Donna moss and josh lyman relationship counseling

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donna moss and josh lyman relationship counseling

Josh Lyman was the Deputy Chief of Staff during the Bartlet Administration, former campaign He eventually saw a specialist, Dr. Stanley Keyworth, for therapy after his relationship was with his assistant and later girlfriend Donnatella Moss. 'West Wing' relationship. Bradley Whitford as Josh Lyman and Janel Maloney as Donna Moss in “The West Wing. What “West Wing” relationships show is a truth many of us in this town have learned. That in evolved adult 5. Opinion My advice to progressives: Don't back down · Opinion The GOP. Josh and Donna Characters Josh Lyman & Donna Moss First met Together –present Status In a relationship/possibly married Rivals Amy Gardner.

Josh and Sam's last scene shows them together in the Oval Office for the new President's first briefing. Toby Ziegler[ edit ] Josh has a complex relationship with Toby throughout the show's run.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship counseling

The two do not have much in common one of their few unifying traits, their mutual Judaism, is negated by Toby's tendency to imply Josh does not really count as Jewish and are often at odds on policy matters, Josh being more pragmatic while Toby is more idealistic. They still respect one another tremendously and tend to be equally politically ambitious.

When Josh leaves the White House to run the Santos campaign, he discovers that Toby has been informally advising dark-horse candidate Senator Ricky Rafferty and has given her position statements originally drawn up by the Bartlet campaign. In a confrontation that turns physical, Toby accuses Josh of abandoning Bartlet at a time when he was needed. Obliquely in that conversation, and more explicitly in the next season, Toby admits to Josh that one reason for his anger was that he wanted to run a campaign with Josh.

Toby is also affected by the recent suicide of his brother, who had been diagnosed with cancer. Toby complains that he could have had years, but instead he just walked away; unable to express his anger at his brother for abandoning him, he projects it onto Josh. Their anger expressed and confronted, the two appear to repair their professional relationship, and Josh seeks Toby's advice covertly throughout the general election campaign. As Will puts it, he wants Josh to make Russell a candidate that America would vote for, and when the Vice President wins, the two can work together to make him a worthy President.

Josh turns down the offer, but the two work together to stop what Josh views as a faulty Patients' Bill of Rights that the Republican Congress is trying to pass. Will is also against the bill, mainly because it is an issue that he wishes to address in the Russell campaign. It is through working against the bill that Josh realizes how politically savvy Congressman Matt Santos is, which leads to Josh picking him as his "fantasy candidate" for the presidency several episodes later.

The relationship between Josh and Will becomes considerably antagonistic during the primaries when Josh becomes Santos' campaign manager in his run for the Democratic nomination, thus making him Russell's opponent in the primaries.

Will can't understand why Josh would pour his political talent into backing a candidate with little chance of success, while Josh questions Will's integrity, both for backing an unworthy candidate and for his methods.

The tension between the two eventually comes to a head at the Democratic National Convention, where Santos ultimately triumphs and is nominated. Despite the tough politicking between the two, their aggression disappears once Santos is nominated. Following the nomination of Santos, the two are seen drinking beers together in the backroom of the convention. Cregg[ edit ] C. She often asks Josh to look into questions posed in her press room, which Josh almost always does.

The duo does tend to have disagreements, however, because Josh is more arrogant while C. Josh technically ranks higher than C. They will often tease each other and get into bickering competitions, but both deeply care for each other and look out for one another in difficult situations.

In the wake of Leo's heart attack, C. However, it turns out to be a bit of a challenge as Josh tries, but fails getting away with eating poorly behind C. When Santos is ultimately elected President, he offers C.

Although Josh makes one last attempt to recruit her before she tells him that she's moving on, a decision Josh seems to understand. President Bartlet[ edit ] Throughout the series, Bartlet along with Leo appears as a fatherly figure to Josh. Although flashbacks reveal that President Bartlet initially had trouble remembering Josh's name and telling him apart from his other advisors, the President develops a special affection for Josh and even refers to Josh as his son in the season two finale " Two Cathedrals ".

When Josh's father dies, Josh books a plane trip back to Connecticut when Bartlet makes a surprise appearance at the airport terminal.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship counseling

Bartlet offers his condolences and asks Josh if he wants him to go to Connecticut with him, to which a visibly moved Josh says no. Josh tells Bartlet that his father was proud to have him working on the campaign, citing that his father wanted Bartlet to win the election. Bartlet regards his young Deputy Chief of Staff as an integral part of the machine that makes the White House run properly; the brain behind the political strategic planning of the administration.

When a powerful but difficult Hollywood studio chief threatens to cancel a critical fundraiser over an issue, he bosses Josh around in the process and later prompts an infuriated Bartlet to demand that Josh be treated with respect. On one occasion, Bartlet jokingly remarks to Leo McGarry that Josh, "frankly, is a lot smarter than you.

