Elijah and klaus mikaelson relationship

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elijah and klaus mikaelson relationship

The minute Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson showed up in season two of The . Though their physical relationship lasted just one night, their. This is the relationship between two Original Vampire brothers, Elijah Mikaelson and Kol Mikaelson. Elijah revived Kol in Bringing Out The Dead, after he had. By the end of the series finale, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah While the rest of the Mikaelson clan found their happily ever afters, Klaus and Elijah on Twitter) that the finale didn't cater to any one specific relationship.

Since each of them lacked their eldest brother, they became like brothers to one another, forming a bond that lasted centuries. Question 5 When does Klaus accuse Hayley of having another man's baby? He is fully convinced that she slept with someone else and is simply pinning the pregnancy on him, because vampires are not able to procreate.

Hayley sharply reminds him that she would gain nothing from lying about carrying his child and has, in fact, suffered immensely because of it. Elijah and others also assure Klaus that there are supernatural loopholes about these sorts of things, but he is a stubborn man, and tries to force her to admit to her lies in front of himself and others. In fact, she was the one who helped him to break his bond to Klaus and gain his freedom in the first place, and the two of them worked together to free others, too.

However, once he learned that she was pregnant with Klaus' child, he suspected that the unborn baby would bring forth a bloodline with the capability to sire hybrids, and became determined to eliminate the threat. He set out to New Orleans to capture Hayley so that he could test his theory and, if need be, get rid of both the unborn baby and its mother. Question 7 When did Katherine hallucinate Elijah?

On her death bed, she was plagued with vivid hallucinations of things that have haunted her throughout her lifetime, forced to relive her traumas with no hope of escaping them. However, one of the things she saw wasn't awful. She was genuinely happy to see him, envisioning him with a soft, fond expression, which she returned, even giving him a smile, which was incredibly rare for her.

She reached out to cup his face to welcome him to her, seeming to be at peace just from seeing him again. Question 8 When did Elijah and Hayley share their first kiss? He was protective of her due to the fact that she was carrying his brother's child, but it quickly deepened into more than that for him — and for her as well.

elijah and klaus mikaelson relationship

The two of them were undeniably attracted to one another from the moment they met, in spite of their terrible circumstances, and their close quarters only exacerbated the connection between them. There were quite a few almost-kisses, where one of them would think better of it and pull away, but eventually, Hayley couldn't stand it anymore, and finally kissed him. Question 9 When did Klaus leave Caroline a heartfelt letter?

Their relationship blossomed beautifully from a genuine friendship, leading to the two of them getting married.

Unfortunately, Stefan was forced to make a choice between sacrificing himself to save countless others or staying alive with Caroline, and his kind-hearted nature lead to the demise of their relationship. Sometime after the school opened, she received a heartfelt letter from Klaus Mikaelson, which contained a generous donation of three million dollars toward funding her school, and hinted at a future for the two of them after all.

Question 10 When did Klaus save Stefan from Rayna? His daughter, Rayna Cruz, followed in his footsteps, swearing to avenge his death at the hands of a vampire by eradicating the entire species, singlehandedly if necessary. She had a particular bloodthirst for Stefan Salvatore, but would kill anyone of any species who got in the way of her goals. Stefan, learning that Rayna was after him, fled to New Orleans, where he met back up with his old friend Klaus Mikaelson.

When Klaus learned the true reason for Stefan's presence, he banished him from the city, angry that he lied to him, and that he brought the vicious Rayna down upon his family. However, after speaking to Caroline, Klaus realized that he couldn't turn his back on Stefan and temporarily killed Rayna to allow Stefan an opportunity to escape.

Question 11 When does Elijah open up to Cami about his move? The Originals The Vampire Diaries In spite of, or perhaps because of, their volatile past, Elijah Mikaelson always felt a lot of responsibility for his half-brother, Klaus.

It never made any difference to him that they didn't share a father, but it had made all the difference in the world to both Klaus and Mikael. Determined to help his brother find redemption and believing that there was still some humanity left in him to save, Elijah followed Klaus to New Orleans, hoping to help out wherever he could.

He stopped into a bar, where he met Cami, a beautiful blonde bar tender that Klaus had taken a liking to. She was a psychology student and quickly bonded with Elijah by coming to understand his relationship with his brother. Question 12 When did Elijah end his relationship with Katherine? The two spent a lot of time together, and he was always there for her when his brother, Klaus, failed to be.

Eventually, he fell in love with her, and she returned his feelings, although they were never able to act on those feelings because they always were in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Katherine later proves her love to him by trusting him enough to hand over The Cure, choosing rebuilding a relationship with him over the opportunity to kill Klaus.

