Conkers bad fur day live and reloaded ending relationship

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conkers bad fur day live and reloaded ending relationship

This is a spoiler. Conker's Bad Fur Day was originally going to be Twelve Tales : Conker 64, While the single player mode of Conker: Live & Reloaded is a carbon copy of Conker's Bad Fur Day, with . His relationship with Berri is not as good as it was, and drinking alcoholic beverages is a regular part of Conker's life. Also included is the critically acclaimed single-player game, Conker's Bad Fur Day, completely recreated for the Xbox with stunning graphics and unparalleled. Conker the Squirrel is an anthropomorphic squirrel starring in various video games. Conker is voiced by Chris Seavor in Conker's Bad Fur Day, Conker: Live In , a remake was released for the Xbox known as Conker: Live & Reloaded. Conker and Berri developed an apparently strong relationship as boyfriend.

Rodent may be one of the, if not the, only character who isn't remotely malicious or selfish in any way. Cutscenes can't be skipped the first time you see them. The earliest ones are tutorials on how to use basic items. Compared both to Pocket Tales, the original Twelve Tales of Conker beta, and to Rare's other games before this was made.

In contrast to Rare's more idealistic heroes and friendly characters, there are very few truly sympathetic characters in this game — everyone is either a nasty, manipulative jerk, cynical, stupid or crazy and the one character who is truly sympathetic, Rodentis treated like an idiot. Conker himself is an Anti-Hero at best, who's only out for himself.

conkers bad fur day live and reloaded ending relationship

There is heavy swearing throughout the game, abundant toilet humor you fight a boss who is a giant mountain of singing poopblood and gore, downright nightmarish content one level has you feeding helpless villagers to a vampire, by dropping them into a grinder, the war sequences featuring gruesome character deathsand Black Comedy that would make South Park proud. Damn You, Muscle Memory!

The shooter portion of the Xbox One emulator has this effect. In porting the controls over, the C buttons become the right control stick, and the N64 control stick translates to the Xbox's left stick. The result of this is, while aiming in shooter mode, the right stick controls movement and the left stick controls aiming, which is the exact opposite from virtually every shooter that utilizes the dual-stick control method.

Get used to turning sideways while trying to strafe. If using an infinite health cheat code in multiplayer, the character will remain alive no matter how many hits they take. If, however, they take a hit that should kill them, but thanks to the cheat code, doesn't, which includes many a one-hit kill strike like a run-in with a chainsaw or a headshot by either a knife or a gun, the character will still go through their death animation as well as lose the weapon they had, but they'll be brought back to life, albeit missing bits and pieces of their body depending on how severe an attack it was.

Conker: Live & Reloaded

They will also still be able to take even more damage and similar normally-one-hit-kills unfazed even after missing most of their body parts. The only thing that can kill a character even with the code on is when they are hit by something that'll make them explode, including a strike from a grenade launcher, a bomb, or falling an incredibly high height also, if you cheat further, a few characters can't be killed even with this, or maimed otherwise for that matter.

In "Barn Boys", Conker exploits this tactic to trick Franky the Pitchfork into killing all the bails of hay bouncing inside the barn. The chemical weapons in Multiplayer. Berri, to a somewhat ludicrous level. She gets mowed down for 20 seconds with a tommy gun, then sucked out into deep space. The Panther King also counts for this, first getting killed by the Xenomorph hatching, then getting sucked out as well. The zombies after you shoot them in the head.

conkers bad fur day live and reloaded ending relationship

How both Marvin the mouse and Count Batula die; Conker feeds Marvin so much cheese that he swells up and explodes, and Count Batula drinks so much of the villagers' blood that the rope he was hanging from snaps under his weight, causing him to fall into and get pulped by his own grinder. Professor Von Kripelspac when he betrays the Panther King by hatching an alien in his stomach to defeat Conker. The entire game is a big send-up of video game cliches and typical 3D platformers as well as the trend of cutesy kid friendly games coming out at the time, including ones Rare made themselves.

Buga the Knut, though it's more Defeat By Shame. Conker has Fangy bite off enough chunks of Buga's ass that his loincloth doesn't fit anymore, exposing to everyone his small penis. He runs away after everyone laughs at him.

After Conker humiliates Franky, the pitchfork tries to hang himself, but fails since he doesn't have a neck or esophagus. Conker makes his way up to the barn rafters and uses throwing knives to free him. Frank immediately befriends Conker out of gratitude and helps him fight the Haybot wandering inside the barn.

Department of Redundancy Department: The Army Captain pulls one when you first meet him: We sure is lucky bastards to survive that atrocious atrocity! Now then, lesson 1: This is my mini-gun. It fires rounds per second, brass cased 8MM with tungsten alloy heads, and high explosive charge.

In the original version, Gregg would recognize Conker in Spooky even if he managed to avoid dying by that point. In Live and Reloaded, if Conker hasn't already met Gregg he will die after crashing the barrel instead of passing out. In the Raptor multiplayer in the original game, its possible to trick the raptors into walking into the caveman's giant frying pan, which will kill it in seconds, but it won't count towards your score.

The Game Over sequence that plays whenever Conker dies with no squirrel tails left has several variations depending where he is in the story: Similarly, if Conker dies during the Final Bossthe death screen will merely say "game over" on a black screen, as the Panther King is dead by that point. Rodent in the It's War chapter. When the alien is about to kill Conker.