An example of this is very early in the campaign, Bartlet gives Josh some New Hampshire dropout numbers for Santos to use when talking about education, urging Josh to have Santos say Bartlet hadn't done enough. Immediately after the conversation, Josh burns the numbers. After Leo's funeral, a grieving Josh confides to Bartlet that "Leo and I were supposed to be doing this together" upon working under the new Santos presidency.

Bartlet responds with "Leo and I are the past. At times, most times really, they resemble an old married couple — reluctantly sharing food, dressing each other, having their petty squabbles and sharing the most over-familiar rapport.

Both actors have a knack for understated physical comedy and superb comic timing, which lends itself beautifully to the lightness of their scenes. When Donna is caught in a roadside explosion, Josh drops everything and flies to Germany to be with her. She tried to put it out; he ran outside.

Josh Lyman

He went off campaigning; his father died. What do you think makes him walk so fast? They are more tactile than married Jim and Pam, to be quite honest. There is an episode, Stirred a favourite of mine for many reasonswhere she positions herself in his office with her legs up on his desk. Their first meeting and THAT stage direction. And judging from one rather touching stage direction, so is she: The struggle is real. The obstacle in their relationship is legitimate.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship counseling

If they were to enter into a relationship, they would risk tarnishing the Bartlet presidency with a pretty big scandal that the administration could very much do without. The backlash to any potential romance would be catastrophic if it were to happen while Donna was still his assistant. It would seem as though he was taking advantage, or that she was sleeping her way to the top.

Amy Gardner

You couldn't ask for a better boss," she said as Jane scribbled away. So that can't really be the reason to that I am so tense. The people there have become like a second family to me and I have made the greatest friends. That's most likely because they all know how it is to work at the White House, and they understand all about why work is so important. So it can't be about them either," Donna said as she was thinking.

It might seem weird, to outsiders, having your boss as your best friend, but he has done an awful lot for me and we've been through a lot together," Donna said. Even though he might seem self-centered, hot-headed, provocative, charismatic, messy and other things to a lot of people, who don't know him deep inside, and is therefore a challenge to have as a friend," she said without having to think about the answer, "He is underneath all of that, he is soft, tender, loving, caring, stress-free, gentle, a charmer, a flirter, a humorist and more in that direction.

You melt in his presence when you know him like that. And you really have to know him completely, before he let's his true colours show.

And most of all, you have to know how to handle him and luckily I know how to do that. I never have to be embarrassed when it comes to personal 'girlie stuff' as he puts it. It has been like that since five minutes after we met.

Josh Lyman - Wikipedia

We just got along like a house on fire even though there is an age difference, which is a twelve-year gap. So I was twenty-four and he was thirty six when I came to work for him, and I knew from our first conversation, that Josh would become very special to me and we would become friends in that instant. I was in for a Hell of a ride having him as my friend. They even told me that in school, and told me that my intelligence was beyond my age," Donna said.

So however how busy he is, he will always make a stop to listen to my questions, and then make the time to answer them for me. He also likes to explain things thoroughly to me and I always let him.

Inever cut him off mid sentence. Amy does not let him explain things and she always cuts him off. I could call her a certain B Word, but that is way below my standard of appearance. She is not a 'feminist' in the right word.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship counseling

She is in the category of women who will do anything, and use a person like Josh, in the third highest-ranking position in the US, in her cause to accomplish what she wants.

Which includes putting Josh down and hurting him and calling him a Jackass. She came to congratulate him on election night and I saw them walking into his office.

This is suitably sick, but I could not help but stalking them. So I stood there lurking out there in the dark bullpen, listening to their conversation. And sure enough she cut him off, never letting him drive his point home," Donna said as she finally began to realize herself that her problem evolved around the Amy subject. The proverbial light bulb must have been switched on over her head because Jane noticed that too and she nodded. Or who, to be more correct I am tensed up by the thought of Amy.

Well I have thought about it a lot of times," Donna began. In all probability because I'm afraid that he'll get angry with me for telling him the die-hard truth about her. He can be dense about relationships. And having him angry with me I couldn't bear it.

It has been building up inside of me, all that anger I have towards Amy, but I had no place to unload it. And Josh is usually the person I do that with," she said in the light of recognition. But on the other hand I really need to have that talk with him or I am going to burst.

donna moss and josh lyman relationship counseling

He doesn't even know that I came here today, and I always tell him where I go, so that's how bad it has become. It seems highly important to me that you get this off your chest as soon as possible. My schedule is clear for the rest of this afternoon.

But it was now for that day and found nothing on the said schedule. It was picked up after the second ring.