Fai and kurogane relationship trust

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fai and kurogane relationship trust

Also known as sofa snuggling, and Kurogane defending Fai from an unsavory group while giving KuroFai Established Relationship. .. He was scared, but he trusted Kurogane to save him, since Kurogane had saved him. Now that all that was done, Fai was alone with Kurogane. "Kuro-puu," Fai said, "Now that we're stuck together, we had better form a working relationship. He supposed that he must trust Kurogane more than he trusted the. Fai told Yuuko that his and Kuro's relationship had "crossed the line" They didn' t trust each other until Nihon, and even after that, their relationship never.

When he woke up, he found himself cleaned and his hand in bandages. She introduced herself as Princess Tomoyo; Tsukuyomi was a hereditary title given to the miko princess of Shirasagi Castle. Later, Kurogane was accepted as a ninja of Shirasagi Castle, yet he still continued to search for the carrier of the sword that killed his mother.

He never found another sword like it and only recently discovered from Syaoran accidentally viewing Kurogane's memories in the Book of Memories in Rekoruto that the one responsible for his mother's death was the same person Fei Wang Reed who attacked Sakura when her feathers appeared in the Kingdom of Clow. Fei Wang originally intended to turn Kurogane into his "pawn", similar to what he did with Fai.

Journey Kurogane and Princess Tomoyo of Japan At the beginning of the story, Kurogane tells Syaoran that he would not help in finding Sakura's feathers, since it was not related to him. Anyway, he ended up aiding Syaoran and the others, teaching Syaoran how to fight and use a sword as well. Kurogane showed a strong reaction when he saw another Tomoyo in Piffle World.

After hearing how she met Princess Tomoyo in a dream, he hesitantly asked her how Princess Tomoyo is. Just before he left, he affirmed that he will definitely go home. In the Tokyo arc, Kurogane was involved in a short fight with Kamui. Fai thus became a vampire and survived. Since it was not Fay's wish to live but Kurogane's, Fai can only take blood from Kurogane. Fai refrained from calling Kurogane nicknames from then on, in an effort to distance himself from Kurogane.

Fai felt that by calling him the nicknames he had "crossed the line" that he himself had drawn to avoid getting too close to anyone, though it is inevitable that their relationship will change. Kurogane noticed that Fai and Sakura were up to something in the Infinity world, but he did not say anything. After Sakura left, he finally spoke up, refusing to let Fai give up his eyesight to go to Celes.

This caused an angry Kurogane to unsheath his sword and attack Ashura and Fay. He and Fay fought fierce battle that devastated the room around them. In the mayhem, Kurogane destroyed the body of Fai's twin and managed to overpower Fai in that moment of weakness.

Kurogane then turned on Ashura, demanding to know why he'd shown them Fay's memories. The king responded by saying that he only wanted Fai to "grant his wish" and kill him. Ashura then launched vicious spells against Fai, Kurogane, Syaoran, Mokona, and a defenseless Sakura's body in order to force Fai's hand to kill him.

In the chaos that followed, one of the massive ice stalagmites that he conjured pierced Kurogane through his lower right side. Kurogane is then apparently spared the damage due to the protective spell that placed upon him before leaving Japan by Tomoyo. He then stabs Ashura, and after the king's death, Fai's second curse activates. Fai's second curse caused him to suck up the world of Celes destroying it from the inside.

Fai tries to transport Kurogane and the others out of the small sphere that Celes has become, but he doesn't have enough magic to do so. He only succeeds in transporting Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona. In ChapterKurogane wakes up and finds himself back in his country, with Princess Tomoyo by his bed. Tomoyo welcomes Kurogane home and asks him if he has found out the true meaning of strength, to which he replies that he doesn't know.

However, he explains to Tomoyo that he doesn't regret giving up his arm to take Fai with him, and tells her that he knows that some things can't be protected only by physical strength.

This surprises Tomoyo, but she acknowledges that Kurogane has definitely realized the true meaning of strength. She then lets Fai into Kurogane's room. Kurogane seems genuinely pleased to see Fai, while Fai doesn't express much emotion, until suddenly - he punches Kurogane. Kurogane doesn't quite react to this, far too startled. Fai then smiles at him, saying "This is payback, Kuro-sama.