Suddenly, the game "freezes", Conker breaks the fourth wall and speaks with the game programmers, then they give him a weapon to kill the alien. Don Weaso is a mafia don. Don't Fear the Reaper: Gregg the Grim Reaper, who is of course hard to take seriously because he's short and speaks in a high-pitched voice. The game ends on a depressing note, mostly because of Berri's death.

U-Bend Blues may be the most frustrating level known to man. Franky the Pitchfork, who is encouraged to kill himself by the paint pot. He fails because he doesn't have a neck of any description. Dropped a Bridge on Him: The Queen Bee dies offscreen when a piece of the then-exploding windmill falls onto her. Notably, her face has been refined heacily to look cuter. Lastly, her top now has a 69 on the back of it, adding more innuendo to an already sexualised character.

The Tediz have been heavily overhauled in design, now resembling actual anthropomorphic bears made from patchwork as opposed to generic teddybears. Notably, the Mutant Tedi Surgeon has been modified to look even more distinguished from the normal surgeons. In general, almost all female characters have been given softer faces in the remake to make them appear friendlier and less uncanny. The Panther King has been updated so that his attire appears more regal. Heinrich has been completely recoloured from black to a tigerstriped teal colour.

Some enemies and background characters have abandoned the typical "RareWare" style googly eyes places atop an object to make for a character and look a bit more original because of it.

General Graphical Differences Most textures have been redrawn or scaled up heavily from the original.

Conker the Squirrel

Liquid particles have been made much more subtle and are capable of splashing onto the screen, matching the colour of the original fluid they came from. Fur particles have been added to most furred characters as well as certain plant patches. The blocks in Barn Boys now have geometry that matches their textures. Some of them have been scaled up because of it. Water now looks far more realistic and has distortion and ambient occlusion effects added.

Presentation The way the game conveys itself to the player has been altered a bit for the new console. Audio The game's music has seen a massive overhaul.

Most synthetic instruments from the original have been completely replaced by real instruments the Harmonica in Windy.

The only track left completely the same is the Rock Solid music, with minor ambient edits. Most of the voice lines in the game were bumped in quality, while some were outright rerecorded entirely the Gargoyle scene, Great Mighty Poo. Most of the game's dialogue was censored in comparison to the original. All instances of "fuck" are censored, "twat" is censored, all but one utterance of the word "shit" are censored, the single uses of the words "felatio" and "cunting" are also censored, as is the "ass" portion of the word "asshole".

Conker never dual wields guns but uses only one gun. Additionally, he is able to jump while armed, previously impossible in Bad Fur Day. Movement and aiming is much more fluent and precise. Great Mighty Poo's Voice: The Great Mighty Poo 's singing voice was rerecorded to make him sound like his speaking voice. A majority of characters now have better mouth animations that are better synced to their voice. Many obscenities uncensored in Bad Fur Day have been bleeped out.

Conker the Squirrel - Wikipedia

Bad Fur day bleeped out "Fuck","Cock and "Cunt" all the times it was said, crap half the times it was said, and "asshole" only one of the times it was said. However, in Live and Reloaded, Fuck is still censored, crap is censored almost all times it is said, asshole is bleeped almost all the times it is said, felatio is censored, and twat is censored all the times it is said. The only exception to this is the Great Mighty Poo's song, although it is only uncensored during the credits and not in the battle with him, when Count Batula was killed with "Oh, crap when the Fire Imp says "Hey, what am I going to do with this?

The multiplayer has been replaced with a team based shooter that has a story. Some plot holes from Bad Fur Day were filled. Difference in Barn Boys: After exiting the barn after escaping the sewers, the water tower's water is now seen draining, while before the player simply had to find out themselves.

Great Mighty Poo Strategy Changes: In Bad Fur Day, before the GMP boss battle, the player must throw one piece of sweet corn in the poo, walk up the path, put 2 in, and then walk up the path and put 3 in. In Live and Reloaded, the player only has to throw one in each time. Difference in Bat's Tower: The locations of the cogs in bat's tower has now changed.

In Bad Fur Day, one was in a circular room, and two were in the room just past it. In Live and Reloaded, one of the ones from the second circular room was moved to the room with Mr. Conker can hold his breath underwater for much longer, over twice as long, before running out of air. Additionally, he will lose health at a slower rate should his oxygen be depleted. Difference of the Electric Eel: In Bad Fur Day, upon reaching the it's War chapter, Conker must have an electric eel chase him through underwater generators to turn the power on.

In Live and Reloaded, it is simply turned on with a switch. Instead of a Tediz being in the big gun in the It's War chapter, Tediz are guarding it. Less lethal shots in War: Conker is able to take some small gunfire before losing health. He will still flinch from being shot, though will not stop moving if he is shot while running. Additionally, being shot with a rocket launcher will now only deal three damage to Conker. Previously six, which was instant death. This increased defense could possibly be attributed to his new army outfit.

While fighting in the Tediz operating room, there is an added short cutscene depicting the "mutant tedi" breaking out of a liquid-filled vat. Difference in Death in It's War: When Rodent is getting shot at by Tediz, there are two other squirrels tied up who get killed. A squirrel on the left begs for his life insted of Rodent, however, Rodent's mouth will still move as if he were speaking. In game cheats were removed.