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Edna feeds off Arobin's lust for her like a “narcotic” where “ his presences, Unequivocally, Reisz is brilliant and provides much pointed advice for those her marriage with Leonce yet upsets us with her lust with Alcee and. Similarly to Edna's relationship with her children is that with her husband, on the identity problems that women face: “She thought of Leonce and the children. Describe the unusual nature of the relationship between Edna and her children. . to tell several scandalous stories about men such as Alcée Arobin, who are heartless womanizers and .. What advice does Doctor Mandelet give Léonce?.

Adele Ratignolle and Mademoiselle Reisz, the two important female subsidary characters, provide the two different identities Edna associates with. For Edna, Adele appears unable to perceive herself as an individual human being.

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She possesses no sense of herself beyond her role as wife and mother, and therefore Adele exists only in relation to her family, not in relation to herself or the world. Edna desires individuality, and the identity of a mother-woman does not provide that. In contrast to Adele Ratignolle, Mademoiselle Reisz offers Edna an alternative to the role of being yet another mother-woman.

Mademoislle Reisz has in abundance the autonomy that Adele completely lacks. Although she has a secure sense of her own individuality and autonomy, her life lacks love, friendship, or warmth.

This makes it impossible to assume that she was moving out to live a better material life. She decided that she would sacrifice her good life and possessions in order to fully acquire individualism. This character is what made it impossible for Edna ever to have him as her own. Robert refused to get in a relationship with someone that was already married. His class and self-power doubled not only as what attracted her to him, but also what ultimately drove her to take her life in the end.

Encountering Robert is where the title of the book arose. She feels like one who awakens gradually from a dream to the reality of life. This is when and where she realizes what is available and that she is incapable of going back to what she had previously. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, which makes it that much harder to return.

Fearing that his love affair would lead to consummation, Robert decides to go to Mexico. Even Edna is unaware about his decision until she hears about it in the dining room. He had been with her, reading to her all the morning, and had never even mentioned such a place as Mexico. Robert fears that the society would condemn him for his relation with Edna, so he makes his mind to bring an end to his relation with Edna by leaving for Mexico. Although Robert is staying in Mexico, he is unable to forget Edna and his love for her.

So he returns to New Orleans and reveals his feelings to Edna. Edna also expresses her love for Robert openly and promises to spend her life with him. But once again Robert is overpowered by his fear of the society. He leaves a note for Edna and exits from the life of Edna.

He was nowhere at hand. The house was empty.

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But he had scrawled on a piece of paper that lay in the lamplight: Good-by — because I love you. The thought that Edna is Mr. Robert fails to garner courage to take Edna with him even after she had told him that she has removed herself from Mr. I give myself where I choose. Edna defies the rules of the society by expressing her desire to lead her life with Robert but Robert deserts her, as he is not courageous enough to fight the society for the sake of his love.

Although Robert is a flirtatious man, he respects the rules of his society and aims to behave in accordance to that.

Edna’s love for Leonce, Robert, and Arobin in The Awakening

Robert Leburn is the reason behind the awakening of Edna. Upon realizing her deep love, Edna shrugs off her social responsibilities and enjoys her newfound social and sexual freedom.

He aids Edna in discovering her true feelings and her real position in the universe. But by deserting Edna owing to the fear of disapproval of their relation by the society, Robert disappoints Edna to such an extent that she decides to end her life. Robert Leburn resembles Leonce Pontellier as far as his views regarding the rules of the society are concerned.

Both of them respect the rules of the society and aim to lead their lives following those rules. The major difference between Leonce and Robert is related to the manner in which they express their love for Edna. Leonce expresses his love for Edna by presenting expensive gifts to her whereas Robert shows his love for Edna by caring for her feelings and aiding her in discovering her true self.

The passion, that Edna yearned for, is lacking in the behavior of her husband.

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Alcee Arobin Alcee Arobin is a seducer who completely disregards the rules of the society and leads his life in a manner which pleases him. Even after returning to New Orleans, she is troubled by the memories of Robert. It is during this period that Edna meets Alcee Arobin at the race course. Alcee Arobin is a man of pleasing personality. He possessed a good figure, a pleasing face, not overburdened with depth of thought or feeling; and his dress was that of the conventional man of fashion.

When Alcee converses with Edna, he is attracted towards her. As Alcee and Edna keep meeting each other, they come to regard each other as close friends. He sometimes talked in a way that astonished her at first and brought the crimson into her face; in a way that pleased her at last, appealing to the animalism that stirred impatiently within her.

Edna yields to the advances of Alcee and has a sexual relationship with him but she never harbors any sort of feelings for Alcee. Her relation with Alcee is bereft of love. Although Alcee succeeds in seducing Edna, Edna never falls in love with him. She refrains from being emotionally involved in her relation with Alcee. He fulfills his sexual desires without thinking about the reaction of the society regarding his illicit relations. Alcee stands in contrast to Leonce and Robert who respect the rules of the society in which they are leading their lives.

Although Robert loved Edna intensely, he never attempted to have a sexual relationship with her, for he intended to obey the rules of his society. Leonce and Robert represent those men who honor the rules of their society and restrain themselves from breaking those rules for the sake of the fulfillment of their pleasures. Alcee breaks the rules of the society without any kind of hesitation. The three Creole men influence the life of Edna in various ways.

Leonce Pontellier, being a conservative husband, makes Edna to represses her individual feelings and expects her to lead her life according to his needs and desires.