Gears of war marcus and anya relationship

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gears of war marcus and anya relationship

His relationship with Marcus was distant at best, something Adam often regretted. son of Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud, was born in the post-Locust War era. He is in love with her but has trouble expressing his feelings. Read Gears of War Aspho Fields. It really takes you deep into Marcus', Dom's, Ayana's, and. Anya first met Marcus Fenix during this visit, and became attracted to him, and . to her that he knows of her relationship with Marcus and instead of charging her.

We're here and there's a tomorrow. Reminiscing in the feeling of him on her skin, no matter how little the affection was. Don't break down on me," His voice lowered and his eyes downcast. Marcus Fenix really did have angels looking over him.

The sand managed to get in between her armor in uncomfortable places and she shook her leg to hopefully rid them off of her fatigues.

Of course, her attempts were futile as she managed to only let the sand fall deeper into her combat boots and so on. The sun's just about set and I don't know about you, but I am willing to bet the mess hall's open for us.

He may never be able to say what he truly felt about Anya, but with the future to look forward to, he would be dammed if he didn't try to let her know that he cared about her. He hesitated in taking it. He looked towards Anya's face, noticing her slight shock that he had yet to tie the piece of cloth to his head, giving him the usual 'mad dog' look. Running a hand through his lightly fuzzed black hair, he sighed and closed Anya's dainty hand around the bandanna.

She was elated, in all honesty. It had been ages since she last saw Marcus' soft hair. It made him look kinder and human.

Pocketing the bandanna, she let Marcus fall in line with her and together, they left to join the rest of Delta Squad and hopefully have one of the first of many good meals to come.

gears of war marcus and anya relationship

They finally did have a tomorrow, and they were going to face it together. Again, Marcus and Anya are such a great, underappreciated pairing. I'm glad I was given the opportunity and I hope I served these characters some justice. Adam told him to come with them for a walk, but when Marcus got out of his chair he asked if Adam was going away again.

He told Marcus he wasn't leaving until the next day, and Marcus asked why he had to go. Adam explained that he had a duty to his fellow Gears to fight alongside them, and protect his friends from being hurt by taking care of them on the battlefield.

Marcus seemed to accept that explanation, and declared he would be a Gear too when he grew up. Adam told him he wouldn't need to be, and that he could become a scientist because the war would be over by then.

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Marcus seemed upset by this, and Adam worried that Marcus would never think that Adam considered being a father was a better job than being a Gear. He resisted the urge to contact the Defense Research Agency and accept the job they had offered him, deciding that he couldn't live with himself if he didn't fight alongside his fellow Gears. The three of them went to the garden, and Adam was impressed that Marcus could identify all the plants there.

As Marcus played, Elain commented that she sometimes felt bad that they had never given him a sibling, and Adam commented that it was never too late, but she ignored that comment.

After Marcus had gone to bed, Adam listened to the radio while studying a map of Kashkur. He heard on the news that President Ilim of neutral Vasgarwhich shared a border with Kashkur, had resigned. Adam looked at the map, and decided if Vasgar didn't stay neutral, things would turn very bad for the COG in the area.

gears of war marcus and anya relationship

I'd hate to see a Vasgar winter during fuel embargo. James Choi arrived at the base to brief Adam on his mission, and mentioned that the Indies were running late in how the COG expected them to react.

Adam examined the latest recon images from across the border in the Independent Republic of Furlinand agreed that the Indies could have crossed the border a while ago. They both wondered what was going on, but Choi told him that they were going to let the UIR take Vasgar and focus all their forces on stopping an Indie advance through the city of Shavad.

They then briefly discussed Lt. Helena Stroudand Choi asked if she had revealed who the father of her child was yet, but Adam informed him she hadn't and it wasn't any of their business.

Adam said he would get ready for the move to Shavad, but Choi told him his company had a different assignment first: Adam realized would prevent the UIR from using the Imulsion when they invaded, but would also leave millions of civilians without power, and bring him into conflict with the COG civilians operating the pipelines.

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Adam was uncomfortable with this, and escorted Choi to his Tern and saw him off, keeping his feelings to himself. Helena approached him and asked if she should get the NCO's ready for a briefing, and he told her about their new mission. She didn't feel uncomfortable with the mission, and gathered the staff for a briefing while Adam made quick phone calls and gathered some materials. He told the Gears about their new mission, and many of them reacted uneasily to the news.

gears of war marcus and anya relationship

Carmeloone of the engineers assigned to Adam's command, asked about Anvil Gatea COG town and military base that was also supplied by those pipelines. Adam told them the land route to Anvil Gate would still be open, and they could get Imulsion by convoy, and pointed out the fact that the fort was largely self-sufficient, and that the Indies would have to be insane to try and take it. He ordered them to be ready to move out by sixteen hundred, and that he wanted to be at Borlaine in two hours, shutting it down.

