For and against live in relationship vs marriage

Difference between Live-in relationship and marriage | Dating

for and against live in relationship vs marriage

Live-in relationships are also based on the basic principle of commitment. Albeit there is no legal document signed but just like in a marriage. Marriage Vs Live in Relationships: Twelve points to note. Live in Relationships are more likely to be based on compatibility and 'choice' of. The union of two persons that is formally recognized by law is known as marriage . It is a formal commitment between the couple. On the other hand, live in.

Marriage is mainly a Patriarchal institution in most not all parts of India, made more so by the law. It also involves Patrilocality and Patrilineality. Live in Relationships are not bound by Patriarchal traditions. The man might still have patriarchal ideas, but it is likely to be easier for her to walk out, legally and socially, if she is in an abusive relationship and if she does decide to do that.

There is likely to be lesser expectation and pressure on the woman to stay in an abusive relationship. Live in Relationships are more likely to be viewed as exploitative of women because they are easier to end — something, it is felt, that no woman would or should ever want.

Marriages are generally not seen as exploitative of women, though Supreme Court did point out: Couples in Live in Relationships might find it more difficult to rent a house. Concerns about the marriage of a girl child are seen as the biggest reason for male child preference and skewed gender ratio in India.

Generally, traditional marriages require fitting into predefined roles. Women are more likely to find themselves free er to be themselves in Live in Relationships. Why not just live in together and walk away when it becomes inconvenient? Why get married and then suffer the trauma of divorce if you are incompatible? Why suffer idiosyncrasies of your partner?

Live-in relationships should be encouraged

Why travel half way to make up rather than walk away whenever you want? These choices are available in Live in relationships.

for and against live in relationship vs marriage

With High rate of educated people whether girls or boys living away from their families, it becomes easier for younger generation to experiment with such relationships without being committed. The option to part away for various reasons makes it attractive and fearsome at the same time.

Attractive because you can have good time till you want and move out at will; fearsome because emotional involvement leaves you bitter and makes you feel used or exploited especially if one partner is more involved than the other. Herein lie the disadvantage of live- ins. The insecurity associated with it can make you anxious. In our social set up, sanction for such couples is lacking too putting them under great strain.

for and against live in relationship vs marriage

Stamp of social approval is sought by most because we are social beings. Some may try hard to rebel against the set norms, yet life is easier without being ridiculed.

Marriage gives permanence to a temporary union, pushing two divergent personalities to adjust and care for each other.

for and against live in relationship vs marriage

It asks for commitment and sacrifices. It asks to redeem your ego in favor of harmony.

Living Together Versus Marriage: Benefits and Risks Over the Long Run

Advantages of such relationships are that you need not stick together if both partners are really incompatible. The trauma is much less than divorce because divorce itself is hurtful with false allegations and counter allegations making it a cruel battle of wits where no one wins except may be the lawyers.

for and against live in relationship vs marriage

With increasing age of marriage of girls, the divorce rate is prortionately rising too.