Gd and kiko relationship goals

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gd and kiko relationship goals

Discover ideas about Kiko Mizuhara 'touching' #relationship #play #snooker Cute Couples Goals, Couple Goals, G-Dragon Kwon Jiyongn 권지용. Tokki · Jiyong · Couples Saved by SRIRAM Goodnight Gorgeous, Sweet Couple, Love. While BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara had been spotted together many times, they have never admitted to being a couple. Recently, Kiko Mizuhara. 호텔서 포착 '깜짝'". gd and kiko Couples, Gd, Couple, Romantic Couples . just kiddin'". CL and GD friendship goals (don't be jealous Youngbae, I love you.

8 Reasons Why Fans Suspect G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara Are Dating

They look good together. I'm disappointed I only saw oppa's face twice.

gd and kiko relationship goals

I'm a regular at this place. Bye, I'll come often. The Big Bang member has been seen with the celebrity, who's active in Japan, a few times already, but many became convinced the two were dating when they were photographed spending intimate time with one another this past October.

What are your thoughts? Posted by allkpop on Nov26 G-Dragon opened up on the rampant discussions regarding his relationship with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara as photos from their date in Itaewon, South Korea emerged last month. During the interview, the press mentioned the recent news about him dating Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara.

No other statements were followed up.

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Posted by koreaboo on Nov26 At the time, they again denied being involved in a relationship and identified each other as merely close friends. However, since that event, the pair have been spotted on a date in Paris, another alleged date in Japan, and most recently, a very public date in Seoul. Posted by koreaboo on Oct12 On October 7th, Dispatch released exclusive photos of G-Dragon and Kiko who seemed to be allegedly on a date. Now a Chinese media has made a video compilation of the pictures.

G-Dragon and Kiko have countlessly denied any and all dating rumors since and have repeatedly stated that they are just friends.

8 Female Celebrities That Have Been Linked With G-Dragon

Now it seems that the two are closer than they claim to be. On October 7th, Dispatch revealed photos of the two laughing, taking pictures and displaying skinship more than friends would do.

Check out the video below: G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara on alleged date in Seoul: Posted by koreaboo on Oct That guy with them at the balcony is really cute tho. Just moments after Dispatch released photos of G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara on an alleged photo-shoot date together, YG Entertainment has released a statement on the matter.

G-Dragon and Kiko were spotted with some intense skinship, according to Dispatch, in Seoul on September 16th. They were at a lounge bar in Seoul, and then moved to Itaewon with an YG Entertainment company van, enjoying their date. YG Entertainment quickly responded to the photos in a statement, with not much to say on the matter.

Why does this feel like a statement calling out to SM's mistakes to me? Hahaha I love YG. After all, I always thought of GD as bisexual, and even now, I do.

I thought that it was entirely possible that he was talking about an ex-girlfriend perhaps Kiko? That, I think, is unrealistic, because of how love, life, and relationships work in reality. I think Crooked is about Top.

8 Reasons Why Fans Believe G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara Are Dating

She did not have another boyfriend, and even made posts on her blog about being single and wanting a boyfriend. Do I think GD and Kiko could be together, currently?

Do I think GD is as into it as he would like for people to believe? And yes, I understand that that answer sounds really harsh and presumptuous, but I have really considered these things for a while, and this is the conclusion I keep returning to.

I feel like that is where Kiko comes in.

gd and kiko relationship goals

But I think part of it is trying to assert his heterosexuality. Part of me gets the impression that this may be a huge part of the GTOP rift. In the past, when Jiko rumors first came out the old ones from likeTop told everyone that they were both friends with Kiko and he was closer to her than Ji was.

Fast forwarding back toafter that MNET thing came out, Jiko mysteriously reappeared around the fall of Really around the time GD created his instagram.

Oddly enough, this is also around the time that GTOP seemed to go from super close to almost non-existent. But this time, instead of being a participant in it, Top was not okay with it at all. I am under the impression that GD pursued Kiko since around fall ofand she clearly seemed open to it, because she appeared at many Big Bang concerts, and went places with him, and started mixing friend circles with him again after that.

He really seemed to be trying to make it obvious, especially at first. But we have no idea who those girls are… not even an idea of which girls the other members are close with.