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No Game No Life is a surreal comedy that follows Sora and Shiro, shut-in. Super cute anime, which shows how love can overcome any. I was sad about Shiro's terrible past and how it connects with Ganta. To me it symbolizes how Shiro and Ganta's relationship have returned. Shiro is the Red Man, AKA Wretched Egg, or more precisely, the So yes, Ace Man did have direct correlation to Shiro and the Wretched Egg.

The drawings were still awesome, and I can imagine if they ever make a season 2 hopefully a reboot??!? I can't say too much about the other characters because I was pretty deep into Ganta and Shiro.

I was sad about Shiro's terrible past and how it connects with Ganta. They have such an interesting history, which is why I was emotionally invested into them being a couple.

When the fight broke out and how Shiro showed her true colors her vulnerability, her desire for Ganta, her wish for Ganta to kill herI broke down pretty bad. I can't say that her killing Ganta's friend out of jealousy or to have him at Deadman Wonderland at the beginning was right, but I can understand her feelings a lot from personal experiences.

I was glad about the conclusion, and how they're together although Shiro is in jail. It doesn't matter though, as they are consciously aware of each others presence and their relationship. As the rest of the story of the past is revealed, Ganta weighs his choices — does he destroy Shiro, or is there a better way to end the nightmare?

Ever since his classmates were killed and he was framed for their murders and sent to Deadman Wonderland, Ganta Igarashi's life has been a nightmare. Forced to fight for his life in twisted gladiatorial matches and later against the forces that put him in the prison in the first place, he's become a stronger person than he was while still retaining his basic humanity.

Senji's care for Ganta has been proof of that for several volumes now, and we can see that compassion backfire in the case of Mitsuzaki, whose inability to comprehend that her friend Toto is gone and that Rinichiro Hagire occupies his body instead ultimately leads to her downfall. But where this idea of human compassion is most important is in Ganta's relationship with Shiro. In previous volumes we learned of Ganta's mother's involvement with Shiro's creation, and in this book we finally get the gaps filled in in terms of her relationship to the great earthquake and Hagire's present condition.

While it isn't nearly as gut-churning or heart-wrenching, or whatever strong feelings the previous information instilled in youin terms of how Shiro came to be the Wretched Egg, it's fairly powerful.

There he met Mimi and Yamakatsu and became best friends with them. A year before the start of the series, Ganta and his other classmates went to a waterpark for a school trip. Personality In the beginning of the series, Ganta is a harmless and ordinary school boy. Once in Deadman Wonderland, he is initially confused and frightened by the brutality of the prison. During his time in prison, he learns to live with the insanity, but is still determined to stop Tamaki's tyranny.

He is also quite vengeful, seeking retribution for the death of his classmates at the hands of the Red Man for most of the series. He follows the prisoners rules and trying to avoid them and not get involved. After being sent to G-ward, he is even more confused and scared of being forced to fight each other for others amusement and grossed out by Tamaki's punishment game. His life turns for worse when Scar Chain is betrayed by Rokuro and, again, witnessing the slaughter of his comrades, driving Ganta into a rage of wanting to get revenge and save his remaining comrades.

In moments of great emotion, Ganta's character can change and he begins to curse and make use of derogatory actions. When Ganta is released from the solitary confinement he hits great depression due to Owl's passing. His fear led him to believe that nothing he does will matter, cause nothing changes, but thanks to Senji, he learned that fearing is not a way of life, it's only going in circles.

After a few days, he realizes that he cannot change the past, but can shape his future, still having friends to protect and wanting to stop Tamaki once and for all.

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Ganta cares a great deal for his friends and allies. It is later revealed that he actually has strong feelings of love towards Shiro and that the feelings are mutual. This causes great confusion with Ganta when he is confronted with the absolute need of killing Shiro. He believed that the only way to save Shiro was to kill her, due to her being the Wretched Egg. Yet again, he was saved by Senji who taught him that he cannot kill Shiro without understanding her, saying everyone has their own reasons.

After Hagire's death and learning the truth about Shiro's past, Ganta has matured to a point where he can fully understand Shiro and save her from herself. Plot Prison Arc Ganta talking to his friends Ganta is first seen sitting in class while looking at an ad for Deadman Wonderland on his cellphone. Mimi walks towards him and asks what he is doing. He replies that he has been thinking about the class trip, that he thinks it's 'kinda lame' to go to a prison.

