Dog and human relationship facts about geminis

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dog and human relationship facts about geminis

Chinese zodiac Dog's combination horoscope with Aries, Taurus, He is very faithful and very invested in his friendly relations. The Dog-Gemini has a naturally altruistic, caring and generous temperament. .. But as he keeps his eyes open in the light of human reality, the Dog-Sagittarius remains. Learn all about the bond between humans and dogs and find out how to Bonding with your dog strengthens and preserves your relationship. What Astrology has to say about a Gemini and her character, relationships, love styles, fashion, and friendships. Her intellect and understanding of human nature make her a natural balance point in groups of Gemini women love to experiment and to try new things. .. Dog Horoscopes for Western Signs – new!.

Loving a Gemini is both a complicated and rewarding experience. They know how to test you but also how to love you like no other. The Gemini will win, always. When Gemini are good, they are attractive. When they are bad, they are very attractive. Gemini is a secret manipulator They always get their own way without a scene. Geminis suffer from moodiness, however they hide this from close friends and family as they want to appear happy all the time.

Nobody and i mean nobody switches up their moods faster than a Gemini. For all their talk, Gemini are surprisingly shy. If you broker or at the least put a dent in a geminis trust, no words of assurance can ever bring your ralationship to how it was before. Gemini are monogamous and take their romantic love relationships very seriously. Gemini people enjoy life more when they are in a committed relationship where they can have someone to share life and all their quirkiness with.

Two things about a Gemini that can make a relationship with them hard—they can be stone cold at times and they flip flop a lot. Gemini is always craving for someone to laugh with. They are a mixture between sweet and crazy. Their razor blade tongue will cut you up and leave you crying for mamma. A Gemini blowing up at you can seem weird because 20 minutes ago everything was all good.

When a Gemini loves you, they love with all they have. How to get on their side: The Virgo Dog tends to spend a great deal of time in the garden, communing with nature as he or she weeds, digs and generally makes a mess. The Virgo Dog is never happier than when he or she is doing something for the owner. This canine will take over some of the many chores which pile up during the day However, this truly helpful dog does not always get it right.

As a creature of routine and habit, this canine will expect to be fed and walked at the same time every day. Generally, sheep dogs and working dogs governed by Virgo thrive very nicely, working from dusk until dawn and content in the productive nature of his or her employment. Since Virgo traditionally rules small animals, however, even toy dogs such as chihuahuas tend to flourish under this sign.

All Virgo Dogs are loyal and expect the same steadfastness from any owner. It should be noted, however, that this dog does not take kindly to small children.

Being trodden on and grabbed does not suit the Virgo Dog one bit. Neverthless, he or she will be receptive to cats Indeed, the owner of a Virgo Dog would be well-advised to bring a feline into the home. Natives of Taurus and Capricorn tend to make the best owners for the Virgo Dog, sharing some of the earthy elements and even the penchant for cats.

Basically, however, owners born under any Zodiac Sign will enjoy the company of this canine This canine expects to start at the bottom but, within a year or two, will have ascended to a senior position in the household with quite a lot of "say" in things. The Libra Dog will stand for less obedience, more food and a shorter working week. If an owner should ask this canine to do anything during the evening hours, then double biscuits are in order or there will be no response. The Libra Dog is also a firm believer in the "closed shop" concept.

In other words, one house Basically a well-balanced creature, the Libra Dog is not overly-emotional and remains totally impartial when argument ensue.

This canine will be amiable and appreciative of the good things life has to offer but, above all, believes in "share and share alike.

Therefore, if the Libra Dog is obliged to sleep in a basket on the floor, then the owner is expected to do the same. Physically, the Libra Dog always appears to be well-nourished However, as this dog grows older, there will be a tendency to bulge and spread.

dog and human relationship facts about geminis

Whenever a Libra Dog is out of sorts, with a dry nose and no enthusiasm for anything, the best cure will be twenty-four hours of starvation. The dog will not appreciate it Every ounce saved while the Libra Dog is still a pup will mean an inch or so less in middle age.

This is a fact that the Libra Dog would, of course, very much appreciate The male Libra Dog will spend a lot of time in involvements with the opposite sex, but always in the most delicate and discreet fashion Usually, other dog owners consider the Libra Dog a pleasant and well-controlled animal who is never connected with any misfortunes that may beset their own pets. The female Libra Dog may not be so easy. She will be so afraid of offending any male that shows an interest in her that she will not know how to say "No.

