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beginning of the play Lysander can barely stand to be away from Hermia for any short .. I would then ask students to describe a person in love, or a given out are from the book titled Be Your Own Therapist-Whoever You Hire Is Just Your. She has fallen in love with a boy called Lysander, but her dad wants her to marry a boy called What advice would you give to the actress playing Hermia?. Hermia and Lysander have a love that is true but very complicated. Find out more about their relationship in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' That's the dilemma the female lead Hermia faces at the start of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Theseus gives the following choices: When Hermia says she will become a nun, Theseus advises her to think about it and give him her decision on his wedding day. Theseus seems much less willing than Egeus to execute Hermia, but he nevertheless supports the law and men's dominance over women, even in the face of love.

But Lysander snaps that since Demetrius has Egeus's love, he should marry Egeus. Egeus, furious, vows to give what's his to Demetrius. Lysander comes down decidedly on the side of love over reason or law.

Active Themes Lysander points out that he's as well born and wealthy as Demetrius. He adds that Demetrius is an inconstant lover: Up until this moment love was presented as only a good thing. But Demetrius's inconstancy shows it can also be hurtful. Active Themes Theseus admits he's disturbed by these facts, but says he cannot change the laws of Athens. He advises Hermia to obey her father, and tells Egeus and Demetrius to come with him, so he can discuss with them the plans for his wedding and give them some private advice.

Again, Theseus stands up for law and order. Though he shows his compassion by advising Egeus and Demetrius to change their minds. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Now alone, Lysander and Hermia discuss the troubles lovers of history have had to face, from war and sickness to their ages being wrong for one another, to others choosing their love for them. Lysander describes such loves as "short as any dream" 1.

While Lysander and Hermia list the troubles that lovers face with grave sadness, the list makes it clear to the audience that they're just two more in a long line, which makes them seem silly. Active Themes Lysander comes up with a plan for the two of them to elope: If they leave the Athenian city limits than the city's laws will no longer apply to them. They plan to meet in the woods outside Athens the next night.

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Though love is new and fresh to them, it's all been done and experienced before. She wishes she had Hermia's beauty so that Demetrius would love her. To make Helena feel better, Hermia tells her that she and Lysander are about to elope.

The two lovers give Helena the details of their plan and wish her good luck with Demetrius.


Love has put Hermia and Lysander in conflict with the law and made Helena miserable and shaken her self-confidence. Note also how seriously these young lovers take themselves. Active Themes Left alone on the stage, Helena gives a speech about the tricks love can play on one's eyes, transforming even "things base and vile" to "form and dignity.

And she adds that love is like an inconstant child: By Ikram follow your heart even if it means you have to wait forever xx by Anon. This sounds like a BIG mix up, I think you should speak to Helena but dont be angry with her, try and speak to her as your best friend. Who knows she might have a really good reason that can explain all this madness. Besides she has been your best friend since you were children, you shouldn't let this get in between the friendship you have.

If she doesn't provide a valid reason for the unfortunate events then maybe you should work together to solve the problem, that way you can both be happy!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

However if all this is too much for you and you definately dont want to speak to Helena, then I think you should go back to Athens and continue your life. No one deserves such cruel words If this is the attitude your lover has taken then it showes that he can easily change his mind, so my advice is just don't waste your time on him.

He is obviously very unstable and wouldn't be a good match to marry. Maybe reconsider all your past decisions. Another handy tip, if you wish to get over him, is to shut him out of your life completely! If he can't see your true beauty and love for him, he is not worthy of you. When you turn him down, he will realise what a fool he has been. But for now, you must be independent.

Good Luck X by Anon. I think that you should try to get your mind of it. Something must have happened. If he truly ever loved you, soon everything will turn out alright and he will realize that he was a fool.