Kurogane grins back, promising to beat Fai up for that. Their relationship seems to go back to normal after this, melting the ice that was lodged between them and deepening their bond. In the second to last page ofKurogane is seen with the arm attached, but claims that it "feels weird. Kurogane later talks to Tomoyo about how Fei Wang planned to use him but Tomoyo reassures him that he wouldn't be easy to control thinking back on how he would never listen to anybody.

He then requests the real Ginryu from Tomoyo, stating he'll have to commit the sin of digging up his mother's grave. But Tomoyo reveals that before his mother died, she requested that Tomoyo hang onto it until her son needed it.

At this point, Kurogane's true name that only Tomoyo knows Youou is revealed. In order to find out the location of the Sakuras, they must pay a price. The price has been paid for by Watanuki as he wanted to repay Syaoran for saving him.

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When they arrive at the ruins, Syaoran imparts his story to Fai and Kurogane, for the battle ahead, and because he had witnessed both their pasts. He explains that he rewound time, creating distortions that may have changed Kurogane's past - Kurogane's parents might not have died in the same manner has Syaoran not chosen to save Sakura. It is revealed that the 'stagnant' time is actually the day that the seal was placed on Sakura.

They encounter Fei Wang and the Clone Syaoran. Syaoran is again defeated by the Clone, knocking him to the ground and seemingly stabbing Syaoran through the chest. The Clone drags Syaoran's seemingly lifeless body toward Fei Wang. This is a ruse, the Clone having stabbed his own foot, as Syaoran takes Hien from the Clone and stabs Fei Wang with it.

As Fei Wang attempts to retaliate, the Clone stands in the way, protecting Syaoran from the blade. The Clone tells Syaoran to take the feathers to Sakura. He manages to apologize to the entire group before he dies. Syaoran, Fai and Kurogane then strike at Fei Wang, only to find it is an illusion created by Kyle, who dies of the wound shortly after.

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Fei Wang then appears in front of the group, holding clone Sakura's body. Time begins to move again, Fai and Kurogane tell Syaoran to take real Sakura's hand, but she is seemingly consumed. The time-space continues to collapse revealing that Tokyo is in fact Clow's past, the "power of the ruins" is actually the feather that she left in Tokyo.

He grabs her, finally, but then she is pulled back to Fei Wang's seal. Kurogane's lack of regard and respect for human life is what eventually forces Tomoyo to send him to the home of the Dimension Witch in order to meet many different people and to learn the true meaning of strength.

As the series develops, we later discover that Kurogane, like most CLAMP characters, comes with an obligatory tragic past, and that he wasn't always so violent and bloodthirsty.

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He was once a happy, well-adjusted little boy, who adored his mother and wanted to be just like his father when he grew up, but that all changed the day their territory came under attack. If witnessing the assassination of his own mother wasn't traumatising enough, it's the discovery that his father, the person he's always idolised, has been defeated during battle that tips Kurogane over the edge.

Wielding the Ginryuu sword in one hand while clutching at his mother's corpse with the other, Kurogane goes on a murderous rampage, and it's only thanks to Tomoyo's intervention that he finally ceases and returns to his senses. Kurogane's back story now makes two things clear: It's easy to understand Kurogane's thirst for power after seeing him lose everything he held important, and while he does strive to be the best of the best, his main motivation always has been and always will be to protect.

Kurogane does change once he starts travelling together with Fai, Syaoran and Sakura, though, and we're shown the more positive aspects of his personality.

He comes to care for his comrades and looks out for all of them, becoming a mentor and a role model for Syaoran and displaying a surprising amount of wisdom and patience in the process. He develops a certain fondness for Sakura, keeping her out of harm when Syaoran is unable to do the job himself, and he even tolerates Mokona's teasing to an extent.

