Go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

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go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

Read story School Go nam-soonXPark heung-soo: Friend or Foe by MaiRyuzaki (Mai) with reads. soon, park, Just when i thought i had. It'll take him years to buy Heungsoo the shoes he wants, Namsoon knows. Shit tends to get bad now that Namsoon's the jjang, tearing up . Words he doesn't want to hear from Park Heungsoo, the first boy all year who's approached him. .. to do for you. lol the best I ever end up with is a one and a half-sided relationship. “Park Heung-soo, what'll you do when Go Nam-soon transfers? .. And now that Nam-soon has his first shot at really mending that relationship.

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The class is silent by this point, casting curious looks back at him and Heung-soo. He has one last sentence to cap off his conclusion: The class scrambles to reorganize this information into their brains. So Nam-soon was the top jjang of a gang of rebellious cool kids at school and ranks higher than Heung-soo?

The discussion is distasteful to Nam-soon, who keeps his head down, and Kang-joo, who feels for him and tries to argue that this is all irrelevant stuff of the past.

In-jae understands this, but asks for one more chance for Heung-soo.


Teacher Jo speaks up to say that society is the one to rule by absolutes. Schools should bend and adapt and make new rules. Uhmforce tallies the votes: Three to expel, and two opposing Teacher Jo and the officer.

Except then he throws his own vote into that ring, making it three-to-three. Principal Im is displeased, and asks Se-chan for his stance. He says he approves expulsion, bringing satisfied smirks to several faces.

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Nam-soon chases him out, and Heung-soo sneers at him for airing their dirty laundry to the whole class. To start repaying that debt. Is this a debt that can be repaid?

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Se-chan explains his stance, that Heung-soo is plenty deserving of expulsion in his eyes. Principal Im smiles and orders the deed finalized. Would it kill ya to just play the nice guy role straight for once? The student in question has been disciplined with extra school duties. But rather than caving, he comes out strong and suggests that she reinstate In-jae, in a tone that sounds an awful lot like a demand.

He pulls out his own Achilles heel and uses it as leverage—what if news leaks out that she hired him despite his checkered background? She warns that this would be damaging to himself, but he asks who would suffer more—the academy tutor, or the school principal.

This is what happens when you use your powers for good and not evil! Se-chan returns to his desk and finds In-jae busily texting Heung-soo to urge him to come to school. It really would kill you to take credit for a good deed, huh?

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

In-jae asks Se-chan to watch over the class of lambs while she goes off in search of the one. With that, she heads out in search of Heung-soo and pounds on his front gate to no avail. She figures they really must have been tight, and he explains what it was like being best friends since grade school.

When Han-Gyul first meets Eun-Chan, he assumes she is a delivery boy and hires her to pose as his gay lover as part of an awkward strategy to fend off the blind dates that his grandmother has arranged upon his return from New York. When he takes over the titular coffee shop and adds Eun-Chan, still in drag, to the roster of an attractive all-male staff, Han-Gyul begins to develop inexplicable romantic feelings for her.

Han-Gyul was only mistakenly playing gay and that makes everything okay. Of course, the two fall in love.

go nam soon and park heung soo relationship quiz

Director Choi proposes that the two might come to love one another as a couple, two fugitive exotic birds flying above the normative radar of Seoul society. While Personal Taste took the then-groundbreaking step of introducing an actual gay character to the screen, that homosexual presence recasts the jocular intimacy between Jin-Ho and his architecture colleague Noh Sang-Jun in troubling ways. In performing gayness, Jin-Ho and Sang-Jun become more aware of the ways in which their bodies and feelings encounter one another, as when their friendly affection leads two female characters to assume they must be dating.

In response to this comedic gag, they begin modifying their previously natural relationship. Since Personal Taste and the popular family drama Life is Beautiful debuted inK-dramas have been caught between representing the necessity of strong male relationships in navigating the life struggles of contemporary Korean society and the realistic portraits of homosexual life that threaten how those relationships signify.

A year later, the absence of homosexuality from the world of School produced in its place one of the most emotional male relationships of the genre. Haunted by guilt, Nam-Soon cocoons himself for two years inside an empty apartment that remains a conveniently parents-free zone throughout the show.

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I had no one to turn to. And she's dating with Go Nam Soon: She now wants to become a Literature teacher like her high school teacher, Jung In Jae. She is still best friends with Song Ha Kyung. Oh Jung Ho came before the class ended and he continued to 3rd class. He soon realised that he was doing wrong. He and his friends changed, stopped being bullies and wannabe gangsters and started studying well.

They went to university except Oh Jung Ho, he couldn't go to any because of his bad reputation. But now he's still trying to cover his bad image. He is working for a foundation which takes care of the kids who get bullied in school.

After the difficulties Kin Min Ki went through, he decided to make his mother happy and chose majoring in law. But he's happy with the situation and he's going to be a successful judge.