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However, he can no longer trust her, even if he wants to, and he officially ends their 'will they or won't they' relationship. Question 13 When did Klaus form a sire bond with Tyler?

It was dormant inside of him for most of his life, until he triggered it in his late teens. Once his inner werewolf was awoken, he was subjected to a brutal transformation each month. That transformation broke every single bone in his body and rearranged them to force him to take on his new form, and was incredibly long and painful.

Klaus Mikaelson, the Original hybrid, offered young Tyler reprieve from his suffering in the form of a bite, which would turn him into a hybrid as well. Question 14 When did Rebekah save Matt from Nadia? The two were meant to go to homecoming, but thanks to Elena daggering Rebekah, weren't able to. Later, Rebekah invited Matt to her family's ball with the intentions of luring him to his death at the hands of her brother, Kol, in order to get revenge on Elena. However, Matt was sweet, and the kindness of his simple gestures melted Rebekah's heart, and she spared his life.

The two of them fell in love and traveled the world together, where they met Nadia, a beautiful woman that they shared a bed with. Later on, Nadia locked Matt away in a safe to use him as leverage over his friends, but Klaus heard his screams and sent Rebekah to his rescue. Question 15 When do we learn about Klaus and Elijah's complex relationship with Tatia?

She was Elijah's first love, but was also the immortal whose blood was used by Esther to turn the Mikaelsons into the world's first vampires. A newly turned Elijah was the one to kill her, something that his mother used a spell to keep from him, causing him to repress the memory and come to believe that his mother had killed her instead.

elijah and klaus mikaelson relationship

However, Elijah eventually remembered, and confessed to Cami what he had done to Tatia, although he pleaded with her to keep his secret from Klaus, fearful that his brother would be unable to forgive him.

Question 16 When does Hayley talk to Alaric about Hope's future? The Originals The Vampire Diaries Hayley Marshall is a werewolf turned hybrid whose main motivation was ensuring that her daughter, Hope Mikaelson, had a better life than she ever did.

Shortly after learning of the school, she met with Alaric, one of the school's founders, to discuss her daughter's future. Question 17 When are Damon and Elena reunited? They started off as cool and even hateful toward one another, but they slowly built up a bond with an undeniable attraction beneath it. After a while together, tragedy struck, and Elena fell into a coma, unable to awaken as long as her best friend, Bonnie, was alive.

Damon was unable to sacrifice Bonnie after everything they had all been through together, and Elena agreed, but Damon promised to wait for her, and he did.

Eventually, the two were reunited. Question 18 When does Caroline carry Alaric's twins?

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She was carrying his daughters, two twin girls, and the two of them were overjoyed. They decided to get married, but while they were at the altar during their wedding ceremony, Kai Parker attacked. He stabbed and killed Jo, leaving Alaric devastated over the loss of not only his would-be wife, but his children.

However, Mystic Falls did not play by the rules, and with the help of some magic, the twins were able to be transferred into Caroline Forbes, making them the first babies to ever be carried in a vampire's womb. Question 19 When is it revealed how the Original Vampires were created? He and his siblings lived with their mother and father, Esther and Mikael.

elijah and klaus mikaelson relationship

Esther was a witch, and Mikael was very abusive toward Klaus, mentally, emotionally, and especially physically, having previously brutally beaten him to the point of near-death. In his teenage years, Klaus took his brother Henrik to watch the wolves transform, but they were discovered, and Henrik was torn to shreds.

Reeling from the loss, Mikael convinced Esther to use her magic to protect their remaining children.

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She agreed, and performed the Immortality Spell using the blood of Tatia Petrova. Though the Mikaelsons may fight each other from time to time, they never allow anyone to come in and attack each other. Before everyone settles in for the premiere of the fifth and final season Friday, April 20, here are The Originals memes that will always and forever be fan favorites. Up until that point, all we had been told was that no one was more evil than Katherine Pierce, so finding out there was a vampire worse than her, was interesting and fascinating.

She actually became a vampire to get away from Klaus. In season six we were introduced to crazy witch Kai Parker. As such, Joseph Morgan has had many looks for his various storylines and flashbacks. On The Vampire Diaries, Klaus was shown to be a classic gentleman type, so even when he was casual, he was still the best dressed man in the room.

Once he was the star of The Originals, audiences got to know more of his backstory and were treated to the expected historical flashbacks. These often feature a myriad of looks that include hilarious wigs. In the world of The Originals, this makes perfect sense.

Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah

Less survivors means no one stalking the family hundreds of years later. This became a running theme for his character throughout both shows. Elijah is great at sneaking around.

For something as intricate as The Originals, viewers need to pay attention to every small detail, because chances are they will become important later. A quick shot of a crazy symbol almost always leads to the big bad of the season.