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Together with the initial investment of more than USD 20 million for building this Greenfield investment, Adient will employ more than people. This is the first time that Adient has received a supplier award from Honda since the supplier was spun off from Johnson Controls Inc. The product that received the award is a retractable rear center arm rest fitted with a cup holder that is equipped in the Acura CDX C-SUV, a crossover rolled out by Honda in China.

The rear center arm rest was recognized because it can be retracted with a single motion to create a center seat space for three-passenger seating, and features a design that combines both a high-quality, upscale feel and convenience. From a press release on April 11, Adient announced that it has become an affiliate member of the University of Michigan's Mobility Transformation Center MTCgiving it access to Mcity, a simulated urban-suburban environment with more than 16 acres of roads and traffic infrastructure.

MTC is a research partnership of industry, government and academia that is laying the foundation for a commercially viable system of connected and automated vehicles. Adient, created from Johnson Controls' automotive seating business inconducts extensive market and consumer research on the needs of autonomous vehicle interiors.

As vehicles have the capability to be computer-driven, occupants are expected to demand more flexibility in seating and interior space. Adient revealed its "AI17" interior seating concept for level-3 and level-4 autonomous vehicles at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Specifics of the supply contract were not disclosed. The driver and passenger seat order will be for approximatelyoriginal MAN vehicles annually. The contract will result in a production increase of annual production there toseats. Benefits of the new seat include: The starting point for the Vision Seat design team was considering the human side of design - studying and reacting to how people's bodies move when they are sitting in a vehicle.

The result is a concept that's unique in its construction of interdependent sub-components that cannot be broken apart. Adient will apply the principles it developed while designing the Vision Seat to future production seats for customers.

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The AI17 showcases innovative solutions for level-3 and level-4 autonomous vehicles that forecast how enjoyable future interiors will be. From a press release on January 9, Adient announced that it opened a new corporate office in Shanghai, China. The new corporate office has been certified as the Regional Headquarters by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. From a press release on January 5, Adient has collaborated with FCA US to produce a vision of the future of seating for the automaker's Chrysler Portal concept vehicle.

The Chrysler Portal is a forward-thinking interpretation of the "fifth generation" of family transportation targeted at the millennial generation. The Chrysler Portal's seat concept is a thin seat that folds flat, folds up and slides fore and aft on a track system for ultimate flexibility. The seats mount to tracks embedded in the floor, enabling the seats to move the full length of the vehicle and, if needed, to be removed easily from the rear of the vehicle. Adient has already started business discussions with another Japanese automaker on supplying fully assembled seats.

The company will develop new customers to supply seats as a Tier 1 supplier, seat parts as a Tier 2 or 3 supplier. The company intends to expand its operations and stabilize management by receiving orders from OEMs other than Nissan. Adient, like Johnson Controls, is domiciled for tax purposes in Ireland. The office will serve as a research and development hub for existing OEM customers and new entrants to the automotive industry focused on connected and autonomous vehicles.

The office will house approximately 25 employees in business development, product development and industrial design. Adient plans to increase investments in products and technologies that address trends such as autonomous driving, electrification, lightweight seating, and consumer personalization. From a press release on November 14, Johnson Controls Inc. Bruce McDonald on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to ring the opening bell, marking Adient's first day trading as an independent company.

The separation of Adient completes a process begun more than a year ago when Johnson Controls announced it would merge with Tyco to become a combined company of USD 30 billion and spin off the automotive seating business as part of its multi-industrial strategy. From a press release on October 31, Adient Ltd.

The company's shares begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Adient is one of the world's largest global automotive seating suppliers, supporting all major automakers in differentiating vehicles through superior quality, technology and performance. In addition, Adient is well-positioned in the growing China market, where it has 17 seating joint ventures JVs operating 60 manufacturing locations in 32 cities.

From a press release on October 31, Adient, which is expected to begin operations on October 31, when the spin-off from Johnson Controls Inc. Adient also unveiled its intention to maintain its industry leading position in China's automotive seating market.

Adient has 17 seating joint ventures in China operating 60 manufacturing locations in 32 cities. From a press release on September 15, Johnson Controls announced its board of directors has approved the previously announced spin-off of its global automotive seating and interiors business.

The transaction will result in Johnson Controls International plc and Adient plc. The spin-off will be completed on October 31, At the time of the separation, Adient will be the world's largest global automotive seating supplier, supplying all major OEMs. Johnson Controls will continue to operate as a global leader in building products and technology, integrated solutions and energy storage. Bruce McDonald said, "As the market leader in the automotive seating industry, Adient is well-positioned for growth and margin expansion as we commit to reinvesting in the business on a global basis.

With USD 30 billion in revenue andemployees following the anticipated spinoff of the Adient automotive business in Octoberthis combination brings together best-in-class product, technology and service capabilities across controls, fire, security, HVAC and energy storage. From a press release on September 6, Johnson Controls shareholders voted on August 17 to approve the previously announced merger with Ireland-based Tyco. Tyco shareholders also approved the transaction on August The merger will create a global entity uniquely positioned in buildings and energy markets with a combined USD 30 billion in annual revenue.