The Libra Dog will refuse to be banished to an outside kennel, unless the owner is also willing to take up residence within. Thus, this canine will only be truly happy with an owner who is prepared to put himself or herself out for the sake of the dog. The Libra Dog will never stand for being treated like a dog while his or her owner is permitted to live like a person. This canine is remarkably persuasive He or she can also be ridiculously stubborn Since the Libra Dog models his or her life on that of the owner, if things go wrong then the owner only has himself or herself to blame.

In the eyes of this canine, if people do not go outside in the rain to relieve themselves, then the Libra Dog should not have to do so If the owner entertains a lot, with people coming and going all the time, then the Libra Dog expects the same privilege If an owner really cannot handle that and wants to continue to keep this canine as a happy pet, then the only answer will be to cut out the human visitors.

Nonetheless, the Libra Dog is possessed of a gentle manner and a great desire to please, usually remaining a loving soul as long as the love is returned. A large degree of affection is important to the Libra Dog and he or she will go to great lengths to display such feelings in the hope that the owner will reciprocate. This canine is not prone to being argumentative and, if tried sorely, will invariably become too frightened of upsetting an owner to show what he or she really feels.

However, this does not mean that the Libra Dog will be blind to an owner's bad points A Leo native is probably most suited to surviving the demanding standards of the Libra Dog. These two signs react well and bring out the best in each other rather than the worst. Owners born under the signs of Gemini and Aquarius also get on well with this canine under normal circumstances, but an Aries owner is a huge mistake. The strong character of an Aries subject will sap the limited confidence of the Libra Dog, reducing him or her to something of an "apology for a dog" rather than a dog in his or her own right.

The Libra Dog also enjoys the company of other dogs, provided there is no obligation to share space with such animal in the home. The Paragon There is a great strength of character hidden beneath the silky coat of the Scorpio Dog.

On the outside, it will be necessary to watch out for the tail, which is capable of expressing much more feeling that that of any other canine. The Scorpio Dog will be a formidable dog to live up to, since this canine considers himself or herself to be the perfect dog. The life of the Scorpio Dog has but one purpose Sadly, few if any manage to achieve such perfection, often leaving the Scorpio Dog with a personality which is as difficult for the dog to understand as it is for his or her owner.

dog and human relationship facts about geminis

The Scorpio Dog will either be a best friend or a worst enemy. This canine can love or hate with an equally passionate intensity and, if this dog is wronged in any way, then he or she will never forget.

On the other hand, this canine will also never forget when he or she is treated well. Scorpio traditionally governs secrets and this may be why Scorpio Dogs tend to make the most proficient trackers, being able to sniff-out even the most subtle of scents. Thus, this sign is an ideal one for bloodhounds, cocker spaniels, or any dog who needs an acute sense of smell.

The sexual prowess of the male Scorpio Dog also makes him an excellent breeder. Physically, the Scorpio Dog is thick-set with handsome features, but is not one to reveal feelings through body language. Inscrutable is a word that probably best describes this canine. If the Scorpio Dog is being scolded for some gross misdemeanor, then he or she will calmly sit there as though being told a bedtime story.

dog and human relationship facts about geminis

Moreover, in the midst of a "rant and rave" for any reason, this canine will most probably simply fall asleep. Both genders of this canine will possess a deep interest in mating. Unfortunately, neutering or spaying does not seem to help much Some owners claim that the best answer is to allow her to have at least one litter assuming, of course, that a mate can be found whom the Scorpio bitch is prepared to allow come anywhere near her.

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The trouble here is that this can cause phantom pregnancies which are almost more difficult to cope with than the real thing. It will be important for any owner of a Scorpio Dog to remember that, as the human, he or she will always be bigger than this canine. Even when the Scorpio Dog attempts to tower over an owner by leaping upon the table, the human should remind himself or herself of that fact.

Thus, an owner should be able to keep on top of things and, by so doing, will discover that the Scorpio Dog is basically an affectionate canine The Scorpio Dog has a tendency to overweight in middle age, so any owner would be well-advised to take great care over the diet while this canine is still a puppy.

Later, maintenance levels of food should be given, otherwise the naturally heavy build will look wonderful for a few years and then, almost overnight, become gross and distinctly unattractive. On the whole, the Scorpio Dog will be a healthy specimen with tremendous powers of physical endurance.

dog and human relationship facts about geminis

Thus, he or she is not one to spend long at the vet's office or run up large veterinarian bills. Where there is Scorpio Dog, then there should always be a dog-run house. This house will belong totally to the Scorpio Dog and an owner will be expected to maintain it according to this canine's exacting specifications. The Scorpio Dog demands and gets a full eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night and those hours of rest will be spent in the warmest and most comfortable place Nearly all Scorpio Dogs are psychic to some extent and, despite this canine's ability to remain inscrutable in times of stress, he or she will make it only too clear when something is being "seen" or "heard.

