Daenerys and jorah relationship goals

daenerys and jorah relationship goals

Jorah's relationship with Dany is creepy. I also agree that Ser Jorah is desperately hanging on simply to help her reach this goal. Thank you. With this knowledge, we're confident that Ser Jorah Mormont — the sweet, / /jon-trying-to-scope-out-the-relationship-between. On many occasions Jorah shows signs of not only loving Daenerys as his It was a long kiss, though how long Dany could not have said.

Often in various artistic ways. Dany exiled Jorah when she discovered that in the past he had been spying on her for the Baratheon administration. Although Dany told Jorah to stay away, as soon as he found a gift that he thought might impress Dany what do you give the girl who has everything?

daenerys and jorah relationship goals

She gave him a second chance to be exiled. But it was a close call. He might have gotten beheaded or fried by a dragon. HIM she gives a second chance. It seems like my boy Jorah is a stalker. Please bear with me. I just realized I made a funny! Oops, I hit Publish. This came to a head when Jorah foiled the planned assassination of Daenerys while she was shopping in Vaes Dothrak, the great caravan hub. Hmmm, for poison, it has a delightful bouquet, and a fruity nose.

In Defense of Ser Jorah | I Can't Possibly Be Wrong All the Time

So why are people mad at Jorah for this? Saving more time for Tyrion being witty. But I think it brings up some intriguing discussion points to explore.

daenerys and jorah relationship goals

He was doing that for Varys, who was of course reporting these details to Robert Baratheon. But Varys was also working with Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos, the merchant-prince who sheltered Dany and Viserys and arranged the marriage proposal details between the exiled Targaryens and the Dothraki horselords. The implication is that Varys was working with Illyrio for a Targaryen restoration, and against the wishes of Robert Baratheon.

Even if it was true. He keeps his activities secret. In fact, it kind of explains some of the Stalker behavior that Jorah exhibits. So until he can, he just has to make every effort to stay on target.

Do I really believe this? Like Fox Mulder, I want to believe. Dany Haters There are just some people that dislike Daenerys Targaryen. Just mixing it up with some haters, your grace. Besides, no Dany-hater is going to hate on Tyrion. Is this even something I can defend Jorah from? Moving on… Jorah the Slaver Is this where I defend the practice of slavery?

Jorah & Daenerys - He is in love with you, I think.

Slavery is wrong, and from the context provided by the show, is also wrong in Westeros, thankfully. A follow-up to Before the Queen. Happy Thanksgiving to all you American readers! I am thankful for your reviews. She gazed at him with wide eyes, and, tugging his blanket up over his waist to cover his nakedness, Jorah reached for his discarded, sweat-stained, ragged shirt, which lay in a crumpled pile with his equally soiled and tattered tunic and breeches beside the pallet.

They were none of them suitable garments to wear in the presence of his queen, the scraps of dead men of the Second Sons, but they were all he had, everything else he'd had in the world taken by the slavers. In any case, his shirt was not the most shameful thing about him.

Before he could put it on, Daenerys held up a restraining hand. Forgive me if I disturbed your sleep. This was surely a different attitude than before, when she'd summoned him to hear him confess to lying with a whore, though Jorah did his best not to let her see his surprise as he cast the shirt aside. I mean…" She bent her head as she drew a brightly embroidered shawl tighter around her shoulders-underneath it, she seemed to be clad in a linen shift which ended at the middle of her thighs-and Jorah thought he saw her eyebrows twitch together, her forehead furrowed between them, though the light was too poor for him to be certain.

When she looked up again, no sign of discomfiture etched her young face as she stepped further into the tent. I wanted to see that you were still here.

daenerys and jorah relationship goals

But as she came to stand just inside the circle of candlelight that surrounded his sleeping mat, Jorah saw the unsteadiness of that smile, and the troubled depths of her dark violet eyes. Her gaze settled on his ruined cheek. That you were branded. Jorah could not help closing his eyes as he leaned into her touch, pressing his own hand over hers as if he could burn the imprint of her hand there, a brand he would proudly carry for the rest of his days. He was taking a liberty, he knew, but the queen did not withdraw her hand from his grasp.

I would have given it. I had already given it, in my heart.

daenerys and jorah relationship goals

You could have been spared this. Why didn't I prostrate myself before my queen? Why did I sell the life of a young woman and her child to buy my passage home?

Jorah and Daenerys have the best love story on Game of Thrones

Why did I sell poachers into slavery? Daenerys shook her head, so that the loose strands of her silvery-golden hair fell like silken threads about his hands. A fool would make me laugh, and no one would ever accuse Ser Jorah Mormont of doing that. But I think that all of these relationships have a lot in common in the organic way they came about.

Jorah and Daenerys have the best love story on Game of Thrones

Jaime and Brienne see honor in each other where no one else does. Arya and Gendry saw each other as family getting choked up! And I already mentioned what Jorah and Dany found in each other. But none of these relationships are like Dany and Jorah because they do have the potential be more intimate in nature.

Brienne believes in love and is looking for the honorable knight the songs sing about. And Arya and Gendry still have some growing up to do as long as the latter returns from his hiatus at sea. And what happens if he does get there successfully? Jorah knows he disgraced himself and his family by selling slaves — even if they were poachers on his land — and that he abdicated any right he had to Mormont heirlooms.

Helen Sloan — HBO. But to Daenerys, Jorah is just Jorah. She never had the pleasure of meeting Jeor or even Lyanna, but we all know that pairing HAS to happen eventually, amiright? And Jorah always judged Daenerys on her own merits, rarely — if ever — bringing up her bonkers father or cruel brothers like so many others have.

daenerys and jorah relationship goals

They are a strong and united pair because they see each other for who they are, not their family names. For example, Jaime and Brienne have always been straightforward and relatively honest with one another, but neither one is fully devoted to the other due to family ties. Jaime still has Cersei, and Brienne has her honor and pledge to House Stark. But this is Game of Thrones, so it probably will… Julie: