Disha parmar and juhi relationship test

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disha parmar and juhi relationship test

[2] The main characters are played by Disha Parmar, Riddhi Dogra and Sudeep Sahir. Juhi Parmar (born 14 December ) is an Indian TV personality and an anchor .. Filiation is the legal term[1] for the recognized legal status of the relationship .. [1] On the programme celebrity couples were tested in parenting. Live 3rd Test Day 1: Pujara, Kohli grind Australia. Live Score, India vs Australia 3rd Things you don't need to prove in a relationship · 12 plants with amazing. The young Shroff gets candid that his relationship with Disha on Thursday since he was busy with the look test of his next film, Kaabil. Juhi Parmar And Manish Goel's Tantra Under Scanner, May Go Off-Air In 2 Months?.

Disa parmar Real life Family "Woh Apna Sa" Actress

Excitedly The last 30 minutes of the film make my adrenaline rush. I think Baaghi has given me a lot more scope to grow than Heropanti did. I went to Gaiety-Galaxy to see how people react to the film, they were whistling no end. The response has been very good so far. I hope it sustains pauses. It was overwhelming to see that the janta was loving me.

Baaghi has not been an easy film to shoot. I remember that I couldn't get some scenes easily during the shoot, and I used to feel so angry and frustrated. Moreover, I shot with Ireland fighters whose hits were real.

One day, my body gave in, and I was admitted to a hospital in Bangkok. Action is fast becoming your forte After my first film Heropanti, I was told that 'dancing is fast becoming my forte'.

I would rather prefer if people called me an actor who has extra talents. So now, I want to do a serious film. I don't want to known as just a dancing actor or a martial arts actor. No, I don't see myself in comedy space yet. For now, I want something more real and honest.

What was your reaction to the reviews of Baaghi? They came out quite mixed Yeah, and I read them. After all, it has been 2 years since Heropanti released. I respect the critics and I want to change their opinion. If I didn't have people writing me off, I wouldn't grow as an actor.

But I work for the audience, not the critics. Many of them say that the first half is good, but the second half Interrupts I liked myself in the second half, which I prefer more than the first.

Shraddha has several hits to her credit, but no starry tantrums. I never felt awkward with her. In fact, we had a lot of fun between the scenes. Kriti was my first heroine, so she'll always be special.

Has the crush increased or decreased after Baaghi? Now, I admire her. I love her but for a different reason- her hard work and professionalism.

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She is the best person ever. Was it easy to kiss her?

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I was very comfy in locking lips with her. She is a lovely person. If a kiss is required in the film, why won't I do it? We go back to the Heropanti days when people subjected you to criticism that you look like a girl, have no facial hair, et al. Sunny tells Kiara that he's a little nervous but Kiara says her superman will help them if they forget their lines. Abhi is surprised to see Pragya at the event and can't stop looking at her.

Pragya wants to maintain her distance with Abhi as she does not want unnecessary confusion in her life. Pragya feels that although both Abhi and King are so different but their love for Kiara is same--one has a connection of heart, the other has blood relation.

Disha Parmar

In the play, Sunny plays an arrogant prince who becomes a beast after a curse. Only true love can cure him. Kiara who plays the princess falls in love with the beast and her love transforms him back into the prince. Abhi is reminded of his own love story and says Pragya loved him despite him being a bad person.

Pragya fears that if Sunny and Kiara's team wins, she'll have to come on stage and Abhi would come to know that Kiara is her daughter. Mauli takes Bappa's blessings for starting a new family with Kunal, while Nandini thanks Bappa for sending Kunal to her life.

Just when they are about to start aarti, Chakor comes.

disha parmar and juhi relationship test

Mauli introduces her to her entire family including her husband Kunal and best friend Nandini. Kunal and Mauli perform aarti together, and when it's Nandini's turn, panditji asks her about her husband and Mauli tells him that Nandini will do the aarti alone. Nandini performs aarti alone as tears trickle down her cheeks. While Mauli and other family members are busy in the puja with their eyes closed, Kunal takes this opportunity to hold Nandini's hand and the two do aarti together.

Chakor who had stepped out to attend a phone call is astonished to see the two doing aarti together and smiling affectionately at each other. Kunal also later clicks selfie with Nandini alone.

Chakor unwittingly becomes a witness to this clandestine affair and decides to share the details with Mauli. Kunal asks Nandini to confess her love for him today or he will not eat.

Nandini says she's not used to saying it in words, but Kunal is adamant. Chakor tries to tell Mauli about Kunal and Nandini, but cannot as she had to leave abruptly after receiving an urgent phone call.

Kunal refuses to eat saying his stomach is upset. He taunts Nandini saying it seems like he will have to fill his stomach with water. When she asks him to eat, he says why can't she say what he wants to hear. Another day of festivities begins. Rajdeep meets Mauli during celebrations and he warns them of the growing intimacy between her husband and Nandini.

Mauli lashes out at him saying only he could stoop to such a low level. Nandini brings food for Kunal and he flashes a victorious smile. Both of them feed each other food. Mauli has reached where Kunal and Nandini are but they see her before she could see them. Kunal comes out and Mauli hugs Kunal, thinking about things Rajdeep said. Zoya comes on Mauli's invitation and she asks Zoya to forward the images of Ganpati celebration to her from Kunal's phone.

During the celebration, Rajdeep mixes bhaang in the drinks of Nandini and Kunal. Chakor finally tells Mauli that Kunal and Nandini did puja together like couples.

Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff to legally end their 8-year-long marriage on June 25

Mauli is surprised but she rubbishes her doubts saying Kunal and Nandini are close and are only good friends. Kunal and Nandini are on a bhaang high and indulge in a passionate dance performance to the tunes of Jai Jai Shiv Shankar much to the discomfort of Mauli and family members.

Mauli is shattered to see them dance together intimately. While Swarna looks for Kartik everywhere. She asks about him to Manish when Luv-Kush tell them that they have sent him to get their football repaired. Swarna tells them that it's too late for the shops to be open and asks Manish to look for him.

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Manish and his brother leave to look for Kartik. Meanwhile, Nani who is looking for Naira find them at the lakeside.

disha parmar and juhi relationship test

Naira and Kartik give her the good news that they have decided to reunite. Rajshri disentangles their hand. Naira tells her that she knows what she means as they have taken a lot impulsive decisions but this one is not and they've thought over it. Kartik seconds her and assures her that they have thought about it.