Dependence in the power relationship

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dependence in the power relationship

PDF | This paper studies the causal relationship between dependence and power in the context of marketing channels in China in the setting of department. This paper studies the causal relationship between dependence and power in the context of marketing channels in China in the setting of department stores and. Dependency is a critical aspect of power. Here's all about this relationship and how it is used.

This example is a clear case which supports the fourth hypothesis Frank,p. They also explain the metropolis satellite conflict that Frank observed in his hypothesis. Concerning the above, it can be said that the less participation results most likely in less interdependence.

So as Powers in Emerson,p. Where C is a subordinate unit and A and B engage in direct dyadic exchange Powers,p. Frank illustrates the above scheme in the real world pretty much the same. As he saysp. From the above, the degree of similarity between Frank and Emerson can be seen. But since more of the theory is an integration of another and not dealing exactly with the same topics, there is also some degree of complementarity and incompatibility.

The relationship between power and dependence

As it is said at the beginning, Emerson Powers,p. An example of this is the various countries in Latin America which developed to some extent, but it has started declining long ago.

dependence in the power relationship

A relationship between a metropolis and a satellite may be important and necessary for both countries at a particular period, even if one may argues that it may not be prosperous in the future.

For example the relationship between the U. It is also a basis of relationships, even though there may not be overt discussion of what is being exchanged or given.

The relationship between power and dependence - Cyprus Mail

All other forms of dependency can be seen as forms of supply, even though the traditional idea of market supply is of physical goods. Support Children are dependent on their parents or carers for support.

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They are unable to support themselves, so must have somebody else provide their basic physical and emotions needs. This gives parents significant power, which hopefully they will use in raising their children to become well-adjusted and contributing citizens. Support is also a critical aspect of societies, where people in need can depend on others to help them. There is always a price for this and social support is given on the understanding of obedience to social rules and returning support given.

It is not uncommon for people to take the opportunity when others ask for help to seek something in return. Support can also be commercial and a highly profitable business toowhere you are dependent on companies to help you when you have problems and they have the power to help you quickly and effectively or keep you hanging until they give an inadequate response.

dependence in the power relationship

Sadly, the common occurrence of the latter shows the immature state of many support businesses. Approval A simple thing that we often seek is that others approve of us, believing that what we do is right and important. Children need approval from their parents and teachers, facing punishment if they do not comply.

Friends have a different role as one of the purposes of having friends is that they approve of us, especially when others disapprove. Yet friends also may not approve of us, in which case we may have to seek others who will be kinder. Approval is particularly critical in the workplace where maintaining one's job may depend on approval from one's manager. The higher level of power associated with such approval means people have to be particularly compliant, agreeing to work even when they do not want to do as they are told.

Purchase In purchase situations, the buyer typically has greater power than the seller as the seller depends on customers for their living. Much of the action of sales people is to redress this imbalance, for example by claiming product scarcity, offering discounts and otherwise using psychological and social methods that give them greater power and consequent control over the sale.

Discussion Emerson identified dependency as the very basis of power. When one person is dependent on another for something, then that second person has power over the dependent person, and Dependency Theory is an elaboration of this. Dependency in a relationship can lead to attachmentwhere a person bonds their identity with that of the more powerful person, in an unconscious attempt to secure what they need and prevent the supplier from leaving.

Love can be seen as nature's way of creating attachment, especially where a person is dependent for their survival on others even in such cases as the Stockholm Syndrome.