Haruka and michiru relationship tips

Quote by Naoko Takeuchi: “You’re so unfair, Michiru…To leave into your ow”

haruka and michiru relationship tips

Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus' tags: anime, beautiful, fantasy, haruka-tenoh, michiru-kaioh, sailor-moon, Read more quotes from Naoko Takeuchi. Share this. I'm not sure that Haruka and Michiru are dating. Then again, it seems the anime and the manga to adapting their characters in different ways. Michiru? Minako: Michiru? Does that show your relationship? Usagi: Does it? A /A- Haruka and Michiru refer to each other _by name_, in all episodes, not . A/A- This is a GORGEOUS picture of them together, and if this doesn't tip you off to.

She is also shown to play the piano in the last Sailor Moon season from the 90s Sailor Stars. As for Michiru, she is a talented violinist and painter.

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The Combination of Their Personalities Buy now Faithful reflections of their talents, this pair is an interesting and well balanced combo. Haruka is a tomboy who is pretty much like the wind: As Sailor Uranus, she also has a protective personality, although sometimes we see her reacting rather strongly. As for Michiru, she is the ideal complement for Haruka, as she is feminine and kind.

When Michiru is angry, she is composed, cold and sharp. She might look frail at first sight, but as Sailor Neptune, she is as effective in battle as Sailor Uranus. We know that most of the Inner Senshi live with their parents or, in the case of Rei Hino, with her grandfather.

haruka and michiru relationship tips

They even have helicopters to ride to school as shown in episode 92which they know how to pilot. We can only expect that, as Sailor Moon Crystal is more similar to the manga in general, we will see more of those helicopters and other daring scenes both in their daily lives and as Sailor Senshi.

haruka and michiru relationship tips

When they were around the Inner Sailor Senshi they made fun of themselves, especially Haruka. Haruka did not make an effort to correct that impression until much later, which led to comical situations. But when Haruka and Michiru are shown interacting with each other, it is obvious their relationship is strong and positive. In episode 94, they talk about kisses with Usagi and the conversation could have lead to jealousy.

Instead of that, Michiru states that people want to make the most of their first kiss and glances at Haruka, who stares back and chuckles. So, flirting is just a game and they know it. In the very first episode they show up in their day to day human form Usagi asks Michiru flat out, are you dating?

And she flat out says no. In a different episode they enter a love contest and when asked to explain their love between each other Haruka says this joke has gone to far and they pull out of the contest and kind of say they don't really love each other.

haruka and michiru relationship tips

There's also the fact that Haruka tries to sleep with every girl she meets. I used to think that this was supposed to mean Michiru and Haruka had an open relationship, and I thought, hey, that's cool! But it of course could also mean that they don't really have a relationship. Now, my main line of thought here is, Haruka obviously doesn't give a darn that people know that she's gay.

She flirts with every girl there is and is very open about it. What, are they lying just to screw with people's minds?


In Japan, of course. In America, DiC Entertainment went to strange lengths to make sure yet another gay couple in the English dubbed version went under the radar.

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  • The Haruka and Michiru Quotes Museum.

This time, it was with Shitennou generals Kunzite and Zoisite. In the original version of the show, the two are male lovers, though in the manga they are depicted more as brothers.

haruka and michiru relationship tips

When it came to dubbing the English version of the show, it was tough to pull the "cousin" card for Kunzite and Zoisite as they were very outwardly affectionate with each other.

Get a female voice actor for Zoisite and pretend he's a woman in a straight relationship with Kunzite. In Sailor Moon Crystal, they appear to be truer to the original anime characters. The character Fisheye is presented in the anime as another gay character, particularly as an effeminate gay man who enjoys dressing in drag. Sailor Neptune's voice is no different-- and the voice actress behind Michiru actually lent her chops to quite a handful of other anime characters in English dubs as well.

She is also known for being behind a slew of additional voices for anime and video games including Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately, this plot never happened.