The first time we see him is in his home country, Celes. The castle guards are dead presumably killed by Fai himselfand Fai emerges from the pool in which he's sealed away Ashura, the country's ruler. It's not clear as to why Fai would resort to such drastic measures, but he admits that he "had no choice" in the matter, although he does seem to feel remorse for what he's done, and is later fearful of being hunted down for his crimes. The relationship between Ashura and Fai is a complex and unexplained one, but the relationship between Fai and Chi is fairly straightforward.

fai and kurogane relationship trust

It's safe to assume that Fai created Chi as a companion in order to lessen his feelings of loneliness, and it makes sense considering how tactile he is. He's physically affectionate with Chi, and he generally treats her like a beloved pet, entrusting her with the task of guarding Ashura before he leaves and reminding her to raise the alarm, should anything go awry. Unlike Syaoran, Sakura and Kurogane, Fai transports himself to see the Dimension Witch, making it obvious from the start that he possesses quite a large amount of power, probably enough to rival that of Yukito's, a high priest, and Tomoyo's, a priestess.

Yuuko later states that her removal of the markings on Fai's back is what caused his powers revert to "how they should have been originally", suggesting that the tattoo served its purpose as an amplifier or maybe even a ward of sorts. Without his tattoo, Fai adamantly refuses to use magic, even when his own existence is threatened but, like Kurogane, he gradually changes over the course of their journey. He still talks too much and he very rarely takes things seriously, but he is a genuinely kind person, offering advice to Syaoran and getting him to lighten up on occasion and taking Sakura under his wing.

A state in which other outcomes are impossible. A result which can only be obtained by a single causality, and other causalities would necessarily create different results. Kurogane's desire to go back to his own world contrasts with Fai's aim of never returning to the place where he came frombut while their reasons for requesting travel through dimensions is different, the method is ultimately the same.

Alone, says Yuuko, these wishes could never have been realised, but the combination of payment from the two of them, plus Syaoran and Sakura, enables the group to begin their journey together. To do this, they surrender their most treasured possessions Kurogane, his sword; Fai, the markings on his back; Syaoran, his relationship with Sakura; and Sakura, her memories of Syaoran in exchange for Mokona, a magical creature that serves the purpose of transporting them from one world to the next.

Unsurprisingly, Kurogane is not happy with the arrangement. He's the only one who wasn't informed of Yuuko's true naturehence the reason he's so rude and upfront. Fai, on the other hand, knows exactly who and what she is, and seems somewhat taken aback initially by Kurogane's crassness. Unfortunately for Kurogane, this quickly turns to amusement, and sparks the beginning of Fai's long and unrelenting quest of finding new ways in which to annoy the grumpy ninja.

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It has to be noted that Fai is rather polite and respectful not quite on the same level as Syaoran, but considerably more so than Kuroganeand he addresses both his elders and his youngers in the appropriate fashion. Kurogane, however, gets special treatment when, after landing in their first world of the Hanshin Republic, Fai decides to forgo the formalities and gives Kurogane a series of very cutesy and very babyish pet names.

Syaoran's first instinct during Kurogane's battle with the leader of Shougo's rival gang as they search for Sakura's feather is to help out but Fai holds him back, advising him not to get involved for risk of making Kurogane angry.

He barely knows the man and yet he has a better understanding of him than Syaoran. He believes Kurogane is capable of handling his own affairs, and it's a belief that's later returned when Fai challenges Primera.

Again Syaoran rushes to help, and Kurogane warns him to stay put. He can tell just by watching Fai in action that he's used to fighting, and he's confident he can take care of himself. Later, after the retrieval of the feather, Sakura awakens with no recollection of herself or Syaoran and, as Kurogane and Fai watch him stand alone outside in the rain, Kurogane remarks that if he wants to keep from crying, he'll just have to get stronger, while Fai maintains that "a certain strength is needed in being able to cry when you should".

It's fairly ironic considering that he never applies those same words to himself, but it also shows that Fai is gradually undergoing change, as is Kurogane. They may have been strangers thrown together out of necessity, but they're slowly coming to trust and care and develop concern for each other and the children, forming a bond in spite of their differences.

Bidding farewell to Hanshin, it's off to the country of Koryo, and while Syaoran and Sakura go out in search of the feather with Chu'nyan, their young hostess, Kurogane and Fai remain behind to fix her damaged house. We see that Fai is admiring of Syaoran's determination, and that he and Kurogane are sympathetic towards the boy regarding the sacrifice of the relationship between himself and his most precious person but, Fai being Fai, the conversation doesn't stay serious for long.

