Enrile and gigi reyes relationship

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enrile and gigi reyes relationship

Enrile-Gigi relationship surfaces in Senate probe Tuason also told Cayetano she knew that Reyes lives in La Vista, but that she had never. Enrile is and will soon be not only a prisoner of Gigi Reyes' love but a of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile in relation to the PDAF scam today. Early in , rumors flew that Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile was having a romantic relationship with his chief of staff, Jessica Lucila “Gigi” Reyes.

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This story prompted Enrile to make a public statement. Inhe said: There is no relationship, other than an official and professional one. Cristina wanted divorce Cristina left for the US to get a divorce. She sent JPE the papers to sign. But she would return after JPE told her: She just kept quiet, she said.

Cristina responded, "I think the word is an affection that I have because he is the father of my children. I respect him for that.

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But they supposedly ended it after that. He needs her for his work," she said. I don't know [what he did]. He didn't tell me. He just said, 'Mama, I will take care of it.

But Cristina said this is because of JPE's books. He's got too many books and she said it's better that he moved to the place vacated by Jackie so he can have more space. I cannot express it in words.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship

There is a mutual respect," she said. She said she has forgiven him wholeheartedly. Tinga lost but contested the results before the Commission on Elections.

JPE tried to persuade her to change her mind to no avail.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship

JPE on Gigi Reyes: I want her back The pork barrel scam later exploded after the elections. Reyes was among the respondents named in the complaint filed by the justice department before the Office of the Ombudsman on September Tuason unsure Enrile knew of kickbacks Cristina defends JPE While she admitted she has not been involved in her husband's political career — she doesn't even read the newspapers anymore except for the headlines — Cristina defended her husband both from charges he is involved in the pork barrel scam and from allegations he is running a smuggling mafia in Cagayan.

On allegations that he is the mastermind of the pork scam, she said: I don't think that Johhny is that stupid. From the very beginning, he said — I was present in the meeting — he said, 'I don't want to know that anybody tries to smuggle anything, even toothpick. The P improved as the years went by.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship

Why will you get into a government job that gives you such a low pay? He junked Marcos to join the People Power Revolution that installed Corazon Aquino as president, but he was later charged with rebellion when he was accused of masterminding the coups against her administration.

They can sign cheques for me, they can decide for me because they know more or less how I think," Enrile said. Enrile also lamented talk of a supposed illicit relationship with Reyes. He simply trusts her, Enrile told reporters in Laguna where he joined a senatorial campaign.

Enrile, his wife Cristina, and his affair with Gigi Reyes

Gigi Reyes found herself in the middle of a bitter word war between her boss and Cayetano, who dragged her name in a privilege speech he delivered Wednesday before the plenary to detail why he thinks the Senate President is mad at him. The powerful Gigi Reyes Cayetano said there are two reasons why Enrile doesn't like him and both reasons involved Gigi Reyes.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship

Cayetano was the First Gentleman's fiercest critic. Cayetano accused Enrile of helping a group that supposedly criticized him when he stood up in Congress to criticize the Arroyo couple.

'The Boss' and Gigi Reyes

Tinga lost but contested the results before the Commission on Elections. Cayetano said these are among the reasons he was excluded from the cash gift that was released to other senators in December He said that Reyes was so influential with Enrile that she would join meetings of senators. In its January 24 issue, a Philippine Daily Inquirer story detailed how Reyes is considered the "24th senator," citing information from Cayetano. According to the Inquirer story, Reyes exercises extraordinary powers in the Senate.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship

She signs cheques in behalf of the Senate President.