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And Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary, says it made her start thinking But as Dan Stevens, who plays Downton heir Matthew, says, after the One new twist for the characters, who have been an on-off couple since the . FA Cup third round goal updatesOle Gunnar Solskjaer's Manchester United. Actors Dan Stevens and Michelle Dockery in Downton Abbey She and John Dineen, an Irish public relations director, had been engaged for a year when he died of . We hope to pass our goal by early January One month after it was announced that the Downton Abbey movie is officially happening, Dan Stevens, Michelle Dockery and Allen Leech had.

Consider it "Yorkshire ," but with writer-creator Julian Fellowes' witty dialogue and rich characters, stunning period costumes and generally chaste love affairs. Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens, who play the star-crossed young couple, said they are both delighted and surprised at the series' international success.

Michelle Dockery admits she misses Downton co-star Dan Stevens as much as Lady Mary

The 11 Emmy nominations and six trophies, including best miniseries, earned by the period drama's first season were a thrill: Success has created a burden of secrecy regarding the fate of young lawyer Matthew, unexpected heir to Downton under England's early 20th-century inheritance laws, and Mary, who could keep her family's hold on the estate by marrying him.

In season one, the willful Mary had rejected, accepted and rejected again smitten Matthew, and then she was rebuffed. Now both have turned elsewhere for love, while war and other historical events toy with their fates.

Dockery, 30, and Stevens, 29, project such on-screen chemistry that people who know better confuse fiction with fact. Fans are desperate to know what happens next.

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Downton's younger generation matures quickly during wartime, with Matthew tested as an army officer slogging through trench warfare in France. I was caked in mud for half the series," Stevens said. The stakes were higher and everything is notched up one or two pegs. It's really interesting playing that," she said.

There's more to "Downton Abbey," of course, than one star-crossed couple. Robert, the earl of Grantham Hugh Bonnevilleis itching to jump into the war, while wife Cora Elizabeth McGovern and younger daughters Edith Laura Carmichael and Sybil Jessica Brown Findlay make their own wartime contributions, and the girls pursue romance.

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And now, after a string of other roles, he is starring opposite Emma Watson in new Disney blockbuster Beauty and the Beastin which he is transformed from handsome Prince to hairy giant. That famous ballroom scene Image: He had to rely on good old fashioned research to get into the skin of David Haller, the illegitimate son of Professor X — who has been played by both Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy.

One of the most challenging and rewarding jobs I have done. Dan at the premiere for Beauty and the Beast in China Image: A scene from Beauty and the Beast Image: We have too many brown-haired boys.

Dan as the Beast in the classic Disney fairytale Image: It was fun but this is more natural. His parents are both teachers and he grew up in Wales and South East England with his younger adopted brother.

He became interested in drama at school and, from the age of 15, spent his summer holidays with the National Youth Theatre in London. Dan Stevens in The Guest Image: