Dev and subhashree relationship questions

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dev and subhashree relationship questions

Subhashree Ganguly, who's been on an emotional roller-coaster in recent today not because of my personal equations with Dev or Raj: Subhashree Why our relationship ended is something even I don't ask myself, so I'll. By Dev tells t2 all — from dating subhashree to drifting apart to breaking I was too busy and I couldn't answer nine out of 10 questions of hers. Is Dev and Subhashree mere friends or more than that. In this article you will get details of relationship status of Dev and whether Dev is committed or not. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content.

They often appear holding hands or standing very closely to each other in front of public glares. But whenver questioned both maintain a super cool answer that they are just good friends. Tollywood filmy gossip mill quite often churns the news of Dev and Subhashree falling in love, but the duo are still to accept this.

dev and subhashree relationship questions

Subhashree is considered one of the boldest actress of present time but despite the success of her films she had to sit without work for more than 2 years. And at this vaccuum period of her career Dev has been standing by her side and encouraged her like a responsible friend.

dev and subhashree relationship questions

Still Dev and Subhashree are yet to be committed and perhaps want to give more time to their respective careers. Dev and Subhashree films together Dev and Subhashree have delivered smash hits like Challenge and very good films like Poran Jaye Joliya re together.

They have another film about to be released now titledKhobababu. May be Dev and Subhashree romance news at this time bear some actual significance or it may prove to be some marketing gimmic. Let us wish them best!! To be honest, I was going around with her for the past four years.

Let us get this straight, you are finally admitting that you were together? Yes, we were dating.


But right now, we are just friends. We are not dating anymore. We are both single. But yes, things have changed now. She was very close to me, the closest person in my life.

I think I too was the closest person in her life We were so serious about each other. We should move on. But I have my fingers crossed Even she knew that we would marry, whenever that happened.

Bengali actor Dev and his friendship with Subhashree Tollywood News

I had a girlfriend in Bombay before Subha and we called it off after a huge fight. You never know why bad things happen to you. I take all the responsibility on myself.

dev and subhashree relationship questions

It was completely my mistake. I thought she would understand When I wanted to hold her back, I realised that things had gone out of control.

And then I heard that she wanted to concentrate on her career. I can understand that. She needs to do more work and work with different heroes. Subha is one of my favourite co-stars and she is very talented.

I know that more than anybody else.

Bengali actor Dev and his friendship with Subhashree

She has been the underdog for a long time. I think the new year should be good for her and I hope to see her team up with different actors. So who talked break-up first, you or she? Subha came to me one day and said it was getting difficult to carry on. So I said okay, do whatever you want to do. That was the best thing to do, I think. There was no point in sitting her down and explaining because we are, after all, two different individuals even though we have known each other for four years Actually, you know, I must have come so far that I had lost the need to explain things to her.

Or maybe she had gone so far that she was not ready to understand what I wanted her to understand.