Ezreal and lux relationship with god

why Lux-Ezreal bothers me, but why I guess it's okay anyway : ezrealmains

ezreal and lux relationship with god

Explore John Carl Ilan's board "Lux ❤ Ezreal" on Pinterest. | See more Lux ❤ Ezreal · ezreal and lux - Google Search Legend Images, Rpg, Irelia, Lol League Of .. Devil God · A lord of team of iron land warrior, Hidomeki Kyomasa .. LOL · Orianna - League of Legends - One of the best teamfight champions. Her "lore. For League of Legends on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Ezreal and Lux are officially, canonically, in a relationship". A weapon fit for a god-warrior of Shurima, and the perfect tool for an explorer. Soon after returning to Piltover, Ezreal found himself bounding from adventure to .

Invest in a mirror. If we're looking at the pairing as a whole, Lux is veritably more damaged, more complex, and more interesting than Ezreal.

I brought this up in a previous post, but Lux is well above him, in terms of economic status. She's practically a servant of the royal family, which means you get to be like Queen Amidala's handmaidens. He's a decent but relative nobody with wealth and a good family name. You don't just get to "meet" the royal court of Demacia if you're diddly shit from Piltover. Even if you're the adventuring sort. Maybe Caitlyn could gain an audience. This wouldn't be such a problem in an isolated incident Lux approached the shower undeterred by the mess of colours, perhaps allured by the not at all enticing body of her house-mate.

Despite the Overmind's attempts, their relationship remained for all intents and purposes platonic, and the god of the world could not be bothered to go back and redefine their relationship, nor put in the effort and make them actually fall in love.

ezreal and lux relationship with god

Lux proceeded to spin in a whirlwind in order to discard her clothes, though instead of stopping she did not and instead continued to rotate as she became parallel to the ground.

She wiggles her legs as if walking and entered the walk-in-shower via floatation. With both of them inside the shower, there bodies clipped and bent around each other, much to the Overmind's approval.

Meanwhile downstairs, Warwick was walking around the kitchen, her head adorned with a cactus model, somehow turned into an accessory and applied to the poor creature by some wicked twist of fate. A s Warwick's carers mashed polygons with each other whilst lathering themselves in suds, she lay in the living room, containing four chairs in the centre, facing outwards at the three televisions on each of the rooms walls and the door, providing optimum view-age of each screen, according to the Overmind's logic at least.

Warwick then decided, after curling up on one of the chairs, that the "Theory" of Gravity just didn't stand up to scrutiny, and thus, ascended from the living room and through the still empty baby room until she was lounging on the roof of the house, not at all enjoying the feeling of Roof-tiles lodged in her abdomen. The Overmind spared the creature no thought, intstead shifting their view to the second floor of the house once more.

The baby room contained almost a dozen cots, and the room took up half the second floor of the house, according to the Overmind's specifications, hoping that the singularity of limbs and blonde hair assets that was Lux x Ezreal would produce much spawn, and thus appease their head-canon for the two.

The lack of anything in the cots was evidence to how little chemistry Lux and Ezreal had, which was a disappointment. In all honesty, calling them 'Lux' and 'Ezreal' was somewhat disingenuous. Beyond some basic features the pair hardly resembled their past selves at all. Their past selves a distant memory since they were brought from their home universe to this Certainly, Lux did indeed have blonde hair, was a female, and had two arms and two legs. But beyond these things the similarities became few and far between.

She was far too thin for starters, the Overmind having messed with the physics of the world to allow such a sharp and pointy figure, Her waist being thinner than her own Ezreal was far too muscular, his wrists so swole they clipped through his hips, and his chest that of a Silver-Backed Gorilla. Though their proportions were absurd, for the purpose of the Overmind's satisfaction they would do, as they were doing now and as they would be made to do in the future, willingly or no.