The merger with Tyco is expected to be completed on September 2, The spin-off of Johnson Controls automotive seating division as a publically traded company, renamed Adient, will be completed in October. The seats use high-quality seat cover material and comfortable upholstery. In addition, Johnson Controls developed and integrated the Volvo S90's rear seating, including its metal structures.

Johnson Controls was responsible for its entire development process, from designing and supplying the metal structure to integration.

From a press release on May 31, Johnson Controls Inc. Additionally, 42 supplier companies received Awards of Excellence or Special Recognition. From a press release on March 16, Johnson Controls Inc. Depending on the specification, the foam registers up to 90 percent fewer VOCs volatile organic compounds than ten years ago.

Johnson Controls also has significantly reduced the quantity of material impurities and their associated odors in the foam. Taking the lead in research into low-emission foam development is Johnson Controls' Technical Center in Strasbourg, France. Production of the latest low-emission foam takes place at the company's facilities in Europe and China.

A third location in the U. This certification recognizes Johnson Controls' technology center in Ansan, Korea. From a press release on February 23, Johnson Controls Inc.

Johnson Controls shareholders will own approximately 56 percent of the equity of the combined company and receive aggregate cash consideration of approximately USD 3. Current Tyco shareholders will own approximately 44 percent of the equity of the combined company.

The businesses of Johnson Controls and Tyco will be combined under Tyco International plc, which will be renamed "Johnson Controls plc. The primary operational headquarters in North America for the combined company will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Johnson Controls has been based.

Johnson Controls announced in July that it is planning to spin off Adient Johnson Controls Automotive Experience at the beginning of fiscal year From a press release on January 25, Johnson Controls Inc. The Automotive Experience business is currently focusing on the areas of automotive seating and interiors and will be a new publicly traded company after the spin-off.

Beda Bolzenius will serve as president and COO. Equipped with six axes, this system enables comprehensive comfort and durability tests — over a driving distance ofkm approximately 62, miles for instance.

Installation in a special climate chamber allows the simulation of different climatic conditions. From a press release on November 2, Johnson Controls Inc.

It has held a ceremony at the plant commemorating the beginning of the expansion project, which is expected to be complete in From a press release on October 21, Johnson Controls Inc.

All versions are based on the same lightweight construction, while the exterior design can be modified to meet customer requirements. From news releases issued by multiple sources on September 21, Johnson Controls Inc.

These actions will occur over the next two years. From news releases issued by multiple sources on September 7, Johnson Controls Inc. The SD15's front row features a power driver seat mounted to a curved track. The seat offers a control console mounted directly to the seat structure that moves conveniently with the occupant, instead of being fixed between the seats which offers wireless charging options for mobile devices. The SD15's passenger seat is situated on the company's Gemini long tracks, which enable the seat to stow against the instrument panel or slide rearward to maximize curbside cargo capacity.

The second row utilizes the Gemini track system as well, allowing it to transition from a four-passenger to a five-passenger configuration in one smooth movement. Both the front and rear seats showcase new ink jet printing fabric technology. The SD15 design allows for the packaging of a volt battery under the seat. From a press release on August 6, Johnson Controls Inc. Following the separation, which is expected to close in approximately 12 months, the Automotive Experience business will operate as an independent, publicly traded company.

The new automotive company will benefit from strong existing relationships with customers and well established positions in growth markets including China.

Automotive Experience reported USD 22 billion in revenue in From a press release on July 24, Johnson Controls Inc. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors is the world's largest automotive interiors parts supplier with Johnson Controls, a global multi-industrial, having a 30 percent share of the company which will be headquartered in Shanghai.

The new company will have revenues of USD 8. The new company will have more than 90 manufacturing, development, engineering and customer service locations around the world. The product portfolio will include instrument panels and cockpit systems, door panels, floor consoles and overhead consoles. From a press release on July 2, Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnson Controls said it had no specific timetable for the completion of the strategic review, which includes a full range of strategic options for the automotive business.

From a press release on June 10, Johnson Controls Inc. FCA US recognized Johnson Controls for showing excellent commitment in key areas such as quality, innovation, continuous improvement, and diversity. From a press release on May 28, Johnson Controls Inc.

From a press release on May 7, Johnson Controls Inc. The 12V Lithium-ion battery can increase fuel economy efficiency by up to 8 percent. In accordance with this agreement, the joint venture will be called Yanfeng Automotive Interior Systems Co. The new company will integrate Yanfeng Automotive's and Johnson Controls' 90 existing production bases and development centers worldwide to produce instrument panels, cockpit systems, door panels, and floor consoles.

The joint venture is scheduled to be inaugurated in July From news releases issued by multiple sources on April 12, Johnson Controls Inc. This is the fifth time Johnson Controls has been recognized by General Motors for top performance. From a press release on March 11, Johnson Controls Inc. Johnson Controls developed a next-generation front seat structure, meeting Toyota's increased safety requirements and at the same time reducing weight, complexity of components and costs.

Production is planned to start in the near future with North America being the first region for implementation. The plant has a land area of 97, square meters. It is equipped with facilities to design, develop, test, and produce seat components. The plant expects to sell 4. Changsha Branch announced that Shanghai VW has produced the prototype of its new Lavida, which is equipped with seats produced by the Changsha facility. The prototype was built through production trial run that uses the same manufacturing equipment and dies as those employed for mass production.