Mimi says that he's from Tokyo and that it might even be nostalgic. Ganta says that he doesn't remember anything from that time. Yamakatsu joins the conversation and they make small talk. Mimi returns to the subject of the class trip and says that it doesn't matter where they're going.

She says that wherever they go, it's all about having fun. The bell rings and they get to their seats. It was at that time that Ganta began hearing the lullaby. He looks out the window and sees the Red Man floating outside. Ganta is shocked and the Red Man attacks with her Branch of Sin. He asks if she's alright, but he realizes that he's only seeing Mimi's head, severed from her body.

He looks further and sees the Red Man grabbing Mimi's head by her hair. He looks around and sees his entire class murdered. Ganta is shocked and crawls away from the Red Man, who is standing before him.

The Red Man approaches him and Ganta panics, thinking that he is going to die. Again, Ganta falls unconscious. He wakes up in a hospital-bed, with policemen entering the room. They tell him that they will arrest him as the primary suspect for the murders.

Tsunenaga Tamaki moves forward and gives Ganta his card, telling him he's a lawyer. The police officers take him out of the room, but Ganta resists. He tells them he didn't do it and remembers the Red Diamond.

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He unbuttons his shirt, trying to show his wound, but his chest is untouched. He later meets with Tamaki, talking about his defense. Ganta is sentenced to death The next we see of Ganta, he is in the courtroom, facing trial.

The court sentences Ganta to death. Ganta is then seen sitting on the bus, going to prison. In the anime, this was slightly altered. This shows how Tamaki talked to Ganta and Ganta confessing to all his crimes.


The court acknowledges this as evidence and sentences Ganta to death at Deadman Wonderland. At this point Mimi's father burst out in rage and attacks Ganta. He blames him for his daughter's death and punches him. The guards remove him and Ganta is left alone in despair. Makina introduces herself and explains Deadman Wonderland. When Makina ends her speech, Ganta looks inside his bag with the primary necessities in it. Ganta shouts that this is wrong, that he didn't do anything, that her actions were twisted.

Makina replies that reality is made to be unfair and unjust. Ganta first meets and befriends Shiro when he was agitated by the fact that he was sentenced on death row, saying that he wanted to die which he denies after Shiro comforted him.

After picking a fight with other prisoners, leaving Shiro unconscious, the ball statue on top of a building begins to fall on top of them. To his fury of will to live, Ganta encounters his Deadman powers and destroys the boulder, saving them both.

Knowing that he'll die the next day, Ganta decides that he can only survive if he won the Dog race and receivecast points to buy a candy.

During the Dog Race, Ganta was constantly "disturbed" by Shiro and therefore lagging behind. But soon after, he finds out that Shiro had been protecting him all along. Ganta then shows mercy and saves Shiro, but since the Dog Race can have only one winner, this means there is no winner.

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Deadman Arc As a Deadman, Ganta is forced to fight and survive in the Carnival Corpse under the moniker Woodpecker while trying to locate the Red Man, who apparently is held captive in Deadman Wonderland.

Ganta's power, dubbed the Ganta Gun by Senjiallows Ganta to gather variable quantities of blood in the palm of his hand and then shoot them at high speed, as if they were bullets. While advantageous as a long-range attack, due to Ganta's small stature, this also puts him at risk of experiencing symptoms of excessive blood loss, however, he was able to endure Senji's attacks and hit him with a point-blank Ganta Gun, winning his first Carnival Corpse.

Scar Chain Arc Ganta participated in Scar Chain 's attempt to escape from Deadman Wonderland, and helped several members escape along with video and audio evidence of the atrocities being committed below the prison.

Ganta, however, chose to remain behind to continue his search for the Red Man. Shortly after these events, Ganta's power began to change, evident by a strange tattoo-like mark radiating out from the crystal in his chest. His Ganta Gun now emits a much more powerful blast than before, though it is much less controllable and causes him physical pain.

Forgeries Arc Ganta uses his Branch of Sin in public After the events of Scar Chain rebellion, Ganta is placed in the solitary confinement for one week, because he refused to tell anything about the escapees.

After Nagi 's death, Ganta fell into a depression not wanting to eat. Later, he runs in to Senjiwho he admits he's scared of living every day with nothing changing, where Senji tells him that that's how a brat thinks. When he gets back to his room Shiro tries to cheer him up with a home-cooked meal. After seeing Shiro's meal full of sweets and spices, he realizes that usual, everyday things will change a little bit more.

He complements Azami for her circus performance with Kinchoher pet armadillo.