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However, most of the invisible beings noted by the Scorpio Dog will be harmless Socially, Scorpio and Scorpio make for the best combination. The same urge for power is shared, but each will understand where the other is coming from. However, a house with one Scorpio The Scorpio Dog revels in personality clashes and tension The only other native who will truly stand much of a chance as the owner of a Scorpio Dog would be Cancer.

No human governed by any other sign is advised to take the risk The Problem-Dog The Sagittarius Dog is a complex character with a basic problem which belongs to this dog alone: Most of the time, the Sagittarius Dog will not know whether to wag his or her tail or use it to keep the flies from an owner's face.

dog and human relationship facts about geminis

This will be a restless dog This canine flits from one interest to another, unable to decide what he or she actually likes.

The Sagittarius Dog experiences continual internal conflict with divided loyalties and a split personality. Nonetheless, this is a vital creature with a well-balanced body designed for taking energetic exercise. The eyes will be bright and shining, and the nose will be wet and healthy. The feet and ankles of this canine are fine and delicate. Healthier than most other dogs of the Zodiac, the Sagittarius Dog will only come to harm if unable to contain his or her enthusiasm and goes ballistic.

It will be aches, sprains, bruises and torn tendons which will keep an owner of this dog going back and forth to the vet's office.

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Usually controlled, muscular and sturdy, large dogs born under this sign generally fare well An exceptionally brave and lucky canine, the Sagittarius Dog can be a very trustworthy and reliable creature, particularly suited in that event for working with the blind. These dogs are full of character and can easily learn amusing tricks. The Sagittarius Dog who often believes himself or herself to actually be a horse will be determined to get to the bottom of everything This trait often makes the Sagittarius Dog a most unsuitable pet for the house-proud owner, particularly if there is limited access to the great outdoors.

Gemini and Fashion Playful and flirty, a Gemini woman tends to be noticed for her fun, quirky fashion sense. She loves trends and the changing of the seasons, pioneering new looks and different styles, then tweaking them to be uniquely hers. A Gemini woman usually needs a walk-in closet to house all her outfits — one for each of her many mercurial moods.

Her taste for colors is subtle, and her preference is for light, airy materials like chiffon or fine cotton.

A true bag lady, Geminis love purses and totes, as well as other arm and hand candy like rings, bangles, and bracelets. Those born in this time period have a natural blend of creativity and logic. Those born around this time can also be highly artistic and analytical. They can also be even more unique than others born in May and early June.

The lively Gemini woman knows all the latest trends, and the latest goss, and is streets ahead of most in the fashion stakes. She loves to shop with a gaggle of girlfriends and the mall is her second home. This is the woman who will accessorize her sweat pants. She is a big plus on personality — both of them — and changes her mind faster than a race driver changes gears.

She loves to buy two of everything. Depending on which personality is in charge, her fashion sense absolutely rocks — or crashes and burns. But whatever she wears, she wears it with style and is always off to a party, a meeting, or a date with her cell phone plastered to her ear.

When she sits still long enough, she will be found in chat rooms. When she goes out, she may forget her earrings, but never her Blackberry. When it comes to fashion and beauty, magazines and celeb websites are her sources. What is the latest hot thing being worn now? She knows, and probably already has two of them in her wardrobe. She is the same with jewelry and accessories.

Each outfit must have its own bag and shoes, some must have scarves, some must have belts. She will probably have dozens of pairs of sunglasses, lots of chains, and some really fine bling. Her hands are important.

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She will take a manicure over a facial any day. The gamin look suits the Gemini woman perfectly, and she will have the shiniest lip gloss on the block. She always succeeds in careers that demand good communication, and people skills, and she knows that looking good helps her get noticed.

After all, she could be a TV anchor or talk show host one day! She enjoys friends of all orientations, and will often have close girl and guy friends. She sees no reason to drop her friends when she is in a close relationship, so a jealous, possessive lover just may not be what she needs.

Another free and easy air sign, Libra or Aquarius, or her own opposite sign of Sagittarius will suit her best. It may take time for the Gemini woman to settle down and find the right partner to satisfy both sides of her personality. But while she may be undecided about commitment, she knows what she wants when it comes to sex.