The meeting broke up, and the Adam and the others got to work on moving out. Ranald Sander 's at Anvil Gate, and informed him of what was happening. They defended Gorlian Squarebut took heavy casualties from entrenched Indie positions. Adam was distributed by the damage done to the city, and was scared the same could one day happen to Ephyra. He contacted Control to request an evac for his wounded Gears, many of whom were severely wounded, but they told him that they had other med-evacs going on, and fire in his area was too heavy to attempt an evac unless he did something.

Adam suspected that Indie special forces who had infiltrated the country were responsible for most of the damage, and believed that the UIR may have even engineered the collapse of the Vasgari government. He requested a Behemoth to clear out routes to their north for land vehicles, and was told it would arrive in an hour.

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Adam then began heading for where the rest of his company was holed up, but was forced to move slowly due to the heavy enemy fire. He contacted Helena and told her the med-evac wasn't going to happen for a while, and she told him that she thought the Indies might have a spotter in a museum located in the square, along with a sniper. He told her to come up with a plan to get into the museum by the time he reached her, and she informed him that Sgt.

Teale was dead as she signed off. Adam was dishearten, having now lost twenty-two out of ninety Gears in his company. Collins upstairs moving cabinets in front of windows to provide cover, and Collins told him that there were as many Indies behind them as there were in front, and that he believed a sniper was on the top floor of the museum, along with a forward operation post.

With this information, Adam knew he had to call in an artillery strike on the museum, but felt terrible about having to. The controller acknowledged, and told him to wait a moment. Adam then found Helena with Sgt. Fraisenand the two of them presented their plan to cross over into the museum by sliding a ladder from one of their building's windows into the museum and crossing it. Adam told them they would try that if the shelling didn't work, and he headed to inspect the wounded again.

When the Locust put the Slab under siegeAnya is the one who answers the senior warder's call and asks him to tell Marcus she loves him. The guard tells her Marcus asked him to tell her the same even though he really didn't, but Marcus, after learning of this when he laments not being able to tell her, thanks the guard for this.

Lightmass Offensive Beginning of the Offensive "Even the best of us do terrible things sometimes.

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And we don't know why. Prescott wanted to rescue and conscript the prisoners to help assist in the Lightmass Offensiveand ordered Anya to contact the closest platoon and order them to rescue the prisoners and arm any they saw fit to.

Anya quickly contacted Lt. Schachter and gave her the orders, and shot Prescott a look of thanks for his efforts to keep Marcus alive. Hoffman then began issuing orders in preparation for their counterattack against the Locust, telling Anya to contact Lt.

Paynethe developer of the Lightmass Bomb, then sent Anya everything she needed to brief Kim. A few minutes later, Schachter contacted Anya, and she patched her through to Hoffman. Anya listened to Hoffman and Schachter talk about the situation at The Slab, and was horrified to learn that Marcus was not with the other inmates or warders when they had been rescued.

gears of war marcus and anya relationship

Schachter wanted to return to the prison upon learning of Marcus' presence there, but Hoffman ordered her to fall back since her platoon would not be able to fight through an entire Locust battalion that was closing in on the prison.

Anya did her best to keep calm as Hoffman asked her if the RV with Kim was set up, and asked if her tech data was ready. She refused to look at him as she informed him that it would take five more minutes for the data to print off.

She followed him silently to the hanger bay once she gathered the necessary materials, and spotted Dom heading for Hoffman when they arrived. Hoffman ordered her to board KRand she looked back to see Dom talking with Hoffman as she boarded the King Raven.

She spent the next few minutes agonizing over what would happen to Marcus, but when Hoffman boarded the Raven, he casually remarked that Dom was a disobedient asshole. Anya was surprised and asked what he meant, and Hoffman informed her that Dom had just taken Jacka spare set of armorand an extra Lancer with him on a mission to The Slab, and that he would need to be given latrine duty for a week when the war was finished.

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He then patted Anya on her arm and remarked that he was not proud of himself for some of the things he had done, and she told him that the best of them did terrible things and did not know why.

Hoffman agreed, causing Anya to tell him that she meant Marcus, not him, but Hoffman told her that he meant himself. Anya was surprised and excited to see Marcus again, with Dom having been successful in rescuing him from The Slab. They looked at each for the first time in four years, but their reunion was cut short when Locust forces attacked the Gears.

To Marcus, this reunion meant a lot as her reaction told him she'd waited for him rather than move on like he'd insisted. After the first wave was defeated, Anya suggested to Hoffman that they leave before more Locust arrive. She was contacted by Kim after he and Delta located the bodies of three Gear soldiers, but they were unsure if it was Alpha, and informed her that there was no Sonic Resonator with them, which would be needed to map the Locust tunnels to provide firing data for the Lightmass Bomb.

She informed him that there had not been any.