He much prefers to sit back and let Kurogane deal with the manual labour, 'supervising' his work while sipping tea and generally getting on Kurogane's nerves with his laziness and lack of motivation.

When the decision is made by the group to overthrow the lord of the town, Mokona makes contact with Yuuko to gain assistance. She agrees to send a magical item in exchange for Fai's staff, but not before commenting that the wizard could easily do the job of breaking the protective barrier on the castle himself. Fai is unwilling to use his powers without the markings he handed over as payment, though, and it's this reluctance that almost gets him killed by Kiishim.

Kurogane is the one who saves him, despite being frustrated by Fai's reluctance to use his magic even when his own existence is threatened, and when he asks why Fai is so intent on running, Fai reveals his reasons. He doesn't mention Ashura's name, but he does admit that he "left someone sleeping underwater" in Celes, and that if "that person" ever woke up he would chase Fai down.

Kurogane is the only one Fai passes this knowledge onto, and, like Fai, he shows that there's more to him than meets the eye. He may be irritable and easily annoyed, but he's no reckless fool. On the contrary, he's a good tactician, and it's thanks to his quick thinking that he and Fai are able to work together as a team and make it out alive.

Fast-forward to the world of Outo and Fai starts getting bolder with regards to Kurogane. He provokes him both physically and verbally on a regular basis, delighting in the way Kurogane flies off the handle in response. Kurogane is aggravated further over the aliases Fai registered the group under, but then the name 'Big Puppy' is hardly fitting for a warrior of Kurogane's status, not that Big Kitty Fai bothers taking this into account.

What should be an uneventful trip to seek out information soon turns into a fight for survival when oni, the enemies of Outo appear, and Fai is the one to save Kurogane's skin this time when he fails to pick up on their presence. Defeating the oni without any weapons is impossible, however, and Fai falls as a result.

Kurogane gets the chance to repay Fai's earlier favour, and gives him an earful for it afterwards.

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If there's something I'm protecting, and anybody tries to steal it, I kill them. I can't count the number of people I've killed. I don't even try to hide it anymore. But, the ones I hate most in this world are the guys who lives are nowhere near their end and don't make any effort to live them! Kurogane is unimpressed with the lyrics, saying, "If she wants to go somewhere, she should just get up and leave. Why depend on somebody else?

He definitely finds him irksome and troublesome, but he's actually trying to understand Fai and find out why he acts the way he does. Kurogane is a man of morals and standards, and Fai's urge to depend on others rather than standing on his own two feet frustrates and confuses him.

Fai suppresses his emotions and Kurogane doesn't.

fai and kurogane relationship trust

When Kurogane is angry, he doesn't hesitate to show it. He also expresses his happiness upon finding worthy opponents, but, as Mokona says, Fai is thinking of other things even when he's smiling.

If Syaoran laughs or has fun, nobody will blame him for it. It's true for Fai, too. Nobody will blame Fai. Not Syaoran, not Sakura, not Kurogane. Despite what Fai has suffered through, he remains considerably unselfish. When Seishirou appears to eliminate Kurogane and Syaoran, Fai sacrifices himself in order to protect the unconscious Sakura.

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He still refuses to use magic for the sake of his safety, and although he's admitted that he "can't die" on previous occasions, he also has very little regard for his own life, placing other people's happiness above his own.

It's this sacrifice that causes Kurogane to go out in search of revenge and to use full force against Seishirou, regardless of the spell placed on him by Tomoyo.

Even though he's only known Fai for a short period of time, he's still determined to avenge his death, giving further credence to his belief of killing whomever tries to steal what he's protecting.

The fight is cut short when Yuuko shoots an arrow into the battlefield via Mokona, and Kurogane's killing intent immediately disappears when he sees that Fai is very much alive, having only died in the virtual reality experience that is Outo. After a fleeting moment of surprise and relief, he sulks over the interruption for the next couple of worlds, prompting yet more teasing from Fai when they land in Sharano.

His cheerful facade falters when he learns the names of the country's guardian gods, however, and Kurogane notices. What's more, he confronts Fai during their marathon drinking session by saying "you're not going to tell me about it, are you?

It may just be a statue, but they started talking about Yasha. The name of Ashura came out, too. It was just at that time that I saw your face lose colour.