Dua for good husband and wife relationship

Powerful Dua and Wazifa For Husband Love in Qur

dua for good husband and wife relationship

This is: breaking up between a husband and wife and creating he/she will be in a good mood to deal with others peacefully outside of home?. If there is disunity and bitterness between the husband and wife, the make dua to Allah Ta'ala that O Allah create love between us husband. want to make good relationship with your husband or wife then consult to Molvi Hazrat Muhammad Ali ji and get wazifa, amal and islamic dua.

Here is the dua for obedient husband: Here utmost preference is given to males like how they see things. What are their perceptions or how they want their wives to behave or do things? Every Male wishes that his wife blindly follows her man without uttering any word. He will explain to you how and when to do dua and seek the blessings of Allah. Whatever they do or say is hundred percent right and their wife must follow everything nodding their head whatever they say but no individual on this earth can always be right.

So, if your husband behaves the same with you, try to make him understand.

dua for good husband and wife relationship

Wazifa in Islam will cure your problem. Specialist in dealing with this kind of issues, our Molvi ji will try to help you. With the grace of merciful Allah, he will read dua and wazifa for husband attraction to his wife so that you can live a healthy married life. There is a truth to be told that when you live with a person, there will be disputes, there will be differences and fights but how you handle that phase is what matters the most.

If due to fights, some misunderstandings have arisen between husband and wife and your beloved husband is not obedient to you, we recommend you to seek the help of our Molvi Ji. Speak from a place of building rather than breaking down.

Take responsibility for the energy you bring to the table Narrated AbuHurayrah: When the Prophet peace be upon him congratulated a man on his marriage, he said: May Allah bless for you, and may He bless on you, and combine both of you in good works. Sunan of Abu Dawood — Book 11 Hadith From this narration of hadith, it is evident that each partner needs to take responsibility for the attitude and the actions that they bring to the table in married life.

They say that in this life, your experience is based exactly on what you give. If this is the case, what type of energy are you bringing to the table? When it comes to marriage our approach needs to be equally as awakened and careful. A note to every Muslim husband and wife: No matter what challenges a marriage may be faced with if you change from the sour, frustrated, heavy attitude to a more pleasant demeanour it makes a world of difference to the general view of the marriage.

Kindness, care and consideration to the marriage will all amount to a healthy dose of energy towards building a better bond. For just one evening in the week, skip gym and get home a little earlier to your wife. Ladies, meet your husband in the middle of a work day for a lunch date. Most importantly speak to your spouse in the quiet times about acts of spontaneity that would add value to their lives. When you are tired from the rigours of daily living and feel overwhelmed by the number of commitments on your plate, just remember that all it takes is one of you to do something exciting and kind to start a positive chain reaction.

dua for good husband and wife relationship

Marriage is the ultimate act of team work. One of the best examples of this is seen through Prophet Muhammad sall Allahu alaihe wa sallam and Sayyidah Khadijah R. Awho were in fact the ultimate team. With this in mind, protect your partner, speak positivity into their life. Remember that you are not just a marital partner, but the other half of a winning team. Inshallah, your marriage is a growing asset and foundation upon which you will raise wonderful children and fulfil the goals of half of your deen.

Bearing this in mind, you owe it yourself and your marriage to fuel your mind with positives and how you do this is by reinforcing the good times. It is in this manner that you give your marriage a firm foundation to stand upon. Allow your spouse to be themselves Narrated by Thawban: Would that we knew which property is best so that we might acquire it!

dua for good husband and wife relationship

We go about our daily lives, worrying about finance, and the glitter of coins and what our neighbours think of us. By doing so, we end up moving further and further away from who we are supposed to be and what is important.

Accept your spouse for who they are. Be present in the relationship and the marriage that you have built. This should not be prolonged. We know the dangers of this situation. The key to a good marriage arrangement is a good and capable person - one who will do a thorough investigation and a good interview session; one in which ALL questions are asked and answered. In the many years we saw many people in extreme marital problems because they did not have clear understanding of the responsibilities each expected of the other in marriage.

Dua for Obedient husband: Make a husband listen his wife

In Islam, this is never the case. The expectations of marriage partners are clearly established.

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If there is conflict, it is because of what we bring in - not what Islam directs. While these are 'modern' times, Islam is the perfect religion - the 'categorical imperative' - in regard to the guidelines for life, including marriage. Thank God This has not changed - and will not change.

