister.

As he ingratiates himself with the young minister, and the town sees Chillingworth as "a brilliant acquisition. Hawthorne purposely uses the old-fashioned term "leech" for "physician" because of its obvious double meaning. As a doctor, Chillingworth seems to be making complicated medicines that he learned at the feet of the Indians; he also appears to be sucking the life out of Dimmesdale.

Chillingworth's devious and evil nature is developed in this chapter. As he moves into a home with Dimmesdale and the two freely discuss their concerns, there begins to develop "a kind of intimacy" between them.

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To Dimmesdale, Chillingworth is the "sympathetic" listener and intellectual whose mind and interests appeal to him. The reader, however, is told that, from the time Chillingworth arrived in Boston, he has "a new purpose, dark, it is true. As the people in town watch this struggle, they feel that this disciple of Satan cannot win and that the goodness of Dimmesdale will prevail.

Dimmesdale, however, is not so sure.

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Each Sunday, he is thinner and paler, struggling under the unrevealed guilt of his deed. The occasional habit of pressing his hand to his ailing heart has now become a constant gesture.

chillingworth and hesters relationship quiz

He turns down suggestions of a wife as a helpmate, and some parishioners associate his illness with his strong devotion to God. Dimmesdale, although he discusses the secrets of his soul with his physician, never reveals the ultimate secret that Chillingworth is obsessed with hearing.