Hakan and eli relationship

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hakan and eli relationship

Thinking about Oskar, I obviously had to turn my thoughts to Eli. Oskar, however, I first have to talk about another relationship, Eli and Håkan. Given the interactions between Eli and Hakan, it's not a stretch to imagine that Hakan and Eli used to be in a relationship when Hakan was. My impression from the film was that Eli had met up with Håkan when he was still a child, the same way she did Oskar, and that he grew old.

When they are in bed, Oskar asks to enter into a relationship with her, and she asks if he would still want that if she were not female. In the novel on which the film is based, and in an early draft of the film, Eli was intended to be a male named Elias who got castrated before he was turned.

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They stay in contact through Morse code, share and give away possessions, and truly seem to care for each other. Oskar eventually does this, which, to Eli, is a significant act of trust. Eli even eats a candy bar that Oskar buys for her, and though she knows that it will make her ill she also wants for him to feel happy.

hakan and eli relationship

The film ends with Eli and Oskar heading away on a train. Eli has seen that Oskar is capable of murder, having watched him act out his violent fantasies with his knife outside the apartment building.

When Eli coaxes Oskar into taking violent action against his bullies, it is likely a test to see if Oskar can actually do it.

hakan and eli relationship

Over time, the vampiric practice of neck-biting has been reinterpreted as a sexual act. When her middle-aged servant Hakan fails to bring Eli her sustenance, she is forced to hunt for herself, and, in a rather startling scene, hunts down and kills a jogger with snarling ferocity. Late into the film, Eli bites and infects a woman, Virginia, with vampirism, and she shame leads to her to request an assisted suicide: He even seems somewhat disgusted by what she had become.

Except, there is nothing happy about this ending.

hakan and eli relationship

Eli told Oskar earlier in the film she was leaving him for a reason. That reason is fairly simple: Vampires need to drink blood to survive and apparently in the lore of this film, the requirement is confined to human blood. Poor troubled Hakan will do anything to protect Eli and keep her secret hidden. He will also do anything to feed her literal bloodlust. Hakan murders people and drains their blood so that Eli may survive. That is, until he gets caught. Just before being found out, Hakan pours acid over his face to disfigure himself.

In this way, his identity can never be found and traced back to Eli.

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Hakan then proceeds to allow Eli to drain his blood and pitch him out a window. Hakan destroyed his own face, let his blood get sucked out of his body, and allowed himself to be dropped to his death. All because of Eli. Eli is a vampire. She has been 12 for God knows how long. Perhaps he was 12 at the time. Does this sound familiar at all?

hakan and eli relationship

Oskar is just like Hakan. At least, he will be in time. As the love between Oskar and Eli blooms, Oskar will age and become a man. But Eli will never change.

No one else is around to hide Eli from the world. So will Oskar gut people and drain their blood? Will his life turn into this fatiguing, endless trauma as it did to Hakan? We see in Hakan a weariness throughout the half of the film in which he is present.

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He is tired, probably disgusted with himself for years of murder. Guilt constantly wearing away at him.

And all that blood.

hakan and eli relationship