Once Ezreal was finished in the shower, he removed himself and dressed without much incidence. However, when he attempted to leave the bathroom by passing the two sinks, both broken, he was schlorped into the gap between the entities, much like Warwick before him.

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With his legs now resting on one of the kitchen cabinets, he struggled and attempted to prevent his fall into the refrigerated hell below, but to no avail. Lux also finished her shower cycle, getting dressed within the shower and left the room via the relative safety of the nearby wall, only to emerge still horizontal in the baby room. Here she stared at the many empty cots, lamenting first over the fact she existed, and second that she had no offspring to share this horrific existence with, only Ezreal, Warwick, Mail-man, and their neighbour down the street.

However, finally after so much time, the powers that be decided that today was the day that her dreams be realized, and she had the sudden urge to find Ezreal and "Try for baby".

Obviously, the Overmind was delighted by this prospect, jumping up and down slightly in their Office chair. Lux rose from where her feet rested on the floor and allowed her head to fall back, her arms rising from her sides as she was showered in the light of the sun, which repeatedly glitches so it appeared from within the room.

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In T-pose formation she bumped down the stairs on her heels and then orbited around the now relaxing Ezreal. Ezreal rose from his sitting position and faced Lux, only to have her go through him and come out the other side, her mouth and body making it look like she had tried talking, but not even the usual gibberish was heard, instead the undulating mess of blonde and polygons ascended through the ceiling to the master bedroom to do what must be done.

Ezreal followed, successfully navigating the stairs, only to be pulled through the wall into Lux's enbrace, much to the Overmind's amusement. The two became one in another sense in that moment, not only clipping through each other and having their limbs fold into each other, but also coiling into a mass of skin textures in the act of producing a hell spawn.

As of the Retcon to Warwick's lore, their official relationship of being rivals have been reset. Some unusual members of the player base have started shipping Soraka with Hecarim. This seems to be largely due to the two of them being the most popular girls in general.

This does actually have a certain amount of sense to it: Ahri is explicitly based on the gumiho of Korean mythology, one of whose specific traits is a sort of telepathy.

ezreal and lux relationship with god

Now, given that the only way Sona can communicate verbally with others is through them being able to hear her thoughts Similarly, the Asian fanbase seems fond of shipping Lulu and Veigar together Poor Veigar's willingness on this seems to vary, depending on the artist. It's taking root in the NA community as well. This got so prominent, so quickly, that it essentially forced its way into becoming canon ; on the updated League main site, Lulu and Veigar are now listed as mutual friends.

This has been around since her introduction, even in NA even if it wasn't as prominent it still held third most preferred in one old poll on the forums.

Varus and Lulu are a popular but usually not sexual pairing, with Varus as a big brother or father figure to little Lulu. And even that is teased with them being friends according to the site. Considering these two are the paragons of Rakkor Pantheon is the strongest in the military, Leona is the most powerful in the "church" and childhood friends, it's fairly reasonable. The Fanon added up with Pantheon's baker joke and Leona's protective philosophy that Leona is a fan of Pantheon's cakes, and when they were children, Leona protected Pantheon from bullies that ridiculed his hobby before he became known as the paragon of the Rakkor warriors.

Seeing as how the Rakkor are a Proud Warrior Raceit makes sense that that kind of bullying could happen. Unlike most examples, Riot responded by stating that they're both mutual rivals. Since when does that stop anyone? Riven and Yasuo, ever since Yasuo's conception and his interactions with Riven, half of which are sympathetic, and the other half hint that it was most likely Riven who killed his elder.

Despite this, they're a popular couple, or at least on the way.

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Their legendary skins certainly are at least a nod to their popularity as a pair. Not only are they counterparts to each otherbut they share many quotes and are fixated on the other to the point of ignoring everyone else.

ezreal and lux relationship with god

They both recite lines from Byron's bittersweet poem "When We Two Parted" and generally come across as a pair of Star-Crossed Lovers — who really, really want to kill each other.