Gattaca vincent and irene relationship

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gattaca vincent and irene relationship

Irene and Vincent are both attracted to each other. They are both part of the space launch program to Titan. Irene is genetically engineered. Irene is a valid, meaning that she was born with the aid of genetic Relationship Status unattached, and unromantic in nature. Irene has a Vincent Freeman. My quick thoughts on the characters and their profiles in the Movie Gattaca. Vincent was a 'faith born' child, meaning that he was conceived with no genetic Irene is a 'valid' but she still has a minor heart condition which is the reason for .

Naturally, these tests are used to demonstrate that certain candidates are more suitable for a job than are others.

gattaca vincent and irene relationship

In this way, the film shows how a simple, even reasonable, desire to avoid heartache and failure becomes a discriminatory social system with a life and logic all its own. This is the system in which Vincent finds himself trapped. To achieve his spacefaring dream, Vincent resorts to subterfuge. Despite his virtually flawless genetics, Jerome, a world class swimmer, is cut down by an accident that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down.

The risk averse society that works against Vincent also works against Jerome after the accident, and so the two men enter into a relationship wherein Vincent pays Jerome to provide him with blood, urine, hair, etc. Are we just the sum total of our natural predispositions or do we have a will or spirit that transcends biology?

Furthermore, Vincent twice beats his engineered brother in a game of chicken because he approaches the game with nothing to lose, while Anton is hamstrung by the promise of his genetic endowments. If the film has a consistent message, it seems to be this: This is the historical irony of the film's vision of the future.

While both are considered to be valid members of society, they are also less than full members of the club. Despite being relegated to second or third tier status, both Irene and Hugo seem fully invested in the dominant social order.

Hugo, in particular, can only envision the murder having been committed by Vincent or some other in-valid. When Vincent is a young man, he runs away from home to pursue a career in science. In addition, he rips his own face from a family portrait. Vincent Anton juggles jobs as he goes on, usually being a janitor.

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Eventually, he lands a job as a janitor at Gattaca. After working there for a few weeks, he figures it is time to try and get in. However, exercising is not helping him, so he decides to borrow a ladder from a genius named Jerome Eugene Morrow in order to impersonate the latter so he can be accepted into Gattaca.

Morrow decides to let Freeman borrow his ladder and let him stay at his apartment in exchange for rent.

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After months of multiple changes, Freeman is finally ready and applies for Gattaca. He gets an interview, which actually just consists of a DNA test. In Gattaca Employment Edit Freeman becomes the company's top celestial navigator while working for Gattaca and is chosen to go on the manned spaceflight to Saturn 's moon, Titan.

A week before the spaceflight launch, one of the managing directors of the mission is bludgeoned to death in his office. This is hinted at because at the end of the movie, before Vincent gives Lamar his real urine before the launch, Lamar says to Vincent that his son "wants to apply here [at Gattace] Unfortunately, my son's not all that they promised".

Gattaca (1997)- Vincent becomes Jerome

There is nothing that suggests that Lamar's son had a failing because of his genes. In fact, it sounds as if it has come home to Lamar that parents can go to the geneticist to ensure their child has all the right genes as Vincent narrates right at the beginning of the movie about Jerome before he admits that he in fact is not Jerome and yet the rude awakening to Lamar is that "failings" in a person's humanity can actually occur from other factors beyond our genes, in this case, Jerome's fear of heights, hence why Jerome was not all that "they" promised.

gattaca vincent and irene relationship

And who is this "they"? I think Lamar means the geneticists at the time Lamar and his wife chose the best "human potential" that later became their son.

gattaca vincent and irene relationship

So, although Jerome had all the right genes to enable him to get into Gattaca, he had one failing that could not be linked to his genetic makeup and hence a further poignant point to illustrate that our genes don't determine everything about our humanity. I understand that this is what Lamar was trying to say at the end of the movie about his son's set back. This is further accentuated when Jerome explains to Vincent about the silver medal and how Jerome was never meant to be second best.

I can only guess that when he tried to get into Gattaca, he came out second best, that is, was rejected.

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I assume this based on the type of regimes prospective astronauts go through to test their stamina for space flight and therefore I guess that when Jerome had to do a test which included going to great heights, he refused to do so out of fear and hence this led to his rejection.

This is because, when Vincent had his "interview" and Lamar put the urine sample into the machine which revealed the true identity of the owner of the urine sample, Lamar had to know right from the beginning that Vincent was not Jerome Morrow - unless Lamar had not seen his son for many years and hence would not have been able to recognise him. But this is not suggested in the movie.

gattaca vincent and irene relationship