Fedde le grand mr back and forth relationship

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fedde le grand mr back and forth relationship

Thursday, April 12, – Electric Island is back again this year for it's 6IXTH was he so we just built that relationship and started working on music together. .. Fedde Le Grand Drops 'You Got Me Runnin” Out Now Via Darklight Recordings .. the funk and synth-pop elements while carrying forth smooth, house grooves. Fedde Le Grand discography The discography of the Dutch record producer and DJ , "Back and Forth"(featuring Mr.V) .. Thele has explained: "We place great importance on long-term artist relationships and development, always. P "Put your hands up for Detroit", "Let me think about it", "The Creeps" Va las mai jos un interviu cu Fedde LeGrand - vorbeste despre in the crowd and having a really intimate relationship with the dance floor. It was really important for me to have a website that gave something back to the fans rather.

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The sun was shining in typical Miami fashion, we knew this was gonna be a great day. As we made our way past the pool, it featured a raised area right behind the stage where VIP bottle service was situated.

We continued past this and entered a giant sandlot, where people could dance and enjoy the funky beats that were laid down by Ellen Alien. Moving through the night people continued to file in. Planes flew over all throughout the day, as they do every day, with banners for every afterparty imaginable. To finish the night, DJ Mag had a special guest in mind… All you had to do was have a look at the two issues of DJ Mag that were plastered everywhere.

Merk & Kremont talk about career and new track with Fedde Le Grand in exclusive interview

There were two covers of the DJ Mag issue. One of the artists was Black Madonna, who had already played earlier in the day. It left the guests with only one more option, as they all searched for the second issue, it was revealed to them that it was two blonde Australian sisters.

Now it was time for the sisters to get on stage. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome, Nervo.

Fedde Le Grand ft. Mr V. - Back & Forth // Full Vocal Mix

They played an electrifying set that set the bar to a whole other level. The girls were in their typical attire of funky, crazy, edgy style featuring My Little Pony accents. The sun set to the electronic tracks by these two sisters, but the beat kept going all night long. Arriving at The National, the first thing you see is the massive pool surrounded by the hotels balconies which led you to another pool.

fedde le grand mr back and forth relationship

This hotel was known for the longest pool in all of South Beach Miami. Boy, were we lucky. This foot pool eventually led to the main sand lot where people could groove to funky house and tech house until midnight. The Scotsmen and KC Lights started to fill the dance floor as people got out of the pool and really started to party.

Playing more of a house set, this DJ had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Latmun kept the crowd dancing and grooving until Diplo arrived, with Starbucks in hand to play his set. Next on the list was the host himself, MK, who blew everyone away with such an enchanting house set that only he could do.

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Situated at the 1 Hotel, one of the largest venues we saw during all of MMW. It was quite the sight to see when someone ordered bottle service here. As the bottle is carried over, the servers run with a coloured smoke grenade that is almost reminiscent of a torch bearer at the olympics. The music, view, and vibes tied in together so seamlessly, which made for a perfect way to start and end a Friday night in the beautiful city of Miami. Would you be open to remix a Romanian artist's track if it were good enough?

What is your main source of inspiration for your music? Or I might hear something new on the dance floor and that inspires me, or a musical movement that I grew up with that I love and I want to do my own take on it. What sound would you like to experiment with, other than dance music? I love funk, the funkier the better! A question asked by the fans: One of the last tracks that made me feel more or less in heaven was Aloe Blacc, I need a Dollar.

fedde le grand mr back and forth relationship

Why didn't you keep your full name and resorted to calling yourself Fedde Le Grand for your technohouse and minimal tracks? The fans say that they find so many different sides of you in your tracks. The more underground, stripped down beats I produce as F. What is it in Holland that gives birth to such talented Djs?

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Tiesto and Armin are a bit like representative brands for Holland. Have you ever thought of becoming one yourself? Would you like to be number one on the DjMag top?

fedde le grand mr back and forth relationship

Would you like to work with Armin on Tiesto on a track or are your styles too different to be reconciled? What was it like to work with them? We had some fantastic remixes done this year for the package and of course the video featuring some very hot girls?

You can check it out at www. How do you feel about playing at the Peninsula Festival this year, in Targu Mures? You're sharing the day with some very, very interesting names.