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Follows their relationship after Emily returns from Victorian London. Chapter 1 Marian agrees not to meet Gisbourne at the alter and leaves Knighton Hall with her father to live in the forest with Robin and the gang. A story of how Harry and Ginny learn that they need each in order to survive. . Fanfiction Meme - Day GINNY WEASLEY SHE'S BRINGING SEXY BACK LOL WHAT XDD Harry James Potter xD from Facebook tagged as Meme. No memes, meta or request posts. In Forrest Gump, when Forrest goes to the White House bathroom, there is a signed picture of Marilyn . Ginny walks right in front of the camera, this isn't subtle at all. in the films, Ginny ends her relationship with Dean during Christmas, but Harry and Ginny don't date.

In fairness, The Prisoner of Azkaban actually sported a rather strong time-travel element, allowing Harry to travel back and save himself and his Godfather from having their souls sucked out by the guards of Azkaban prison: The "unsubscribe" button is likely one of the most clicked buttons across the whole internet due to the absolute garbage we have all been sent at one point or another. But, for those who don't know, mail sent to witches and wizards is delivered by owl post.

Magical children around the United Kingdom receive a letter that has been expertly aimed through the letterbox by some of the most talented post-owls the world has ever seen.

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Think of the clean-up operation. Of course, this isn't real it's real to us! However, if this was the case, maybe we wouldn't mind receiving spam so much. Drink deals from The Three Broomsticks pub, perhaps.

A History Channel The Ancient Aliens Guy, Giorgio Tsoukalos, has embraced his continued meme fame, claiming that it shows that he has the best fans in the world. Realistically, it's probably because he was a television personality who was placed on the History Channel, claiming that ancient alien astronauts interacted with early humanity.

Wild claims, to say the least, with the meme being used in a similar context. One such claim is about the existence of the Nargle - a mischievous creature that lives in mistletoe and thrives on thievery.

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Luna and her father, Xenophilius, both claim to have confirmed their existence, chalking certain "unexplained" events up to being caused by nargles, and that the only way to keep them away is to wear a Butterbeer cork necklace. We love you, Luna, but you sure are loony.

The meme is particularly used by fans of the Harry Potter franchise and sent to their muggle friends. The famous words "You can't sit with us" is screeched in Mean Girls when Rachel McAdams' character, Regina George, tries to sit with her own clique on a Wednesday while wearing track pants. Instead, the four are sent into a deadly forest at night with a guide who is practically incapable of using magic.

To make matters worse the group splits up once they actually get to the forest and Harry is attacked by Lord Voldemort before being saved by the centaur Firenze. An argument could be made for Lord Voldemort, but, at least among characters who are alive in the books, Dumbledore claims the title.

Despite being an incredibly wise and powerful wizard whose brilliant plans outwit the forces of darkness at every turn, Dumbledore did a terrible job of keeping his students safe.

During his tenure as headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore exposed children to soul-sucking dementors, allowed a troll to enter the building, and let Voldemort sneak into the school not once, but twice.

He also was responsible for some truly terrible hiring decisions, including Gilderoy Lockhart, Quirinus Quirrell, and Dolores Umbridge and refused to intervene to protect students when the Chamber of Secrets opened. This meant that while everyone else got to leave the castle, Harry had to stay inside. The importance of the House Cup fell drastically throughout the series.

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Of the seven years Harry spent at Hogwarts, Gryffindor won the House Cup at least three times with the other years either going to an unknown house or being canceled altogether. Even us muggles have invented laser eye surgery by now. Overall, there are at least 19 other witches and wizards mentioned in the books who wear some kind of corrective lenses. While it could easily be assumed that Argus Filch has an overwhelming and very non-magical job, in actuality he has a great deal of magical and invisible help.

In Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, it is revealed that House Elves are responsible for cleaning much of the castle as well as preparing most of its food. In Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Ron is punished in detention by being forced to polishing trophies in the trophy room.

The portable swamp left by Fred and George Weasley had to be cleaned magically by Professor Flitwick. The decision to separate the magical and muggle worlds was made centuries before the birth of Harry Potter. In The Tales of Beedle The Bard, it is explained that by the 17th-century muggles and wizards were practically at war. After some debate, the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy was born.

On the third occasion, he was expelled from Hogwarts. While all charges were later dismissed, it certainly seems odd that the Ministry of Magic would send a floating, talking letter to inform Harry of his expulsion, in front of the same muggle he supposedly cast a spell on.

It seems obvious that Ron should have made either himself, Harry, or Hermione the king because it moves very little and is the safest piece on the board. Instead, he orders a bishop, a knight, and the queenside castle off the board for the three to take their places.