From news releases issued by multiple sources on February 2, Johnson Controls announced that it will establish its new China corporate headquarters in the Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong Economic Zone. The new building is expected to be completed around the end of The facility will cover 35, square meters and will employ approximately 1, people. From news releases issued by multiple sources on January 23, Johnson Controls announced that it will establish a new global corporate headquarters in Shanghai, China in The second global corporate headquarters is expected to open up the company's growth opportunities in China.

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From news releases issued by multiple sources on January 14, Johnson Controls Inc. The company has a large production facility for AGM batteries in Zwickau, Germany, with other production locations in St. Johnson Controls also makes the seats and supplies the interior hard trim for the Ford F From a press release on January 12, Johnson Controls Inc.

The company's latest volt technology, which is a collaboration with Toshiba, will power Advanced Start-Stop vehicles. An Advanced Start-Stop system has two batteries. The volt Lithium Titanate battery will primarily accept and store regenerative braking energy during vehicle deceleration, enabling greater power and load management capabilities.

The volt battery systems will be produced starting in From a press release on January 8, Johnson Controls Inc. Production of the cells and complete battery systems is underway at Johnson Controls' manufacturing facility in Holland, Michigan, USA. From a press release on December 18, Johnson Controls Inc. These seats are more than 40 percent lighter than conventionally manufactured seat structures. This was achieved by an innovative industrial manufacturing process for volume production with aboutunits per production line, allowing for the first time the highly concentrated, efficient use of carbon fiber, while at the same time meeting all safety requirements.

These seats will be available in vehicles in The new Huangmaoping headquarters campus covers 66, square meters. In the 53,square-meter main building, the company houses an administration center, technical center and production facilities for foam, trim and complete seats. With the new Huangmaoping plant put into operation, the total production capacity of CQYFJC is expected to reach 1 million car sets per year.

With the launch of new headquarters campus, CQYFJC now has full service and technical capabilities, from design, benchmarking, product development, engineering, testing to manufacturing and just-in-time JIT delivery. From a press release on November 10, Johnson Controls Inc. The result could be a 10 to 20 percent reduction in weight.

During the project's month duration, scientists, companies in the field of laser technology, and automotive suppliers and manufacturers will be working to optimize the production process and prepare for industrial applications such as automotive body parts, impact protection for doors and seat cross members. In the next step, they will produce the components and then present a concept seat with a THT back. The 6,square-foot facility houses a Seattle Safety ServoSled that allows the automotive supplier to offer the most accurate, standardized safety testing of seats globally through collaboration with its other testing facilities located in Burscheid, Germany; Changchun and Shanghai, China; and Yokohama, Japan.

From a press release on August 12, Johnson Controls Inc. The joint venture owns the capability of warp knitting and circular knitting, and its product portfolio includes woven fabrics as well as seat trim covers. The joint venture is expected to start operations in October From a press release on July 23, Visteon Corporation announced that it has completed the acquisition of the automotive electronics business of Johnson Controls Inc. The two companies announced plans for the USD million cash transaction in January The business acquired from Johnson Controls provides automakers with driver information, infotainment, connectivity and body electronics products.

The transaction involves about 5, employees, including approximately 1, engineers, electronics specialists and designers in Europe, Asia and North America. Visteon's new electronics business has 24 manufacturing locations, eight global technical centers and about 10, employees worldwide. From a press release on July 1, Johnson Controls Inc.

The new plant is expected to create more than jobs once at full capacity. From a press release on June 4, Johnson Controls Inc. The two parties will create the largest automotive interiors company in the world with revenues of approximately USD 7. Yanfeng will hold the majority 70 percent share in the joint venture, and Johnson Controls will have a 30 percent share.

The new company will be headquartered in Shanghai with global engineering, development and customer centers in the United States, Europe, China, Japan and India. The product portfolio will include instrument panels and cockpit systems, door panels and floor consoles. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of calendar year From a press release on May 18, Johnson Controls Inc.

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The AGM batteries can withstand repeated charge-discharge cycles; their durability level is three times longer compared with normal batteries. They also offer high output, long service life, and an ability to withstand harsh usage environment. It will spend USD million in its Chinese operations to ensure an annual production of 2 million units per year. From a press release on May 6, Johnson Controls Inc. The lab, called the Johnson Controls Advanced Systems Test Lab, will support research focused on vehicular and stationary energy.

From a press release on May 5, Johnson Controls Inc. FreshPer4mance repels dirt and liquid, and protects passengers from microbes and static. It can be applied to all cover fabrics.

All sorts of stubborn dirt can be removed with one easy wipe, without leaving any marks. From a press release on April 15, Johnson Controls Inc. Johnson Controls Automotive Seating unit also received an "Excellent" award in launch performance for the seats it manufactured for the Toyota Corolla.

From a press release on March 27, Johnson Controls Inc. A study looking at the effects of high comparison standards on depressed individuals. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 34, An encyclopaedia of behavioral economics pp.

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