Other places include fundraising dinners, regional seminars, lectures, at the home of a relative or friend, and the local mosque. Sadly though, Islamic guidelines pertaining to proper conduct between the sexes are not always respected at these meetings. None of these things fall within the guidelines of Islam.

Below are some Islamic principles,both general and specific, to consider if you will be be meeting or seeking a potential spouse for yourself or someone else at a conference, lecture, the mosque or another event: Why am I getting married. This is a good question to ask even if you are meeting the person to make a final decision because it will be a reminder about the real purpose of marriage from an Islamic perspective.

Marriage, from an Islamic perspective, is part of faith and it is part of the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad saww. He has conducted pre-marriage counseling in the U. Prophet Muhammad saww said: This of course, applies to women as well. However, religion it seems, is not always foremost in the minds of many people. In fact, it's probably the last factor on too many Muslims' list. According to Tasneem Qadeer, one of the seven volunteers who runs the Islamic Society of North America's matrimonial service, being a doctor or a lawyer is much more important to many Muslim women than piety.

And the men are not any better.

Dua'as for getting married

If you're looking for a spouse lower your gaze. This may seem like a contradiction, but it's not. Looking for a spouse who has the right qualities and whom you are physically attracted to does not mean throwing out the obligation to lower the gaze for both sexes and leering or ogling the person. That is purer for them. Narrated Jabir ibn Abdullah: The Prophet saww said: This means the two potential spouses can look at each other but not ogle or stare.

Get someone to help Marriage is not something to throw yourself into all by yourself.

dua for good husband and wife relationship

In fact, even some non-Muslims have come to see this as a more viable way of meeting someone instead of getting involved in the disappointing dating game or picking someone up in a nightclub or bar. Involving others, by the way, does not mean signing over your right to say yes or no to a marriage proposal.

Dua For Good Relation Between Husband And Wife | wazifa for husband wife +

It simply increases the likelihood of finding out important information about a prospective partner in a way that maintains rules of Islamic modesty i. Getting that third party involved also helps verify if the person you are interested in is decent, honest and respectful. This person s often checks out references, asks about the individual's character and behavior, and looks out for your best interest in general.

This person should be a trustworthy Muslim, since you are seeking a Muslim in marriage, and would want someone familiar with the Islamic way of doing things. For those blessed with Muslim parents, remember that they are probably your best allies and helpers in seeking the right husband or wife.

They have known you all of your life, and have your best interest at heart. However, parents must be open and attentive to what their children are looking for, and never forget the element of choice. Ultimately, it is their son or daughter who is going to make the final decision. Not only will they be able to be your reference.

They can also check out a prospective mate's references. A note about honesty and references: Remind them that if they reveal this information, they would not be backbiting from the Islamic perspective. In fact, in the case of seeking marriage, complete information should be given about an individual, both good and bad. A man came to a Scholar and spoke in praise of another.

10 Tips to Spice up the Husband and Wife Relationship in Islam

When you meet, don't be alone Rasulullah saww said: Also, Ibn Abbas related that Rasulullah saww said: Meeting alone, in the hotel room of one or the other potential spouse for example, is forbidden. The two cannot be in a situation where no one else can see or hear them. Instead, a discreet, chaperoned meeting should be set up. The chaperone, while allowing the two to talk, is in the same room, for example. As well, parents or guardians should set a time limit, recommends Winnipeg-based social worker Shahina Siddiqui.

dua for good husband and wife relationship

A whole day, for example, is too long for this kind of a meeting. When you speak, be businesslike and to the point. The purpose of meeting and talking to each other must also remain within Islamic guidelines. That means no flirtatious speech of a sexual nature on either side. Some of the topics discussed can include each other's interests, financial situation of the man, who is Islamically responsible for providing for his wife and children, and the two potential spouses' relationship with their parents.

Conversations between potential mates cannot be talking just for the sake of talking. There should be a firm and clear intention of either pursuing engagement and marriage, or, if one of the two or both the man and woman feel they are not compatible, a quick end to the relationship. This ensures both sides are safe from getting hurt more than they could in this kind of a situation and remain within the bounds of Islam, Insha Allah.

This is not something that should be brought up at the last stage. The couple can even get a blood test to ensure both are healthy.

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Some states even require this before marriage. Seeking marriage is something highly recommended in Islam.