Compare herod and jesus relationship

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compare herod and jesus relationship

The praetorium in Jerusalem; accusations and questions; Herod Antipas questions He had a good relationship with Pilate who had appointed him to the high. King Herod the Great stopped at nothing to keep his throne. Learn Christ calls us to loving relationships rather than building monuments to. Letters to the Editor debate dates of Herod's death and Jesus' birth . Correlation of Josephus with the Talmud and Mishnah indicate the fast.

This mountain fortress rose four hundred feet in the air, fifty feet taller than the Great Pyramid at Giza. At the base Herod built villas for his friends and a huge pond and pool for their enjoyment remember, this was the desert—it was quite a sight to see.

Midway up his mountain was a theater with seating for up to nine hundred people.

compare herod and jesus relationship

There were Roman baths, a large central hall, and bedrooms. The connection to Joseph is simply this: The palace was located adjacent to Bethlehem. It could be seen from nearly anywhere in Bethlehem, and the people of Bethlehem undoubtedly marveled as they watched it built. And this building offers us a study in contrasts. From the splendor of this hilltop palace, Herod the Great could look down at a tiny part of the kingdom he ruled: In contrast to Herod, who wanted so desperately to make an immortal mark, Joseph had no such aspirations but did in fact change the world.

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Jesus likely learned from Joseph something he taught his disciples. If you do you will have received your reward. The third largest palace in the ancient world, its buildings covered about forty-five acres surrounded by about two hundred acres of palace grounds. It included elaborate halls and guest rooms, a terrace more than one thousand feet long, and a huge swimming pool by feet surrounded by colonnades and a beautiful garden full of exotic plants.

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Though he intended to rival Biblical history he did become one of the greatest failures. Many significant biblical sites are located close to the Herodion: In fact, the Herodion literally overshadowed the greatest historical event of all time the humble birth of Jesus the Messiah in the small town of Bethlehem only several miles away. Just as the Herodion cast its shadow across the landscape of biblical history, Herod cast his shadow across the history and people of Israel.

Although Jesus and Herod were vastly different, God clearly engineered history to bring them together in fulfillment of His purposes. The Lord answered his prayer, and she conceived twins. Esau, the older son, founded the nation of Edom.

compare herod and jesus relationship

Jacob, the younger son, founded the nation of Israel. King Herod who was an Edomite, a descendant of Esau seemed to possess all the power, magnificence, and glory.

He certainly appeared to rule over a newborn baby in Bethlehem names Jesus.

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And the prophet Malachi spoke the word of the Lord: So, the Jews knew that someday the line of Jacob would assume power. These prophecies have certainly come true. Today, the awesome projects that King Herod built lie in ruins, and most people remember him only as the king who had innocent babies killed in an attempt to kill the baby Jesus, the promised Messiah. Herod made his mark in the world and then was gone. No one is exactly sure of the locations where He was born or died. Yet His passing changed the world forever.

And today He lives! His kingdom has no end, we Christians are His temples, and the eternal truths He revealed remain true today. Jesus the Messiah, the Lord of heaven and earth, triumphed over all evil even death! He will return to conquer all earthly powers. Lessons from the Tragic Life of Herod show that Herod gained the whole world but lost his own soul.

Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? You can have it all in this life and fail in the next. As a General he was nearly undefeated. As a Diplomat he was unstoppable.

As a Builder he was unparalleled. As a Businessman he was unimaginably wealthy. It took great faith for the Jewish people to believe that Jesus, who began His life on earth as a baby in Bethlehem, was truly the Lord of heaven and earth. The contrasts between Jesus and Herod could not have been greater. Herod had all the power, wealth, strength, and glory that his position in the world could offer; yet Jesus, the King of the universe, had nothing of that sort to demonstrate His position.

So to believe in Jesus as the Messiah was to believe that regardless of outward appearances, Jesus, the baby in the manger, was indeed Lord of heaven and earth. If you live for the earth and not heaven you will lose everything. Herod was too earthly minded to notice the significance of this event. Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

compare herod and jesus relationship

King Herod, who personified evil, no doubt seemed to have all the power and control. He ruled with an iron hand, seeking out and destroying every possible enemy even killing innocent babies. Yet Jesus, the humble King of all creation, was truly in control. He had the power to overcome every evil including that of Herod. Today, Christians are asked to believe that no matter how powerful Wall Street appears to be, no matter how controlling a government seems, no matter how influential the morals of Hollywood appear to be, no matter how evil pornography seems, no matter how overwhelming hunger, racism, or AIDS appear to be -- Jesus Christ is King.

Because His power, which has conquered all evil, resides within us, we do not need to fear the evil we face. Although it is easier and safer to avid evil than to confront it, the crucial question that all Christians must answer for themselves is: You can tremble before God and still be damned. Demon faith means God scares you but you never change. King Herod believed the Scriptures!

compare herod and jesus relationship

Herod believed God's Word enough in that crowded court to dispatch a corps of butchers to Bethlehem to slaughter innocent children, in hopes of destroying this rival to his throne. But he was too late.

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The magi had come and gone and Jesus was by now safe in Egypt. Even the demons believe—and tremble! You can gain the whole world and lose your own soul. King Herod - more concerned about his crown than his soul.

compare herod and jesus relationship

You can get as close as Herod and still miss heaven.